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  1. We were on Princess a few months ago. The good and the bad: Yes, varied and EXCELLENT entertainment. And, yes, there is the theater, the nightclub, comedy or musical acts in other venues... Serious choices. However, food and many of the cocktails, especially with the new dining/culinary changes.... Leave me refusing to board Princess again. Not unless I knew for sure I would be served decent food and food that wasn't 'processed'. That I could get real dairy butter, real sugar, etc... If this were my choice, I would try Celebrity.
  2. A lot of confusion here. The categories, especially with all of the classes of ships now sailing, can be confusing. A Balcony is a balcony.... usually the standard size room, and standard size balcony. A Balcony Deluxe, on the newest class of ships, is a slightly larger room (NOT a larger balcony) with room for seating. (we had one of these on the REGAL, and the extra floorspace and little loveseat were great! Balcony was tiny) A Premium Balcony often denotes an actual larger/deeper balcony, such as the balconies mentioned on the Caribe Deck of the Emerald Princess. (we had one of these on the Ruby, balcony was FANTASTIC!!!! That was when it still had a real table and chairs... back then, it was sold just as any other balcony, and did not cost more.... now, it seems that the ones that are not far forward or aft are classified as 'Premium' and would come at a price increase. AFT facing balconies also have larger/deeper balconies and are classified as Premium Balcony. I am not thinking that the mid-ship location, alone, would be a 'Premium' or 'Deluxe' class of balcony.
  3. Yes.... Thank you deliver42. You can't say. "well, it is the whole 'cruise' thing", when Princess is the only one.
  4. Princess has just made horrible changes/cutbacks to their menus. That is my big problem with Princess now. Yes, they do still have what they call Formal Nights, but it is open to interpretation. Yes, one should look nice... But I have not seen jackets required, or even a big percentage of men in jackets.... Nice slacks, dress shirt, tie, etc... do the trick. The demand for the not-so-formal, more casual cruising is alive and well on Princess as well.
  5. If anybody sailed on Princess BEFORE the currently rolling out horrid cutbacks and changes in menus, ingredients, etc... And didn't think it was that great... I just have to say, once again, PLEASE DO NOT SAIL PRINCESS EXPECTING ANY DECENT FOOD OR SERVICE. We recently sailed the Regal, with the new menus and system of service. it was no less than horrible... Several plates we were served were almost inedible. We had an EXCELLENT experience with dining and food on the CORAL princess.... But, this recent sailing has me vowing to never sail with Princess again. The REGAL is an excellent wonderful amazing ship.... excellent entertainment and venues all around, the Sanctuary just can not be beat. But, I will not be able to sail with inedible food that actually has so much 'crap' and salt in in that I do not feel well... And RUDE service.
  6. joat, while I appreciate and respect your posts, I just wanted to point out that there simply was NO romaine, anywhere at that time, not even on our Princess cruise in December, because of the recall and fear of contamination. Our Ceaser salads were not made with romaine. I actually had several of them, and they weren't bad! (Except for one that just didn't seem to have more than few drops of dressing.) People always say, "well, food is subjective". And, I will agree, this could not be more true. And there are MANY people. (in the U.S.) who happily eat low quality, fake, processed, overly salted/MSG food, every single day. I will just say that I am not that person... I am aware of what I put in my body, and how it makes me feel, and if it is so loaded with sodium and fake/toxic ingredients that it makes me feel ill. I know when quality and healthy items are just simply absent.... They were there before... but now, gone. Others may not have this awareness. I do.
  7. Let the 'cheerleaders' unite!!!! Whether there are very very obvious current cut-backs and questionable changes, or not. I have enjoyed Princess cruises in the past.... I am not a 'hater'. But, yes, I will admit that there is no future cruise with Princess on my agenda. Carry on!!!!!!!
  8. I just took a look a the Princess forum, in addition to these issues. There are some complaints coming up that the extra chair and the table are actually being hauled out of the cabins on at least one ship. OMG......
  9. Okay, I have been very vocal about my horrible experience with dining with the 'new' food and menu culinary offerings. Along with horrible changes/cutbacks in service. Now we are hearing about basic chairs being removed from cabins.... And, over on the HAL board there are a couple of reports that on the Royal and the Crown, the speakers in the hallways are sometimes blaring music, and the speakers in the cabins are being used for announcements, etc... (other than Muster, of course) What the heck is going on. Are there this many people in charge at Princess who are completely out of touch? Wow.
  10. While, if so, then this is just unheard of... And, I have sailed Princess and been on the Princess forum here... It does sound now like something must have happened. And, Princess has been known to be, well, inconsistant with things. So, this was now supposedly on the ROYAL and the CROWN.... ( I was recently on the sister ship the Royal, the REGAL) Who the heck is taking the controls???? If Princess is actually and knowingly floating this as a new idea on a couple of ships, I would certainly assume that the feedback would be very similar to yours. I would not think that this would continue, much less go fleet-wide. Cruise lines are always floating ideas and changes. And, like any blaring music on speakers would def. be a total change... I just experienced the 'NEW' dining and culinary offerings on Princess. And, it was BAD, BAD, B A D. (Not sure if this is being rolled out on the ROYAL yet????) The thing is, OP, when posting about issues such as this, it might be beneficial, and get a lot more credibility and consideration, if the tone was much improved...
  11. My husband just handed him the cash... Dude got a NICE tip....
  12. Don't know what is going on with this post/poster. Just recently off Regal Princess... and have taken other Princess cruises... Have absolutely no idea where this suggestion that there is loud music anywhere is coming from! Now, the Band on the Regal, Excite, ROCKS!!!!! They really carried the whole cruise. But, unless you were there to see them and enjoy their music and dance... NO loud obnoxious anything. LOVED the Regal and our cruise. (with one huge 'but') My ONLY problem with Princess the absolutely horrid, sometimes inedible, food and the service, with their current cutbacks (so-called changes). It was just BAD.
  13. We stayed at Hyatt Place, (thru value trips at a cheaper rate) and while the location, shuttle, etc.. were all great, I felt the room was too dated/musty etc. That is an issue that I am sensitive to, so just want to mention this.
  14. How much is the standard fare from the Cruise Ship to FLL??? Our last taxi driver didn't want us to use the taxi-credit card set up, and was asking for cash.
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