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  1. The cruiselines are getting desperate for cash. This way they get it without any insurance that the booked cruise will eventually be sailed. With this money they probably pay back (some) of the deposites on cancelled cruises. No matter how I like cruising, I don't see any light in the tunnel for a long time to come and it would be foolish to book anything at all. It is more and more getting similar to a pyramid scheme.
  2. https://www.captainalbert.com Blog about the new name.
  3. Strange. I understand the four ships are sold and future itineries canceled. Nevertheless I just received an email from HAL with promotions and offers for future cruising and curiously at least Veendam and Rotterdam cruises are still listed for 2021!
  4. Does anyone know where she is. Latest update on vesselfinder is march 24.
  5. Video in dutch news site with the evacuation of passengers https://www.nu.nl/279916/video/cruiseschip-zaandam-evacueert-70-plussers-na-corona-uitbraak.html?jwsource=cl And an english one.
  6. Of course I can be wrong. I read the Zaandam flu posts and there is mention of transfer but no source. If they really do it, I think it is a big mistake. Local authorities will then consider both ships to be contaminated, doubling the problem.
  7. No they would'nt transfer passengers to Rotterdam and thus create two ships who can't dock anywhere. Cpt Albert not blogging is clearly a decision from higher up. It has happened before that he mentioned/explained an incident that occured in his blog. A few day's later that day's blog disappeared from the HAL website never to return.
  8. Yes, it seems Qatar airways are stil accepting transfer passengers. I found that out yesterday and gave that info to the stranded couple.
  9. No hotels closed. They were able to rent an appartment for te time being.
  10. No for sure. They had a SIA flight via Singapore to Amsterdam, but were refused for not being Singaporians. They are dutch, so there FB post is in dutch, but here you go. https://www.*****/HappyCruisers/permalink/3047943601929247/ Fot the stars insert ***** Aargh, unable to use that word here . Unabreviate fb fb.com/groups
  11. There are still , non american, passengers of Amsterdam in Freemantle unable to get flights home as they cannot go nonstop and carriers are refusing non native passengers. Ie, only repatriating their own. They are stuck.
  12. You have definitively been misled. Ships the size of Zaandam have never been (allowed) to let passengers off the ship in antarctic waters, especially not on the ice. For that you need to take an expedition cruise on much smaller ships equiped for the task.
  13. Really? Please tell me you're kidding. Apart from the few cruise ship flights that are left, airplanes are flying half empty and across the world airlines are canceling flights. When this is over a lot of them will be bankrupt.
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