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  1. Good that the landings were handled well, but.......... Only three landings in 4 day's! The whole point of an expedition cruise is going ashore, not staying on the ship for a whole day with just two hours on shore. With smaller expedition ships you get up to three landings per day in different locations. Personally I would never choose this ship, new or not, over the smaller and usually older ships. When paying such an expensive fare, I want as many landings as possible and don't really care about all the fabulous stuff on board, that is for regular cruising.
  2. Former "statendam", now called "Vasco da gama" was drifting for quite some time off the coast af australia. A "horror" experience according to passengers. https://www.2gb.com/absolutely-horrific-passenger-calls-in-from-cruise-ship-stranded-at-sea/ Quote: Listener Ian called Steve Price from his cabin saying it’s been “absolutely horrific”. “We’re drifting. We’ve got no power, no water, no toilets, no cooking, nothing! “They’ve got auxiliary power to light the corridors but that is it. It’s like a ghost ship, mate.” Unquote
  3. Nice pictures! I did both expedition and normal cruises to Antarctica and the polar region. In antarctica the rule is no more than 100 passengers ashore at any one time. Also only one ship at the time in the landing bays. Touring in zodiac's is allowed. Using tenders is definitely not allowed. So the big ships just do drive by cruising. For me the best way is to use a ship with maximum 100 passengers. In that way you will get two to three landings each, in different spots per day. Did a hurtigruten ms Spitsbergen svalbard expedition with roughly 180 passengers. This meant doing landings in two shifts and that meant only one landing per day.
  4. Correct. On proper expedition cruise ships zodiac's are always included. HAL's Maasdam however is a normal 1300 pax cruise ship that ,as of recent, has some zodiac's that come under the normal excursion package and have to be payed for. It is more of a gimmick and does not come close to the real expedition cruise.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2751347231596010&id=100001622817586 Holland America ms Volendam has run a ground in the Amazon river about 30 miles east or Santorem she ran aground with two pilot at the helm and at 4 AM we got an announcement saying there was an emergency 20 minutes later we got another emergency saying that we had run a ground we have been run aground since 4 am We currently we have all electricity and the rescue boats have been deployed to look for damage but we have not moved I would think this would be breaking news. We have not been updated on our situation which probably means it’s serious but there are no local authorities sent out so I do not think there’s much diamonds except for us being sunk in the silt
  6. I agree. The reviews are way too slick and are probably made by a pr person.
  7. Don't forget that on the maasdam zodiac seating is limited and has to be payed for seperately. And it is not cheap. They have a couple of zodiacs versus aproximately 1300 passengers.
  8. With interline tickets you will get whatever is available after normal passenngers have booked. This is up to departure day. If the ship is sold out on departure day, you will not get a cabin and cannot board. This is the rule with interline tickets. So if you really want a cabin(category) or itinerary, don't book interline rates.
  9. Take all suitcases you want to bring. Unpack and then ask the cabinsteward to stow your empty suitcase somewhere else. He wil bring it back the day before debarkation. We have done this before and it is no problem.
  10. We had the aft corner verandah on deck 6 three times, ideal. The verandah's on deck 7 are the same, but some people complain about noise as the aft pool area is directly above.
  11. We booked one of the far aft cabins deck 2 on a long voyage. As we travelled extensively over the years on the rotterdam, the location was familiar and I looked at it during a previous voyage. The reason for booking that cabin was the easy acces to the almost private deck aft. The cabin itself is like every ocean view, with an obstructive view, which is the outside staircase to deck 3. There is one major disadvantage. Being so low and aft, the engine noise is noticable especially when going fast. Also be prepared to wake up when the ship is manoevring to dock in the morning. In the end we got upgraded to a verandah deck 6 which was marvelous.
  12. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/celebrity-xpedition-refloated-in-the-galapagos/ Nov. 8 update: A tugboat is scheduled to arrive Nov. 12, and experts and divers are on site assessing how to safely tow the vessel to a yard. The company has made no decision on the next cruise. After running aground Tuesday night in the Galápagos, Celebrity Xpedition is afloat and ‘safely at anchor,’ Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. said.
  13. HAL does not have mega ships. As this is a HAL board I thought you meant that only HAL's smaller ships can do this itinerary.
  14. I have done one VOV on the Eurodam, so HAL's larger ships have no problems in doing them. That said I prefer the smaller ships.
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