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  1. A face shield provides eye protection, just like safety glasses or goggles. It does not provide respiratory protection. If you wish to wear a face shield to comply with the health orders in California, it is required to have a cloth drape on the bottom to catch droplets and respiration. "People who have certain health conditions are exempt from wearing masks that fit snugly over the mouth and nose but must instead wear plastic face shields with cloth draping beneath to contain coughs and sneezes."
  2. Thanks! I will do it online then and then call them to fix it only if it goes wonky.
  3. I do have an FCC on the cruise I plan to L&S. Just a small FCC ($400+) and a deposit. Does that mean I should call if I need the FCC to shift as well?
  4. California has a multi-agency covid strike team now. It is made up of Alcohol Beverage Control, Cal-OSHA, Dept. of Consumer Affairs (licensing agency for many businesses) and CHP. They will be enforcing the mandates and investigating complaints.
  5. Not Robin Hood, William Tell with the crossbow. Or maybe Robin Hood with the arrows.
  6. No. There is not much for your kids to enjoy on Brilliance. Oasis is a better choice for kids looking for activities.
  7. Have you checked your Norwegian flight to BCN? They just cancelled our flight this morning.
  8. No one knows if it is or not, but it doesn't seem likely that it will sail with any passengers.
  9. ‘You’re going to get punished by God’ These residents do not want to wear face masks, full story: https://trib.al/N6WGTtl WOW! I thought we had strange people, you have really strange people. We have a statewide mask order, and people are pretty much okay with it.
  10. That was quite a popular pool floaty on Empress (only implied) when it came back in to service. They had to tear out the galley walls and replace them because of the massive cockroach infestation.
  11. We did the HOHO bus. It was a lot of fun. We went to Stanley Park and did the Aquarium, went to the Lions Gate Bridge and the taproom, Granville Island. It was a nice day trip. I'm not a great photographer like the others, just photos we have fun with.
  12. Nice photos! You didn't stop in Lone Pine? You will have to check it out on your next SoCal trip. You can go through Yosemite, over Tioga Pass past Mono Lake, Bode, and Lone Pine has the Alabama Hills where they filmed "Tremors" with Kevin Bacon and on up to Whitney Portal and Mt. Whitney. I always love your travelogues and photos Harry. The Disney parks in Japan look fabulous! And BTW, I retired too! Just in time for a pandemic. I am still helping neighbors on Nextdoor with their bug and plant questions though. I'm still a biologist. ~Patti The photo in front of your house looks like either Alameda or the City. You have nearby neighbors. Beautiful house, one of the Victorian styled.
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