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  1. Thanks you for your response. I don't have a legal address in AK but spend a significant amount of time there staying at my nephews residence, He has purchased a vehicle in Portland and needs to drive it to his home in Eagle River,AK. I thought I would go with him as I would like to drive that route 1 time and also to reduce his travel time. I called CBSA and they could not give me a definite answer, stating it would be up to the agent on duty at the entry point. Really don't want to take a chance since a refusal to admit me would really " throw a monkey wrench in the pump ".Maybe after all this virus crap is over I will get a chance to do it!
  2. Is it possible to drive from Portland,OR. to Anchorage on the Al-Can highway now or are the borders still closed? Any info. will be appreciated.
  3. Went to Mynnamar in Feb. and it cost $45 cash fee to enter country. I assume it basically was a bribe. Sure made me appreciate where I live!!!!!
  4. .Just got back from fishing at Ships Creek in downtown Anchorage. The fishing was great, the catching was terrible. You can roll a bowling ball down the sidewalks in downtown and probably not hit anyone. Stores and restaurants are open but masks req. in stores. Ulu factory shuttle not running but store open. Only 1 reindeer sausage vendor. Not what I am used to seeing.
  5. Been coming up here for 25 + years. Have to get out of the heat and humidity. Love it up here and hope to keep coming God willing. My nephew has whole stay planned. Mostly fishing and other adventures. Shame you can't make it up here, still not too late. Will be posting if any thing out of ordinary occurs. 6 weeks is going to fly by.
  6. I booked thru a TA and couldn't get a response from them and resorted to dispute thru CC and got immediate refund. I think I am done cruising for awhile.
  7. A shame you couldn't make it up here. Have to get out of that heat and humidity. Been coming up here for 25+ years. Will be posting if anything out of ordinary happens. My nephew has whole stay planned with mostly fishing. Still not too late to get up here ! Airfares are super cheap.
  8. diesel1973

    Seward, Alaska

    Am up here now till Aug.6. Air fares are crazy cheap. Just be aware of the Covid regs. as they seem to change often.
  9. Really don't know the answer to that one as I am staying at my nephews house. They ask on the form you fill out where you are staying, reachable phone # and e-mail address. Haven't heard from them yet! I would think that is possible if you have your food delivered to you.
  10. Just FYI I landed in Anchorage and got tested for Covid and am required to quarantine till results. A form must be completed first,which is available on phone . I am required to test in 2 weeks and I think every 2 weeks after. It is what it is.
  11. Thank you for the info. 5 days of quarantine is no problem.
  12. I'm really confused now. Can I have the Covid test done at Anchorage airport or does it need to be done before I leave? If I can't have it done at airport can I quarantine myself until I have test done and get results?
  13. Thanks for the info. Thought I had to take the test at the airport. No problem with getting tested as my niece works at a hospital up there.
  14. Thanks for the info. My daughter had a Covid test done recently and her only complaint was the burning sensation. I guess I can handle that as I have had tubes shoved into other orifices by doctors and it did more than burn!!!LOL
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