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  1. Nearly every cruise we have taken on this class ship we were in 205 aft balcony same as 220 you are referring to. Quick trip up a flight of stairs to tg aft pool or Lido. Also, a covered deck across the back just outside our door. The balcony is larger and gives great aft views and normal side views. I’m not sure why I’m advertising this 😆
  2. We have been 4 star for awhile and I do not iron prior to my cruise as I used to. I unpack and send out those items for press only the same day. We usually get them back next day. Love free laundry and dry cleaning perk. We don’t purchase wine or water so can’t address that question
  3. The Walmart is not walking distance but they may have a shuttle running from the port. The farmers market in Hilo also had a shuttle and is a great place
  4. You might consider buying flowers at the Hilo market for your room. They will supply a vase of some type and VERY reasonable.
  5. Because they were excited to begin a great cruise itinerary and hotel check out is before one pm?
  6. That is exactly how we felt in 205 the other side of the aft deck. Comming and going up to the aft pool outside “our “ backdoor :)
  7. We have been in cabin 205 aft corner many times as it is our favorite. This spring we were in that cabin again on the Maasdam for a 30 day cruise from the West Coast and was very surprised to see a women sunbathing most days in almost full nude. She apparently was significant other to a crew member as we saw them together he in his work uniform. So we did not see a sign that trip so it was added later. I think there would be a better deck area for this on the ship. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. I would like to know the weekly price for spa access on this ship in Alaska this past season. I am going end of September and might enjoy using the thermal spa etc. as we have been on this same itinerary before and will have extra ship time. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. I love you attitude, I too would love to use the tubs but don’t for the same reasons as yours. We do use the pools and hot tubs on the ships with no problems. I don’t think I’ve eaten my pound of dirt yet or ocean critters I can’t see while ocean swimming [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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