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  1. Does everyone really need their own package? You can buy a package for 1 person and 4 people share a code. Or you can by a 2 device package and 2 people share an access code. The people sharing just can't be logged on at the same time. Truly, we just usually use our 2 free D+ days at the end of the cruise.
  2. Congratulations! Flounder? Weight? That is a big flat fish to pull in!
  3. Do we really need a sticky with your introduction for FIVE MONTHS?
  4. It looks like Cruise Coins, according to the photo. Min. order 50. Link: http://www.cruisecoins.com/
  5. That is really funny (about your Hawaii cruise)! It is like the cruise line just randomly puts it out there as one of those "feel good" type things. Thanks for posting that. Your schedule is hysterical.
  6. I don't think those cardboard backings are intended for consumption.
  7. You can ask the Diamond Lounge concierge for priority tender tickets. But I don't think it is really much of a perk anymore, unless you have some immediate need to disembark. Ship excursions will be first off, and if you try to use your priority tickets after that...it will be sort of awkward.
  8. You can join the roll call if you wish. It is VERY active and folks will answer your questions. The link is here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2615033-allure-of-the-seas-november-1-2020-transatlantic/page/113/?tab=comments&source=122648#comment-57451618
  9. The 3/1 Freedom sailing has been cancelled as well. Desert Cruiser posted on our roll call for another sailing.
  10. Please tell me that you don't mean that literally, and that you didn't smuggle that Haliconia off the ship? If you do, I hope that you microwaved it before you threw it away. That is how we have unwanted, invasive and exotic pests are introduced into the United States. 😡
  11. We are missing a couple. Hawaii cruise with disembarkation in Ensenada, they collected them from everyone. There was some grumbling, but we relinquished them, because we wanted to get on the buses. On a B2B from San Juan, they were supposed to return the week one Seapass cards, but never did. And we forgot to go and ask for them during week two.
  12. Windjammer on Vision has an outside dining area, but it is not at the aft like the Radiance class ships. Before you enter the Windjammer, there are tables and chairs set up on both sides of the pool deck, along with a coffee/iced tea/ ice cream station. One side of the ship is smoking, the other not.
  13. It is in her post Lovecruisingandmusic: "If anyone has an experience in cabin 9697 on Allure, I would love to hear about it! "
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