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  1. Thank you - yes, we did receive a single check reimbursing us for our folio credit as well as our airfare home from Buenos Aires. Thank you for checking. We still do not have a FCC for the second 18-day cruise nor the refund. Debbie
  2. Thank you for all that information, Debbie
  3. Great clip! Thanks for posting the link. Has anyone received a check for a balance on their stateroom account yet? Any future cruise credit or airfare reimbursement? None of the above for us yet, although I know it's only been slightly over a month. Someone posted the stateroom credit would come in an envelope not marked Princess. I don't think I would have thrown that away....we get so little snail mail as it is. Hope everyone is well, Debbie
  4. Is it possible to change my screen name, the name I use on these boards? I have tried the edit function but don't see the opportunity there. Thank you, Debbie
  5. Thank you, yes, DH and I are both healthy and self quarantined for 14 days. Thankful so very much as well as thankful for our Australian travel companions getting off the ship today (they’re healthy) for a charter flight to SF, then LA, then Sydney. Debbie and Scott
  6. As several have mentioned before, on 3/19, we were all supposed to leave the ship on flights out of Buenos Aires. Many missed flights before ever having the ship released by argentine authorities. We feel blessed to have made it out on a flight that was held 1.5 hours for us (and others) and by an airline that hadn’t canceled flights. Others from the ship were not so fortunate. They went into the airport, found flights canceled, and had to return by bus (another hour) to the ship. Additionally, early (3:45am) that day, Argentine authorities came aboard to take everyone’s temp before
  7. Our travel companions are still on board, and they have been in regular communication with their Australian ambassador. I don’t know if all the Aussies have had similar communication, but the ambassador has been emailing our friends with periodic updates, with knowledge of the situation, etc.
  8. Adding our prayers to everyone else’s.
  9. For a little more information about possible incubation time.... We disembarked in Buenos Aires March 19 and flew to the US, but that early morning (4am), Argentine officials came on board to take temps. I never saw them but heard they wore hazmat suits. While many of us were able to make our flights, some passengers left the Coral to catch flights which were canceled. They were returned to the ship. So the buses and airport gave opportunity to catch the virus.
  10. That's very thoughtful. Praying for everyone, Debbie
  11. Our travel companions and friends are still on board and running out of toothpaste! The ship store doesn’t have any, and their steward hasn’t located any. If any of you has a spare, Peter and Rinkje are in C236. Thanks so much; Cruise Critic folks are the best! Debbie
  12. We were on this cruise and are more than happy to be home in the US now. While Princess and this ship are dealing with extraordinary circumstances I'm sure the best they can, it was a nightmarish scenario getting off the ship the 19th. Our flight number was never called, so around 3:30, DH finally asked someone checking tickets, "what about us; flights leaving later than ours have been called." She looked at our confirmation and said, "oh, you can get off now." We high-tailed it to a shuttle to the terminal, and that left quickly; passengers applauded when we got on and the bus left right awa
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