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  1. Ohhh, yes I was forgetting for a moment that this thread was more specific to Sirena! Kind of went to discussion about chair hogs and deck space. I do fully understand exactly what the Spa Terrace actually is. Wanting something be better, and believing it could and should be better, is not making it out to be something that it simply is not. Perhaps Oceania continues to believe that their passenger demographic would not appreciate such a space. Not sure how they can justify additional cost for an area with no shade, no drinks, no ambiance, no service?
  2. OMG!!! That sounds interesting. I would be interested to see that one!!! I do hope, that unlike other lines, Oceania continues to have fresh berries and fruit, other than the standard unripe melons and pineapple. I have even seen bananas being held behind the line, only upon request. (uggghhhh!!!) I have read recent posts by a regular expert here where he mentions the croissants and fresh berries! This reminds me of the 'butter' threads on the Princess forum.
  3. I agree. I would go with Regal, without question, for all of the other great things about Regal. Yes, there have been menu cutbacks and changes, back at the end of 2018, when I was on Regal. With the changes, and the Food and Dining staff onboard, it was awful!!!! I believe that either they have ironed things out, or have new Food and Beverage staff. As it sounds like things are much better. And, the Regal has what might be reported to be the best buffet on the Princess line. Yes, the current head of F&B and staff does make a difference! (and that can often change) Even with the menu cutbacks and changes, some can be much better than others. This might be an example. On our last trip to Florida, we ate at Outback out of convenience. It was pretty good! Tried ours again in our area. Twice... will NOT go back. Given the two ship choices, I would not hesitate to choose Regal over Caribbean, any day.
  4. Yes, very confusing! But, yes it would involve using Oceania Air, which 2 for 1 air is included in the current promotion. Anyhow, It doesn't look like we will make this happen. Still a complex and interesting thought. Perhaps one for a good TA or a good rep from Oceania! If Oceania would automatically consider these two consecutive voyages to be what I am used to calling b2b, then that would be a factor. As this might not qualify for the current 2 for 1 promotion (which does state 'including air' because only the first Trans Atlantic voyage is listed for that. Very limited sailings on this offer. It sounds like you experts think that this might be the case. And, I imagine we could get to Miami, with either miles or cash, and would be well worth it to only pay the amount to book the Oceania Air one way. (specifics and a calculator would be needed !!!)
  5. Thanks you guys... sorry for the confusion! Yes, kind of complex. No biggie to try to figure out. I am seeing that that TransAtlantic over to Rome is a full two weeks, so I am thinking this isn't really going to work out for us anyhow. We would just do the short Rome-Athens. The thing was, I think the TA cruise does offer two for one air with Olife, with the current Promo. (but not the Rome - Athens cruise) So, that would have been the kicker. And, also read in the recent thread that maybe it would really benefit to only book thru Oceania Air for one-way, which would be the return flight. I have absolutely no idea how that would be handled as two different bookings, but back to back???
  6. Okay, here is a complex one! For example, a TA from Miami to Rome, to then do B2B Rome-Athens. So how would it work to book one-way Olife TA flights back from Rome. So, what would we pay in air allowance to book O-life. airfare oneway back from Rome? Right now, with the current promotion on limited sailings. (Miami to Rome included) O-life air is 2-for-1. The only kicker is we would have to do a short flight from Athens back over to Rome. (which would allow us to see more of Rome post-cruise)
  7. So true to all the above! And, the way they wrap each lounger that way is demanding. Necessary??? Hhhhmmmm.... I am not considering a really warm weather cruise. (Spring port-intensive cruise). But am definitely considering doing whatever we can to access the Spa Terrace on two of the lessor port days. For the T-Pool as well. Wish one of those were a sea day! The thing is, IMHO, if they want to make the Spa Terrace exclusive and to cost more, then it should made to be WORTH it. I don't know if I am seeing shade, ambience, service, etc... Compared to some other cruise lines, that seems pretty poor?
  8. Ohhh no. Not the ice cream too. Another death knell.... : (
  9. I don’t mind the chair-hog discussion. It seems to be valid. I think it is easy for those who do not prefer warm weather cruises to minimize this issue. There are many who prefer the warm weather, fresh air, cruises. Often that is the primary desire! Many times to escape cold Northern Winters. The number of chairs and the enforcement of policy are crucial. Yes, I can admit to being one of those “lowly deck people” to be avoided. On my most recent cruises I have been lucky to access the Sanctuary and enjoy ultra-premium space and service. No caste/status system involved. (Concierge only...) From the info info that I have so far it would seem that Oceania really needs to look at this and REALLY up their game.
  10. There should be plenty of passengers in the Summer? Look at how many ships will be in the harbor/caldera that day, and when they arrive. Off season, then there is the possibility that the Ferry service will not run as it should. But, check the Port Schedule. You could see if it looks like the Ferry will fill up and run, and if not, take the cable-cars up and go from there. You might want to plan for either option.
  11. You might do a search here on "transfers'. Click search above, just under your user name, then select 'this forum' I am seeing some info and recommendations.
  12. Many options! I do not know how the transfers with NCL work. Maybe you have asked on the NCL forum here? Any taxi or private transfer provider would give you that convenience and you could set the time. I am considering PK Tours, for post-cruise, which is very recommended online. I think they might offer a tour of Athens along with the transfer to the port, if you would want to tour and see everything in a limited time before you cruise.
  13. The key might be the last two letters in that acronym! To the OP. I think on the newer Princess Ships you would be fine. Especially on a warm weather cruise. A bit more vibe! Totally opposite, for example, than the Coral Princess to Alaska. Just pay attention to whether there are features and activities on the other lines that you will miss. With the cutbacks in food and dining last year, and the limited options when compared to some of the other bigger ships on other lines, that might be a factor. So look at options and menus. I do know that the huge buffet on the Regal. (sister to the Royal) is known to be really great.
  14. SO many variables! You really have to get out the calculator and do the math. A cruise on one line with a small cabin/balcony and no perks will cost less than a bigger cabin/balcony with “included” additional packages on another line. Princess is now pricing like some other lines, where you can book either bare-bones or a package promo. (Best SaleEver) at an additional cost Sometimes the different options do not seem apparent. You might want to ask. Fares on most lines are pretty fixed. The right “preferred” agency can offer additional perks or a so-called reduced fare. (Which is actually a kickback) Sometimes some agencies can offer more than others. So, you can see that with the higher cabin category and the addition of perks and packages, the cruises can often be closer in price. There really are are too many variables to be able to begin to decipher or compare who paid how much for what!!! So it really isn’t usually brought up that specifically.
  15. Yep, you have described the new Princess... No lobster, crab legs, limited decent beef. We always tell ourselves it would be great to hit the gym or do some classes... Now, why does never actually happen when we are on vacation. Hahahaha!
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