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  1. Well we haven’t even got the money back for our cancelled March 13 cruise yet let alone our deposit for July 3rd cruise.
  2. There was also Our World on BBC News Channel last night at 9.30, repeated tonight at same time about the Princess ships and COVID 19. Not good publicity for Carnival Corporation
  3. Yes it’s Ventura and Azura that I was likening it to. Thanks for replies everyone we have used our fcc to book a standard balcony on C deck.
  4. Wow you were lucky with the P & O one we just got part of our money back after waiting 9 weeks. Still no sign of the rest
  5. Perhaps it depends on the ship but we have had 2 telly in a deluxe balcony before
  6. Ah okay thanks. The reason I asked was on P & O, one of Princess’s sister companies, the deluxe balconies are slightly bigger and have two telly and other extras. Their ships layouts are very similar to the Crown and other Princess ships, so much so that I have never had to look at a deck plan on Princess to find my way around.
  7. Hi, does anyone know the difference between a balcony cabin and a premium balcony cabin on Crown Princess please? I’ve looked on various sites, including Princess and the descriptions and cabin sizes are exactly the same. TIA
  8. So has anyone else had this happen. We are still waiting for our fcc for a cancelled 13th March cruise which we cancelled when they said you could take a fcc if you cancel ( our TA said we couldn’t take the refund only a fcc) We are also still waiting for a fcc for our deposit for a cancelled 3rd July cruise . Anyway this is the query I just looked on our Captain’s Circle accounts and we are now each showing a fcc of £75 which must be the future cruise deposit we paid last year and used towards our March 13th cruise. It’s under fcc and not fcd . Does this mean this is all they think they are going to give us back and not the £3000 we were told?
  9. Still nothing at all for us for our cancelled 13th March cruise, that’s over 11 weeks since it was cancelled. Also nothing for our cancelled cruise for 3rd July, but I wasn’t expecting that one yet.
  10. We have waited over 9 weeks now, I spoke to P & O on Thursday and they said they will escalate the refund so let’s see. We have waited over 10 weeks for a Princess cruise refund that was supposed to sail on 13th March and no answer as to when we will receive anything, so delays with all cruise lines unfortunately.
  11. Well that can’t be correct as we have seen nothing of our FCC For 13th March to 28th March.
  12. Yes but if you took out Life Insurance you wouldn’t say can I have my money back from last year because I didn’t die
  13. We have had about 10 different e-mails, I have only ever e-mailed them twice. I just keep getting different ones quoting the same e-mails of mine.
  14. Wow we don’t have anything like that in UK, we can only claim if have a valid reason and they check carefully to make you aren’t trying it on.
  15. That is the advice from a few weeks ago. Some of the Facebook pages are saying that the latest advice says to cancel all travel plans indefinitely, which it doesn’t say. Unfortunately some local radio station announced this and others have been re reporting it. I can’t see why the foreign office would tell you to cancel plans for next year or the year after, that would make all the travel firms goes completely bust. https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice
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