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  1. Please let us know what you find out. 😃
  2. ABC islands are part of the Netherlands. Although they are located north of Venezuela, Aruba is considered one of the safest Caribbean islands. So not really thinking safety is a factor.
  3. Not really... Carnival can't know there is a national disaster a year out. If it was just 1 island you could throw in possibly of problems with the pier or something but 2 or 3 islands.... no that isn't a problem with the pier... So that leaves money or politics... you can call it assumptions if you want, I call it common sense.
  4. We are booked in Aug too on magic, and picked this cruise because of Aruba and Bonaire , if they change it I'm gonna be super mad! I understand in august you run the chance of hurricanes, that's different then hooking people w a cruise to certain islands than, wham, guess what now you don't get to go there! You can go to these islands that no one is booking to go to. And we have you cause you signed up for a cruise to wherever the h*ll we want to take you. When you book a cruise and spend your hard earned money, vacation time, you expect to receive what you were told you would have! Whatever this is, it's not a natural disaster, it's money or politics. And we the paying customers shouldn't suffer cause carnival wants to pay less 😤
  5. Did anyone ever find the funtimes for magic southern 8 day? It still seems to be hard to find. Anyone that could post them it would be awesome. Thank You
  6. Do you have the funtimes for all 8 days? Trying to find the funtimes for my cruise that almost has the same itinerary just has Bonaire instead of curaçao and leaves out of Miami. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. we have booked 3 people for each room, $100 deposit for each person. When booking I only listed as a name 1 person for each room the other 2 people are listed as guest 1 guest 2 . So I have $300 in deposits for each room.
  8. Ok, so we booked Early Saver back in May, now my husbands work says he can't take off work that week (don't get me started) So we are going to cancel the cruise and then rebook later. When booking ( got 2 rooms w 3 people each) I only put names down for 1 person in each room. I haven't put anyone else name down. So when I cancel will all the remaining deposit go to the 1 name on each room? Will they make me put names for each person to cancel so the money is reserved for each person? We were paying for my niece and nephew to go, who may or may not be going so I would prefer to not have money reserved in their name if I don't have to. Anyones experience and knowledge with this before I start this process will be helpful. Thank you all
  9. So when booking (which became a cluster for reasons not carnival) I ended up having to call in with my sister in law to change dates and itineraries the day we booked our cruise. We did book early saver. The lady gave us rooms all together which were not on the carnival site. We picked a cove balcony cause I always wanted to try one. I was a little concerned of the location she gave us because of the galley above, but it was at the very end of the galley so I thought maybe it won't be bad. Well, I just read someones review who had that exact room and from the sounds of it, it is bad!! So my question is, can we move to a different cove balcony that isn't below the galley? The prices for the sailing have went up but it would be cove for cove. Would carnival want to charge us for this? I'm not as concerned about being right next to the rest of our group as I am about not getting sleep and my husband and I being miserable. Thank you all for your help in letting me know before I make a phone call! I'm guessing I can't just do it online... oh that would be wonderful.
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