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  1. diesel1973

    Electric plugs

    Wow!Didn't realize there were that many types. I have a kit I purchased years ago and will check If it includes the one specified. Thank you very much.
  2. diesel1973

    Electric plugs

    Will be going to Thailand and wondering if I need a special adaptor for charging my phone. If so, will the hotels have them available or do I need to bring my own? TIA
  3. depends if it's halibut or salmon.
  4. My nephew had 2 litters{?} of moose born in his backyard. Seems like when there are baby moose around the bears come running. Moose I can handle but after being attacked by a bear in 2006 I take no chances!
  5. My nephew who has been living up there for over 15 yrs. stated that the runs of salmon were early this year. We hit both the Copper and the Kenai river and also Ships creek. We did very well this year. We also smoke some salmon and I had to guard the smoker as a bear was spotted in the area.
  6. Seems like the salmon ran much earlier this year. Some thought the fish sensed the HOT weather moving in around the fourth of July was the reason. Was up there for 6 weeks and got my fishing done in the first 4 days. Don't have to worry about the price of salmon as I have 100+lbs. in my freezer.
  7. Does X offer Specialty dining packages or do I need to wait and see what they offer onboard? Can't find anything on their site.Will be on the Equinox in 2 weeks. TIA
  8. Same thing happened to me. They also changed my room. Then when on the cruise the gouging continued! Buyer Beware!
  9. Have done 2 land tours in China. One 10 day and one 14 day. Got $300 in Yuan from local bank as you did which we used for incidentals and it worked out well. Most of our meals were included but when we did eat in restaurant there was no problem using Visa. I believe if you go on Wells Fargo site you can order just about any currency. Will be going to Thailand in Feb. and will do the same.
  10. diesel1973


    Has anyone had any experience with China Eastern Airlines? Am flying them to Bangkok thru Shanghai next year.TIA
  11. When checking on X site I chose Dec. 2020 as date and only 1 date showed up. Usually it shows alternative dates. Thanks for the info.
  12. Have tried other cruise lines and are happy with what X and RCCL offers.
  13. This cruise seems to be very interesting. Too bad it is only offered over Xmas holidays. Any other time I would seriously consider it.
  14. When planning my first land trip to Alaska I found the Milepost to be very helpful. Instead of purchasing it, I went to our local library and luckily they had it. I copied the pages with the information I needed. Came in handy.
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