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  1. Grandfather lied the entire time. RCL has footage of him leaning out the open window for 8 seconds while granddaughter is standing nearby. He KNEW that window was open, and has been lying about it. Tragic accident that should never have happened. IF the parents had not tried to sue the cruiseline, he more than likely would not have been charged. Sad all the way around, but NOT the cruise lines fault. Here is the link: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/granddad-toddler-who-died-cruise-ship-fall-knew-window-was-n1117796?fbclid=IwAR0Y7ILJEbxpbvLw_1e_bPMHQNVon-Tw1YcgoIDWlLcoNNe8abUz53X9jZ4
  2. We're sailing the week before Mardi Gras, and doing the park and cruise from Maison St. Charles. We've always taken a taxi to the port. I was wondering if they raise the prices for the taxi's during the Mardi Gras event weeks?
  3. I used my app exclusively on the Bliss at Starbucks. I took my gold card with me just in case, but they were able to scan my app just fine. Be sure to load it before you board though, just in case the Wifi doesn't let you reload it.
  4. I honestly have tried searching for the answer for the last half an hour, I call uncle. I KNOW I read it on here, but I cannot find the posts about it to save my life. We were on deck 11 for the PC cruise this past spring, and we're looking to book one for Alaska - I just want to try to get the largest balcony I can for the money!
  5. I had ZERO problems using the app. I had my gold card with me in case the app didn't work, but never had to use it.
  6. The regular coffee on the ships is hit or miss for the most part. We love our coffee and Starbucks! Yes, you can use the app on your phone (make sure you PRE load money on it before boarding, you may not be able to onboard depending on internet!) There is NO 20% tip added when using the app. It is always a nice quiet spot on the Bliss - at least when we were on her. At the end of our sailing, I also gave the barista's an extra tip, and they obviously don't usually get that - they were thrilled that I thought of them. Now, I wish they would add specialty coffees to the beverage package (I KNOW it's included in that high dollar one, but we would never purchase that one!)
  7. It's been a while since we've sailed out of NOLA, but in most ports, there are no *special* areas for Platinum, only for those in suites.
  8. I am with those who count their blessings (in fact, I just made a comment as such on the thread where there is moaning about no good food on the ships anymore - which I call bull on) We are very thankful that we can afford the luxury of cruising on our vacations, and will always feel that way. I pray I don't ever end up posting as a lot of these people do, complaining about every little detail! I am glad we don't have to live with those types of folks. I am with the *let's look at the glass half full* crowd! If I am on a cruise ship - It's a GREAT day! Kudos to those of you who have and share their positive outlook!
  9. Reading some of these comments makes me laugh. If you can't find something you like to eat on a cruise ship, you're pretty picky, IMO. The ONE thing that is important to me is that I am not the one making it. That's it. Put my hiney on a cruise ship, give me my balcony, and I could eat PB&J for the week and I would still be happy. I am just counting my blessings that I am ABLE to take such a trip!
  10. I am trying to find current info for the Jewel, the spreadsheet says there is a cigar lounge on deck 6, but the deck plans on NCL don't show one. Can anyone please confirm that there IS a cigar lounge on her? I won't book a cruise unless there is one, hubby is a cigar smoker. Thank you in advance for any help!
  11. I am looking to book an Alaska cruise on the Jewel. The **Unofficial guide to smoking areas on NCL ships** has that there is a cigar lounge on deck 6. I have looked at the deck plans and don't see where it is. I know on the larger ships it is usually near the whiskey bars. Can anyone who has sailed her recently please confirm that there is indeed still a cigar lounge on the Jewel? Thank you!
  12. Hubby smokes the little cigars too, he was never kicked out of the cigar lounge for smoking them in there. They do not consider those cigarettes.
  13. We were on the PC cruise in March/April of this year. We met a retired ATF agent on board who spoke fluent Spanish. We got off the ship and traveled to one of their markets several blocks from the port. It was quite an adventure for us, one we will never forget. We were not uneasy, but we had an experienced Spanish speaking man who was not an average Joe with us. (both he and my hubby were retired police) I will say this, you have just as much chance of being mugged or shot in a big city in the U.S. Just be aware of your surroundings. You don't have to travel very far from the port to see some of the city. We love to travel and see what life is like outside of our country. You can't do that just staying on the ship. At the very least, do a ship excursion!
  14. We did the PC cruise on the Bliss in March/April of this year also. We were in a Aft Balcony Cabin - which was literally the BEST EVER. We had a complete view of every lock. We set our TV on the bow channel, so we could literally see everything. I agree with going to listen to the talks given about the Canal - they were all very interesting. The Bliss is a TIGHT fit! We have hours of video of her going through the locks. (we were on the 11th deck, so smack in the middle of the back of the ship!) You can even see the tug operator jiggling his legs as he is steering us through them. 🙂 It was an experience we will never forget, and the extra money that aft balcony cost was priceless for the views we had. We ordered room service that day and invited folks we met on the ship up to have the opportunity to see the view too. They only sell the *Panama Canal* souvenirs while you're doing through the locks, you don't have to be there early when they open up to get them though - they have plenty all day long. (they sell them up on the pool deck) Be aware that if you buy the VIDEO they sell, that it is NOT your crossing - it is the very first one the Bliss did. Buy the still photos though - those will be of your crossing. If you have any specific questions, just ask! Enjoy!!
  15. I am well aware of the consequences of smoking, I buried my father who suffered from Emphysema, and it was a horrible death. I am getting exhausted from all of the requirements of **today's trends**. I am also tired of those who try to make others conform to what THEY want. Just reading the comments on this post - I set and shake my head. There is never any room for compromise in some minds anymore.
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