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  1. Then why don't you take the dollars off cruise fare option instead of the OBC? We always use all of our OBC even if I have to buy a dining or drink package, or a watch. We've never had leftover onboard credit, so I don't know what happens with the points.
  2. That's a very small couch. And it doesn't look very comfortable. Hopefully the other parts arrive soon. And RBG was such an icon and a fighter. It is very sad.
  3. You will generally pay the current price if you ask to change cabins. So yes, you would pay 4500 more.
  4. Why Not? We're all bored. That is why I have no interest in doing DNA testing. I have no desire to identify that woman and baby in the photos that we found after my dad died. And mom said he was sending her money. No interest at all. And if they are still re-arranging the schedule, we're still not going to book any new cruises right now.
  5. It does sound like you have a lot going on without the uncertainty of future cruises.
  6. Oh certainly and take a look at your L&S options on the website. It is a great deal and you are price protected. Here is the webpage, go to Lift&Shift and you can see your options without completing the process. : https://cancellation.royalcaribbean.com/?brand=R&_ga=2.147020465.701578395.1600055267-1312727294.1579913490
  7. I totally understand. Lesser cabins were closed on our November 1 cruise so we couldn't downgrade. We knew we weren't going. We cancelled for a FCC on the deposit and the cruise line cancelled 2 days later. Oh Well. Is there anything that looks enticing to you for a Lift & Shift to next year? There wasn't anything for us, but there might be for you.
  8. "Get a pet", they said. "Take it for walks", they said. "You'll meet tons of guys!" Hah.
  9. Welcome to Cruise Critic! I forgot that part. And you are from the Bay Area. Royal Caribbean is a nice cruise line, and I'm sorry that your first cruise with them was spoiled. These are unprecedented times and all of the cruise lines and airlines and hotels are reluctant to issue refunds as they try to conserve cash.
  10. No. You chose to cancel. They are treating all passengers in the same way. Which I think is a good thing. If you cancel before final payment, you receive your deposit back as a future cruise credit. If they cancel your cruise, you receive a 125% credit or a refund. Most sailings have not been cancelled before final payment. And you agreed to the terms of a non-refundable deposit. Keep watching this space. There may be like minded cruisers. And there may be a class action lawsuit where you may get like $7.00 back eventually. If you had a non-refundable deposit, you are fortunate (as are we) that they are presently waiving the $100, p/p penalty that they usually charge.
  11. I don't know how you share videos exactly. But this one is funny. Just another day in 2020. https://youtu.be/ARwNLZGgqdg
  12. Hopefully it will be a limited time thing. What the heck are you supposed to do, if your hotel check out is at 11:00 am and you can't check in to the cruise until 2:30 pm? Really? Sitting on the curb with your luggage is yet another unappealing aspect of future cruises.
  13. They are right across the hall from each other. Take your pick. Just be careful of the stair in the CL.
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