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  1. Thanks! If this is considered 'Gift Cards' and not 'Travel', then no need to make sure you get to level 3. I would hate to recommend to somebody that they get the card, and then this Easy Deal disappears before they get thru that first billing!!! It seems that most of these offers are a limited time. Maybe it is XXXX number available? So, when those many sell. If you can buy a lot of them, this could save a good bit of money on a cruise!
  2. I have tried to find out more, but been given the runaround and disconnected etc... by both City and the Easy Deal company. Does anyone here have one of the cards that can access this deal, and can give more details. Like, when does it expire? And it looks like Travel deals are only available to Tier three. So, it would take a billing cycle to get there. Can you buy several of these. These Easy Deals don't require a certain number of points, right.
  3. The ones I have used here are awful, when I choose COKE, they give me a watered down weird tasting concoction. Not true and strong Coke syrup. Last time I brought some bottled cokes onboard!
  4. When we sailed on the Regal we got there early. At that time on the Regal I believe they were making those front row seats available for those who booked the full week. We took two loungers just across the railing from the open center cabana. We had breakfast and lunch in the comfortable seating and shade. That worked out really well!
  5. Since this is back on page one. Just out of curiosity I looked at some fares for a one week cruise next Spring. The difference for an adjoining balcony would be about 700.00. I would be happy to offer to pay that for a cruise with a double wide balcony and an adjoining door for traveling together!
  6. They don’t have an offer on AMEX right now? Or I just haven’t heard? We have seen it before on our Delta. And have gone thru the back-door to get to it when it wasn’t in our offers in our account. But that was a year ago, last time we cruised.
  7. Thanks! Can anyone tell me when this might expire. Or if it is limited number available? When I go to citieasydeals and hit APPLY it only brings up the Diamond card and not the simplicity. Looks like they will have to call Citi to find out more. We have done the AMEX. That is a good one, if AMEX would offer that again.
  8. Does anyone know about the tiers? Do you have to have a minimum amount of business or spending to reach a higher tier to get this citi-deal? We already have the Double Cash card. But, this could help somebody else out. That might be nice!
  9. How much time do you usually spend at the Sanctuary? Have you ever done the cruise sail-a-way in the Sanctuary? I think it is open until at least Six, and sail-a-way is usually earlier than that. Any other good tips!
  10. I have seen threads like this, about other issues. I think it might be a good time to point out that the Stewards job is cleaning the rooms and providing towels, blankets, toiletries. I think too many people think that all kinds of things such as maintenance issues, noise issues, etc can be handled by “mention it to the steward”. I would recommend taking these concerns to the front customer service desk/security/etc. There should be clear policies about blocking passageways with wheelchairs, scooters, strollers, etc
  11. As I had mentioned, I will continue to bite, as I am looking at this as Chat Entertainament now!!! It is true that the OP did not actually actually mention these things... But, she doesn't have to. Just as she doesn't have to come back here and try to explain or defend her feelings about what I had always described to my husband as 'sailing in a closet'. Why should she? Why should she subject herself to the disrespect and personal attacks and haters here? Would anybody here actually have expected her to come on here and post "How do I handle my controlling mother and her expectations that myself and my DH sail in an inside." Of course she is not going to do that!!!! Are you kidding? Look at what happened when she just mentioned how to get more excited and for tips for sailing inside. The facts and information here speak for themselves. Sometimes things are easy to see once you have become familiar with them. It is not always just in one's mind. But, "all the haters still gonna hate, hate, hate...." Such is social media. I can also say, on another note, that never, ever, in a million years, would I leave my kids, if the youngest is anywhere near the age mentioned, with a blind and disabled and maybe elderly(?) person, without being in an adjoining cabin. Would never happen. Ten thousand haters here who might disagree with that and try to personally attack and judge would not change that. To those who are ELITE (nose in air) partly because they choose to sail in inside cabins, then I am not going to offer any opinion or judgement on that. That is their choice. You do you.... But, somehow, what others might be comfortable with, and their choices, are cause to be tried, convicted, and told to walk the plank. It is very very SAD, really.
  12. No, I do not think GTY’s show as sold. And I am surprised at how many people book them. There is no discount. Each sailing can be different. I have cruised this time of year. It looked like there was a lot of availability at final payment. A few weeks later Princess did their thing and began assigning cabins and offering up sells. Overnight the ship showed as much more fully booked. The price on that cruise never really went down in those last few weeks or months. In fact, since Princess is trying to make profits on upsells, I think part of their strategy is to open up the lower cheaper categories, as I think that these are a big percentage of last minute bookings. Those who want and will pay for better cabins and suites tend to try to book early. I would follow the role call and see how much talk there is about upgrades and upsells
  13. Okay, this is now what I call Chat Entertainment!!! So i’ll Bite. Of course this offer is generous! But that is not the issue. The ‘offended’ part is the issue. It seems that the OP here has been a fairly frequent cruiser. They have all traveled together (more than once) before. The OP says she has not been traveling in an inside cabin for many years. The OP has not indicated in any way that they could not contribute financially. The mother’s dictation of all of these details seems to be the issue. And yes, I see “dictation” here. I would have a problem with those who dictate details like that and would become all offended that the other person didn’t do and act exactly how “I” tell them to, or just even “think” they should. I see absolutely no reason at all why there should be any offense. Only the “control” thing.
  14. LOVE the ‘real’ butter comment!!!!!!! i am assuming that was said with full knowledge and all associated connotations. Nope, this isn’t about appreciation. Nowhere, ever, did this person indicate that this was not appreciated. That assumption is negative, untrue, and unwarranted. The problem isn’t the gift/offer. It is the associated control and strings attached. Those are the things I am seeing here. For me, I might say “That is wonderful!!! But my husband and I just couldn’t accept such a generous offer. Maybe you could consider some Princess gift certificates to help out with the cost.” The fact that any freedom or negotiation does on does not seem possible and has never been mentioned by this poster, That tells me a lot. Sometimes a a gift does come with strings attached. Sometimes a gift or offer can almost be offensive. Sometimes when one person is gifted a suite, and the other is offered a closet, well, just sayin.
  15. Coral, me again. This is NOT about whether this mother’s offer is generous. Of course it is. This is about whether it is appropriate for this person. (What is appropriate for that person and being hesitant to sail “in a closet” would not be unreasonable). If this person feels that they are not welcome to arrange and pay for a slight upgrade, ( note the IF )then this is all about the gifter’s control issues. That is what I am calling out here. As for all the judgemental negativity here, the other poster above is right. These people are out there. In the words of the famous pop song, “...all the haters gonna hate hate hate... shake it off, hey hey hey... shake it off....
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