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  1. So this question is more specific to Royal since that is who I am sailing with but probably applies to most cruises. So we will be in port from 8-6, however when I look at the excursion on the RY website it indicates 5 hours. So is that all the time you get on the beach? I mean if I get there at say 9 do I get picked up and bussed back to the cruise ship at 2? Seems to me if that is the case I am better off maybe taking a cab to a beach club of my choice and cabbing back when I am ready to take advantage of more time on the beach. Any help is appreciated
  2. Thanks for the replies. It looks like Maya Key might be a good option for us. We were on a cruise in Oct that missed Costa Maya and went to Progreso instead and the endless vendors just took all the fun out of it.
  3. We are doing both of these as part of our RC cruise. We plan on staying in port at one of these but have never been to either so a little unsure of which one to book an excursion on. Just looking for a beach day with hopefully some snorkeling. Which area makes more sense to enjoy a nice beach day where the travel to a not too much and the vendors won't be all over you. TIA
  4. thank you for the response
  5. We will be in Costa Maya in Mid October, we contacted Maya Chan and they had a pretty big disclaimer on their email about the seaweed. Is it really bad this year? Does Maya Chan have a pool we can use to cool off and enjoy some water if the seaweed is really bad this year. Is their other beach clubs that are similair that do have a pool if Maya Chan does not. Just trying to figure out whether its worth it to go to a beach club if we are limited in water activities. Thanks in advance.
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