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  1. Gerry, I was going to wish you a wonderful cruise, but now I just wish you and Ken a cruise! Seriously, fingers crossed there will be no breaking developments and that you and Ken and the others who are carrying on with San Diego-Miami will have a splendid time. This veteran (since 2012) Hambagahle blog reader will be looking forward to your every post/observation! Rich
  2. Loved your blog, Crisy--thank you! But you did me no favors with all those terrific food photos! I think gained five pounds just ogling them (and then hitting the refrigerator)! Rich
  3. Roberto, I think your above post (157) ranks up there with your NYC and Citadel posts from the past as my favorite Z & TB post ever. . . beautiful and bittersweet, just like your final day. My thanks and appreciation to you as always for generously taking us along, and then royally entertaining us every day with your words and pics. I probably speak for a few others when I tell you I needed every chuckle this time, given the stresses and challenges of the day. I look forward to your final thoughts on the cruise when you have a chance to settle in back home, but what I really look forward to (positive thinking here) is to cruise with you and Pam again some day. Would be a joy! Rich
  4. Got the Chuckle Meter out, Roberto! It has been souped up and now measures guffaws! I know it’s going to get a super workout in the days to come. Wishing you and Pam a wonderful cruise!
  5. So glad you've picked up the Splendor blogging baton, cruisin'! Have a great, great cruise!
  6. Thanks, Karen—wishing you and John a fantastic time on your maiden Splendor cruise!
  7. Check-out time! Meanwhile, Splendor will soon be served a bountiful breakfast (lunch and dinner).
  8. The view we woke up to this morning. Beautiful, and just a tiny bit bittersweet.
  9. Well, what a fab ending to our cruise! I’m not just talking about the two-night Constellation stand by the Cavern Club Beatles... ...And the special Constellation Theater Q&A today with Julia Baird, John Lennon’s half-sister and one of the seven directors of the legendary Liverpool club where the Beatles performed 292 times starting on February 7, 1961. I’m also referring to tonight’s early show in the Constellation—the “world premiere” of the Splendor Production Cast’s “Divos & Divas.” The celebration, in song and dance, of vocalists ranging from Celine Dion to Freddy Mercury, Rod Stewart to Gloria Estefan, is a smash and a must see! The Splendor cast is the best Regent Production Cast we’ve had the pleasure to be entertained by. Their four months of rehearsals really shows in “Divos & Divas” and the three other productions that were on the schedule on this cruise. For those of you who are Splendor bound, you are in store for a series of real treats! While there could be another post or three from one or more of us, I want to take the opportunity now to thank you on behalf of the team for following along, and for all your kind words. We hope we served up enough tasty Splendor morsels to sate you until you have your chance to experience this beautiful ship and the extraordinary staff and crew. Good night!
  10. Our haul from the Regent Reward Prize Redemption just now: a charcoal cinch bag (40 points) and a global key chain (10 points). Thanks to our banker, Kwaj girl, for the extra several points! (The leftover point gives us a start for our Splendor cruise No. 2 next year.)
  11. A funny thing happened on my way to the infinity pool—I ran into the Splendor’s good humor man getting a haircut from celebrity stylist Martin of Serene Spa and Wellness (he has cut Ellen DeGeneres’ and Christina Aguilera’s hair). “It’s my birthday and christening cut,” CD John quipped. “I’ll be 44, and still the youngest Regent cruise director!”
  12. Good morning from Splendor’s Infinity Pool. It’s the last of our 10 sea days and the 14th and final day of our cruise. Miami in the morning!
  13. Our last two nights’ headline entertainment boarded in San Juan yesterday after flying in all the way from England. We didn’t rock much in the Atlantic but we’ll be rocking in the Constellation Theater—Yeah yeah yeah!
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