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  1. You have a point but how would you address poor service? Go to the "desk int the central area" and tell the uniformed person there? They couldn't care less about what we think. Somehow one has to bear witness that a certain individual is rude or the service is poor. But how-where it will do good? I still don't believe in rewarding poor duties/service. We pay more now for a cruise than we did a few years ago and even then they were raising costs for fuel increases. With the increase in cruise costs shouldn't we receive a bit more? Better food, waiters attentiveness etc. Before when we were handed envelopes to tip the crew members I tend to think they were more dedicated and took care of the passengers in a more favorable manner.
  2. I earned my money the hard way-I worked for it and I don't like to throw it away on bad service. I do not reward bad behavior or bad service, it's my money and I expect as a norm more than a casual whatever attitude. One can disparage those that remove DSC all one wants but to reward bad behavior creates more of the same. You want good service? Let them know by with holding $$ and they'll get around to doing their job properly. You want the same lousy service? Continue to pay your DSC when the service is deplorable then the next time you embark on NCL don't complain about the service. That is what is wrong in our society, people expect something for minimal effort and fail to produce and then there are the people that feels sorry for them and gives them what they want anyway. If someone comes to paint your home and slops paint all over your sidewalk, brick and tramples your shrubs I guess you'd not expect them to repair the damage and pay them regardless. It's your money, go ahead.
  3. I remember the NCL Wind, fantastic ship, crew and food! We tipped by giving an envelope with cash inside to the employees. But now they make tipping mandatory..sort of by taking it out of one's shipboard account Tipping is for a service and for poor service I deduct a certain amount because it encourages "more of the same." Consequently, for superior service, I tip handsomely and for some to say it stiffs the rest of the crew when a waiter has failed in some respects i disagree. Someone has to take a stand otherwise they'll continue as is, ho-hum lazy attitude. Slave labor? I seriously doubt it, no one conscripted them to work on cruise ship, they did it of their own volition. If they want great tips, provide the best service they possibly can and they'll be rewarded accordingly.
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