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  1. Thanks - I think that is what we will do!
  2. Family of 5 adults - probably just want to do a tour of the "sights" - Pitons, etc. Do we need to find a tour guide ahead of time or is it safe to just book someone at the port that morning to take us on a private tour?
  3. I couldn't find any information on what (if any) theme nights we would have on our cruise so I messaged Royal Caribbean. After checking with our ship, they told me we would have (in addition to the 2 formal nights), a RED attire night and a White Caribbean night. Has anyone who cruised with these theme nights tell me more about them? Do people dress up for these? Obviously I can figure out the RED night (unless it's not obvious??) 😊 But what is "white caribbean"? I've heard of white night and I've heard of caribbean night but both?? Thanks!
  4. This is my question too - if so, what is the price for just 24 hour access? I am trying to decide if it is worth the package if I don't need to get online every day. thanks!
  5. Thanks everyone - we will be prepared for 2 formal nights, a caribbean night and a white night for dinners! I'm happy to hear they delay dinner the first night so we don't have to miss the sail away!
  6. So it wasn't 2 different nights? Like one for Caribbean and one for all white?
  7. I assume there are 2 formal nights. Are there any other "special" nights? Like Caribbean, etc? I can't seem to find any information on any of that. Also - I see that sail away is 8:30 - we have late dinner so does that mean we will miss the sail away? I guess we could eat somewhere else but I hate to miss the main dining room on the first night. thanks!
  8. Same here! Going in June and haven't booked flights yet. They are so expensive but tons of open seats! I feel like they will have to eventually lower prices but I feel like I'm playing a game of "chicken" with the airlines!
  9. Looking at the Rum Bus website I didn't see anything about booking in advance...do you just email them and ask? Also, the prices are in Eastern Caribbean dollars - do we need to exchange money before going or do they also accept US dollars? Thanks!
  10. We are looking for an alternative to Beach Limerz too...unfortunately we are there on a Wednesday so Cecelia's isn't open either! Anything else similar??
  11. I have a question for those who have done the catamaran tours. Our ship leaves port at 5pm - if we do a catamaran tour that ends at 2 will we still be able to check out one of the distilleries? It looks like Mount Gay closes at 2:30?? Has anyone managed to fit both the catamaran and a distillery in? Thanks!
  12. We had decided on spending the day at Beach Limerz based on all the great reviews here, but after contacting Gail I found out they are closed for renovations while we are there. Is there anything else similar that I could check into? We would like a relaxed beach day near a restaurant/bar with chairs/umbrellas to rent and a pretty beach to swim at! Pay as you go or all inclusive - either one. Thanks!
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