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  1. Gonzo70, Yes, well the producers of French Champagne don't take it lightly. We here in America use the term Champagne pretty freely, when it is usually California Sparkling wine people are drinking. BTW, for those that do like real Champagne, this terrible economy of ours is providing an excellent time to buy the better wines overall. I am amazed at some of the discounting going on. Guess when people tighten their belts they start drinking a less expensive wine. But in reality, for those that can, it is a great time to buy the better stuff! Colleen
  2. What about the Champagne RCI serves at the repeater parties and Diamond Events. Does anyone for a minute believe that is Real French Champagne and not cheap sparkling wine? Are they scammers too? LOL! Colleen
  3. Actually that is not true. Back in 2001, when Premier Cruise Line (Big Red Boats anyone?)filed for bankruptcy, I had been in conversations with them about a partial reimbursment of our cruise fare due to our cabin not having air conditioning even though it was advertised as a "deluxe" cabin and charged as such. Once on board we, and many others who also had no air conditioning complained and we were all told, don't worry, it will start running as soon as we leave port. Well of course it did not and all of the sudden cabin stewards appreared with literally hundreds of fans. Turns out the AC hadn't worked for months and yet the Cruise Line continued to sell these cabins as "deluxe" with a higher price. Once on board the customers were lied to about the situation. Anyway, once the bankruptcy was filed my TA and my husband (an attorney) said, well there is nothing you can do. Well I called Mastercard and was told by a clerk that "you went on the cruise, so there is nothing that can be done". After speaking with a supervisor and then asking to be put through to the legal department I was told yes, my claim of fraud was legitimate. The company knew the AC didn't work in these cabins and yet continued to advertise and sell them as deluxe with the accompanying higher price. I told them I would be willing to pay the minimum fare for the lowest level cabin. We had booked two cabins, the inside cabin (at the lower price) had AC that worked great. They agreed and even though the bankruptcy went through I signed my rights to the claim to a 3rd party and was credited $1,400 on my mastercard. Colleen
  4. Mayha, Even though I have usually been one to say just charge us for the tips automatically and make it essentially part of the cruise fare, you have a valid point. After sailing RCI for some years, numerous times, and spending many tens of thousands of dollars with that company, I am becoming more aware that the Corporate RCI is very untrustworthy. I have been made aware of this from many personal instances in the last few years and from many instances relayed to me by others. I don't trust RCI policies and tactics at all. Been there, been lied to, and what a shame. It's too bad, because they do have some awesome employees and some awesome ships. There is an obvious lack of leadership at the helm and it became very apparent when Goldstein took over. JMO, Colleen
  5. Yes, the Diamond Lounges on the Freedom Class (Freedom, Liberty & Independence) are tucked away and one would never know it was there if one didn't have reason to know. They are very spacious and have beautiful views of the ocean, many tables and chairs, sofas and cocktail tables. Also there is a large outdoor patio seating area. Easily 3 times as big as the CL's on any of the smaller ships (Radiance Class, Voyager Class). And far nicer, far nicer!! There is no other use for these rooms and they are open during the day for snacks, sodas, specialty coffees, computer use, etc. Under 18's that are Diamond have use of the facility during the day. Concierge available for all the traditional services. Bartender and asst. Bartender. They are WONDERFUL!!! No complaints. The complaints came when they took the Concierge Services and Lounge Privileges away from Diamonds on the Radiance and Voyager Class. They have since back tracked and offered a half a**ed version of the former privileges for Diamonds on those Classes of ships. The plus was the addition of the lesser benefit to the older, smaller ships that never had CL's. Colleen
  6. I agree. I always thought it odd that the CL was on deck 9 and the suites are on deck 10 on the Voyager. We really enjoyed our 7 day Med on the Voyager last November. I hope you enjoyed your cruise. Colleen
  7. Debde, Have you ever been on a Freedom Class ship and been in the Diamond Lounge? The New ships have designed lovely, large D & D+ Facilities. The Diamond Lounge on the Freedom Class are as nice or nicer than the CL's. Beautiful windows and a very large room. Also includes a large outdoor patio seating area. Appetizers, complimentary cocktails of all sorts, wine, champagne, beer, soda, specialty coffees, computers, Concierge, Bartenders, nicer by far than any CL on any of the other existing RCI Ships. Oasis and Allure have Diamond Facilities as well. I agree with you, the D+ WILL be kicked out of the CL's soon. I have no doubt. They just didn't do it all at once because the outcry would have been overwhelming. By just kicking out the D's first they even had a fairly large number of D+'s who had little sympathy for the D's. Of course when it happens to the D+'s, well they are a smaller group and who will stand up for them? It will be like old news. The older RCI ships offering 2 and 3 day sailings out of Florida for as little as $199 pp will ensure the rapid escalation of D plussers. This December Diamond event with the extra cruise credit, will just escalate that further. Soon D Plussers will get to feel like us D's. Not that important. Or what was it that an RCI customer service rep said to me in the Spring of 2008? Oh yes, "Well being Diamond isn't really that important anymore because there are so many Diamonds now". Ahhh....the proverbial writing on the wall. Colleen
  8. Well I was having trouble getting on yesterday. Now tonight it looks like they have fixed the little problem with checking on prior posts of members. Everything is working fine now with that. For some time one coudn't see any prior posts for a member from late August to the present. Colleen
  9. First time I have seen that word, but more than likely not the last, lol! Colleen
  10. Agreed, Happy. Change happens. People that live in the past will invariably be unhappy or disappointed in change. But there is still traditional cruising available, some lines still offer this and maybe some people need to seriously open their eyes to other options. I would think it would be preferable to being all upset about what OTHER people wear in the MDR. JMO, Colleen
  11. I can picture it now, the "Old Biddy" in her jeans, LOL!!!! Oh...and I have 3 daughters so I know all about Juicy! Colleen
  12. Thanks luckyprincess! I have read some of the recent comments. Just to clarify, when I talk about the younger generation of cruisers I am not talking about teenagers and "young punks" as one poster put it. I am talking about a younger generation of ADULTS, who are booking and paying for their own cruises. These are people from their 20's - 40's who are the future of cruising, especially on the newer, larger, expensive to book ships. RCI, being a mainstream line, will go after these customers with a vengeance. Do you think they are going to let Carnival (which includes Princess) and NCL get the bulk of this demographic? No Way. RCI wants their customers who like the more traditional cruising atmosphere to head over to Celebrity and Azamara. They have cutback on the Loyalty Program at RCI while adding to it on Celebrity. I am Fiftysomething and like to sail the mainstream lines because we usually bring our kids and many times sail with several families. The mainstream lines fit that bill. If I decide that I want a quiet, laid back traditional cruise then I will book a line that is more traditional, with fewer (or no) children on board. People who think that Royal Caribbean will turn the clock back at some point to a more traditonal cruise atmosphere should take another look. It isn't going to happen. They already have that type of cruising on Celebrity and Azamara. JMO, Colleen
  13. Yes they are. They are going after younger, new cruisers and specifically families. Why do you think all their new bigger ships have all the sports courts, skating rinks, boxing rinks, flow riders, climbing walls, etc., etc. Do you think that is for the benefit of the retiree crowd? The younger generation loves to go casual, dressy jeans and fashinable tops and heels for younger women are considered casual attire for dinner in the MDR. RCI knows this and will not ban jeans. Younger men will wear dressy shorts and a nice shirt and consider it fine attire for Caribbean sailings on casual nights in the MDR. RCI knows this and will not ban dressy shorts on men. To not keep up with the differing attire of the younger generation of cruisers would be economical suicide for RCI. That would be akin to banning polyester pantsuits and leisure suits in the '70's and '80's. They wouldn't have had many customers. They are not an upscale cruise line and really never have been. They are mainstream. If you want upscale go for it. JMO, Colleen
  14. jc, Glad you enjoyed your weekend in Dallas, sorry about the weather. I thought I did mention the road work around the stadium but looking back I did not. It is a bit of a mess over there still. Sorry. Now you know why I wasn't too thrilled with Cowboys Stadium as a concert venue. When we saw Paul McCartney there I was not as happy with the sound as I had been when we saw him at American Airlines Center. The only saving grace was we were up front 3rd row center on the floor at Cowboys so it wasn't too bad. Cowboys Stadium is just too big. Football Stadiums are for football, not concerts, but I fear Jerry will keep booking them to makes lots of $$$. There was a big write up in the paper about the stage set up for the show and what it cost, etc. Seems like they all just want to one up the next with some of this stuff. I go to hear the Music and see the artist, can do without the rest. Oh, well hope they can still book some top acts at AAC. Looks like your wife came out ok on the shopping tho..... Colleen
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