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  1. As I stated on another post, I was fortunate enough to do a 15 day land tour of Thailand early in Feb. before everything hit the fan. Have done a fair amount of travel globally but have recently concentrated on Asia. Have been to China twice and then Thailand. Have other areas in Asia on my list such as Hong Kong ,Singapore, and Macau. Have a trip to Eastern Europe planned for August of this year hoping it will happen. Next year planning on hitting Asia again, God willing. Certainly hope you will get to Thailand as it is a very interesting country, to say the least. The people are very kind, caring, respectful, and religious people. The country is very scenic and interesting. It was very enjoyable to visit a country with almost no violent crime. Some areas seemed intimidating but was very safe and interesting. The food was very good and there is some US fast food influence. Our guide went above and beyond what we were scheduled to see as he was very proud of his country. Can't say enough about this trip as I think this was my best land tour ever. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Good luck with your travels.
  2. I use my foot also! I hate the toilets with the automatic sensors! Just when I get the paper a$$ gasket in place and turn to sit down I'll be darned if it doesn't flush sucking the gasket down!!! What a dilemma.
  3. You forgot some of my worst fear, flush handles on toilets or urinals , sink faucet handles, and bathroom door handles.
  4. I'm thinking the attendant giving you the hand towel in the bathrooms should monitor the washing of hands in the bathrooms. If you refuse to wash your hands you will be quarantined to your room for 3 days. I have witnessed many who don't wash their hands. Disgusting!!!
  5. Does anyone have the latest refund/FCC policy and when exactly was it enacted? There is so many conflicting posts I can't determine what is right!
  6. I totally agree with you. I have done many cruises and have done a fair amount of land tours. One difference is that when on a cruise you can tour at your own pace. On land tours sometimes the schedule is very hectic but you end up seeing much more. Have done land tours from 2-3 weeks at a time and sometimes I couldn't wait to get home to rest!
  7. I'm not too sure about nature trips catching on. I spend a significant amount of time in Alaska, summer and winter. I don' t think cruisers could handle what I have been subjected to. From visiting an outhouse at -50 degrees F.( with a steel toilet seat and no door),being attacked by a grisly, being eaten by mosquitoes and chiggers, and not taking a bath or shower for 3+ days. This is nowhere near the YC!!!!!
  8. I will be up there the whole month of July+. I hope it is over by then. I'm afraid if it is not the fish will be wearing masks and will be harder to catch!LOL
  9. I used to stay about a half mile from the Lodge. Their property does not extend to the main hwy there fore I would think you need not walk that far. I think if you do some research you can find a solution. I will be up there the whole month of July+ if this mess clears up!
  10. Don't know if there is a taxi service in Cooper Landing but Wildmans has or had a shuttle service. If you do go to the falls be sure and bring bear spray with you. When the salmon are running there are plenty of bears around. I had a bad incident with one in 2006.
  11. I would but as stated I did a land tour , not a cruise. I am taking a break in cruising and doing land tours in some of the countrys I find interesting, and it certainly was. Now we have decided to roll the boulder in front of our cave and hunker down till this mess passes. Happy cruising!
  12. Our cruise was for 3/25 19 so we cancelled and booked for 3/29/2021 and had a hard time finding a room. I think it's going to be a chore to find a cruise with your FCC for this same time next year!
  13. If anyone is waiting for their FCC or refund to book a cruise this time next year better check availability of rooms for next year. Booked this week on cruise for next year (spring break) after our cruise was cancelled and got last rooms on ship. If you end up having to take a FCC you might not be able to cruise when you want next year. This could be a big problem.
  14. Cancelled my 3/26 cruise Tuesday. Called TA Monday and left message. He called Tuesday and cancelled cruise and booked cruise for next year. No problems.
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