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  1. Did you use the wavy hair thing Crystal? It looks very nice, but not a lot of wavy. You both look fabulous! ~Patti
  2. Oh look! Port Everglades Terminal has their own IOS app too. It is free, so I suppose you could download it and then delete it later. Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cruiseschedule-port-everglades/id574333907
  3. Since you are departing from the same terminal.....many times your cruise documents will also have a terminal number or better address for where you are supposed to go. Just an idea.
  4. @LbicklelI think it's not going to be that warm in the Bahamas in February, or New Orleans for that matter. But maybe we will luck out.
  5. I'm not being snarky, but I think your TA should have contacted someone for you or else calmed you down. That is why you booked with a travel agent. Emails to the executive office should probably be reserved for actual, more serious problems. IMO if you decide to save money by booking a guarantee, you agree to tolerate the uncertainty of not having an assigned cabin. I think we have booked guarantees twice, generally we choose a cabin. I'm glad you were satisfied with the outcome.
  6. Call them now! Push the number like you are making a new reservation. They are open 24/7. Just ignore that we are closed message.
  7. What does "falling out" mean? As in "people fall out all the time". I tried to think of different words, maybe ill? But that doesn't really make sense in the context.
  8. I don't know what sort of shape you are in, but I was kind of tired after Woodwind snorkeling. It was awesome, but I wouldn't have been up for a second tour. We walked to/from the Woodwind departure from the port. On the way back we stopped at a bar/restaurant for a while. Then shopped at the port for a bit, and checked out the craft sellers. We may tour next time.
  9. Sorry to interject with a question. What are the black things in the theater seats? I am very much enjoying your review and photos. Thanks!
  10. Beautiful photos and congratulations on completing the hike! I wonder what would happen if someone wanted to put up an umbrella in a color other than white? I've never seen so many white umbrellas.
  11. That's funny! šŸ¤— Not only are they "sort of" informing you that your cruise is chartered...they have even re-named it Charter Cruise. Sorry for your inconvenience.
  12. Holy smokes Gay! Are you going to nap at the airport? I wouldn't be able to stay up that late to catch a flight.
  13. I was a Silver C&A member in 1992. Everyone else seems to have surpassed us in points.
  14. We booked a GS on an Allure TA, because we expect to experience the perks that go along with the expense and a suite booking. Sky class should have a priority over Pinnacle. Coastal Kitchen, Suite Lounge, free wi-fi, dining en-suite, free room service, show seating. We are way up there in D+ points, but Pinnacle is not something that we really aspire to. It is still a vacation, not a hobby/lifestyle, especially when we have to fly from the West Coast.
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