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  1. Preponderance of the evidence (51%) in civil or administrative trials is different than beyond a reasonable doubt. If it is criminal, it would be beyond a reasonable doubt.
  2. Majesty daily price never dropped below $48 p/p per day. Allure Transatlantic briefly dropped to $42 p/p per day. We cancelled and rebooked for the lower price. Now it is also stuck at the $48 p/p per day price.
  3. We had a little issue with the Wash&Fold. They gave us a bag and regular price list. No explanation. We called down to GS and they told us to write Diamond+ -Free on the slip. I thought the explanation and lack of instructions for the laundry bag were a little....weak.
  4. We were on the February 1st sailing. It was freezing most days on the pool deck. Most people had gloves and jackets. We hit a big storm on Thursday Feb. 6 and we were delayed getting back to NOLA. We no longer save compasses. Our itinerary was Nassau, Freeport, Key West. We went through immigration in Key west, so disembarkation was a 2:30 (delayed) walk off. The cruise was fun. The all onboard in Freeport and Key West were both 2:30 PM, so we didn't bother to get off anywhere. Plus in Key West we docked at the base, with a shuttle, which further shortened time in town.
  5. I think your wife is probably linked to my now deceased mom. <jk> She was also Platinum with 2 Royal Caribbean cruises and somehow linked to a lady in Plano, TX. Go ahead and link your account. with DW, to take advantage of the Platinum status.
  6. I don't think it is related to this incident, but we disembarked Majesty on Saturday....there is only ONE operating window on the pool deck (starboard side). The rest of them are bolted shut with L brackets. The reason that I am speculating that it is unrelated, is because the brackets look like they have been there for a long time. Majesty is an older ship and the one operating window was very difficult to open/close, so maybe they decided it was too much trouble. But I would hate to see them bolted closed on other ships. Taking an occasional photo through a dirty window is no fun.
  7. I would probably book the $60 one then. You can also check the Ports of Call board. Link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/35-bahamas/
  8. Welcome to Cruise Critic! The links that you posted take me to my own cruise planner, not yours. Note the "secure" in the links. So without seeing it I can't be sure. Friends just did Blue Lagoon last week, without the animal encounters. My only guess would be that your time and beach time be more limited if you only do the stingray excursion. But they took an earlier ferry back than the rest of their excursion, so maybe you could stay longer if you wished.
  9. Air2Sea would have covered it, but we don't use it for domestic cruises. And we didn't take insurance on this cruise. We sail out of New Orleans every year. This particular sailing wasn't that expensive, and the cruise was fine. We can cover the cost of changing flights, especially if we are partially reimbursed, it was just an unexpected expense.
  10. We're home. Long travel day. The ship was rocking and rolling on Thursday night. Tons of people had to reschedule flights. Our re-scheduled flights for 4:45 today set us back $849! Royal Caribbean is offering reimbursement of $200 p/p for domestic flights, $400 p/p for international flights. That takes a little bit of the sting out of it. Since it was weather, it wasn't really avoidable.
  11. We are headed up the river, still with an estimated arrival time of 1PM. Ship should be cleared by 3-3:30. Sorry for your late boarding, but it was nice to sleep in on the last morning.
  12. We hit some weather last night. Majesty’s expected arrival into New Orleans on Saturday 2/8 is now expected to be 1PM.
  13. That's why we did the Pylon Climb. You can take photos of people on the bridge climb, and awesome shots of the harbor. And it was much less expensive.
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