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  1. Make them pay for it. And if only the 2 of them are going to use it, that price is per device, just get the 2 device plan. Take access for yourself if you want to use the internet.
  2. Stay on the boardwalks. You don't need bear spray. And you can watch the bison and bears from wherever. Just don't get too close. The infrequent tourist incidents do make the news.
  3. Oh Great! I don't want New Zealand and other countries to become a nanny state like California is. This was a horrible tragedy, but I appreciate the fact that people can do things and experience and enjoy things in other countries without safety first and bullet proof regulations that we have here. We appreciate travel in other countries and even other states where people are responsible for themselves. Not at all similar to this tragedy, but I thought the Vatican museum was awesome. It is like your aunt's attic, where you can actually walk over ancient mosaics and get up close up and see things. In the US everything is roped off and restricted access.
  4. Ah. What a shame about your puppy. Losing a beloved pet is always so sad and difficult.
  5. Please come back after the cruise and let us know.
  6. So $70 + $35 divided by 2 is about $53 per person (+18%). I think you should keep the price you have booked for. When you board, ask one of the sellers what the price is. If you want to mess with it, you can go to guest services immediately (before you order a drink) and cancel your packages and re-book at the onboard price. The price on a previous Compass may or may not be available onboard, and it depends on if you want to hassle with it right after boarding. Have fun on your cruise! And since it is a Christmas cruise, you may find that the price on everything is significantly higher.
  7. What was the per person/per day price that you booked?
  8. No...they've recovered 6 bodies today. There are 2 still missing (possibly the guides) that may be in the water. Link to most recent: https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2019/dec/12/new-zealand-volcano-eruption-white-island-nz-police-victim-recovery-retrieval-operation-whakaari-live-news-latest-updates What an awful and sad event for vacationers.
  9. Well, fortunately they don't make you wear your handicapped placard around your neck. I had two kids say rather loudly on the elevator, "She took the elevator for 1 floor!"
  10. @lissieAnd I have another question lissie, since you were just there and as a geologist. Is that the old mining equipment and structure in your photos from White Island? Fascinating photos.
  11. Wow. That was quite an eruption. I didn't realize that there might be cruise passengers on the island. That is very sad news. Thanks for posting the article, it had a lot more information and video than I had seen previously.
  12. Unofficial menu from 1/2018 Hot Rock / Ishiyake 575°F All hot rocks come with lemon ginger vinaigrette, teriyaki sauce and Thai sweet chili dipping sauces Surf & Turf 1/2 Lobster tail, tenderloin and assorted Asian vegetables accompanied by steamed white or fried rice. $24 Mixed Skewers Choose 4 each: Beef, salmon, shrimp, scallop, and assorted Asian vegetables accompanied by steamed white or fried rice $19 Mixed Seafood Combination of scallop, shrimp, lobster, salmon, assorted Asian vegetables, accompanied with steamed white or fried rice $18 Beef Tenderloin Thinly sliced beef tenderloin, assorted Asian vegetables, served with white or fried rice $17
  13. Is there something wrong with the one I posted? There is probably a newer one on the deployment thread.
  14. Here's an old one. They probably have a newer one, but I was cleaning out my bookmarks and found this one: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2019_2020/2019_2020_DEPLOYMENT_SUMMARY_GUIDE
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