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  1. They said it is all online now so you don’t get a share certificate so can’t send anything off yourself so they have to do it for you.
  2. Silly question probably but do the company charge you for doing it for you? many thanks for all this info, much appreciated
  3. Just bought 100 shares with a company beginning with H, a two word name. Hopefully the same one as you. Anyway I bought on line but spoke to them first and the chap told me they claim the OBC for us to just let them know the cruise number etc. Have you any experience of claiming OBC yet please?
  4. Just bought 100 shares as well, as we are in the UK obviously bought from UK agent and in GBP. Bought at 34.25 but notice it has gone down again already ( within a few minutes) will have to stop looking now as holding them for the long term. Our trader told me we don’t have to send proof to Princess that they do it for you. Anyone any experience of this, it isn’t the dealer recommended by Princess btw?
  5. Thanks, that’s what I thought, I was a bit surprised when someone said they had bought them from P & O direct.
  6. I didn’t know P & O acted as a stockbroker for Carnival shares. How do you contact this particular part of P & O please?
  7. I expect this question has been asked before, so apologies to any one that is annoyed with me asking again. But how do you go about buying shares, I just phoned Equiniti as we have Santander shares from way back when they took over one of the Building Societies we were with so didn’t have to buy them ourselves. Anyway they quoted me quite a high dealing charge if we bought through them. What have those with shares done? I also noticed some companies quote a monthly fee which doesn’t sound good to me. Please excuse my apparent ignorance on this.
  8. We did a 2 day tour with Alla tours back in 2014 and it was excellent. Have just back off a Princess cruise to the Baltic and quite a few on the ship used Alla this time as well. We just did a half day tour with Princess as had OBC to use and stayed onboard the second day this time but can fully recommend Alla Tours.
  9. When were you thinking of booking as if you go when it isn’t the UK school holidays there might not be many other children on board? We have just come off a Princess cruise out of Southampton, a mixture of nationalities on board but only a handful of children. Mind you Iona is going to be a very large ship so you will always get a few willing to pay the fine to take their children out of school.
  10. Is it the done thing to give the Head Waiter an extra gratuity on the last day? Our one has been so good with my diabetic diet that we were going to give him extra but not sure if it is considered not the done thing to tip head waiter or it might be beneath him.
  11. Update on this topic. i decided to phone Princess direct as Travel Agent didn’t come up trumps, partly because they have sent me numerous e-mails recently saying book your excursions now. i phoned the Carnival number in Southampton as it is a normal landline number and not the 0344 number the website gives out ( we pay for 0344 numbers but not normal geographic dialling codes). Pressed the 3 option for Princess and got through straight away to a very nice lady who said of course we can do that, I can do it now. So she booked the two excursions for the two of us and took off my husband’s OBC. Sorted.
  12. We had an online feedback from P & O the day after returning from Oriana last week. Then on Thursday had an e-mail from Feefo asking us to review our experience. Has anyone else had two requests for the same cruise. Don’t want to click into anything if it’s a scam or virus.
  13. What sort of theme nights do you normally get on a two week cruise? From watching the Cruise on telly I assume perhaps a white night. Do they have tropical nights or a black and white night?
  14. I also know nothing about this. We have a cruise in a few weeks and have never heard of medallion? I am assuming whatever this is is only on a few ships at present, but what is it?
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