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  1. I think you should have gotten an email from whoever you booked with....it's usually at the bottom in a PDF.
  2. My parents were divorced before I remember my dad --- finally met him when I was an adult with a 13 month old daughter on the day of the moon landing....won't ever forget that date.
  3. @kazu Thinking all good thoughts for you, your surgical team & caregivers for tomorrow. Also hoping that Ivan's day tomorrow goes smoothly.
  4. Got it but I get enough mail from HAL --- don't need more.
  5. You might check TripAdvisor.com - I think that's where I found the ones I booked. Wasn't impressed with TemaramaTours on Nuku Hiva.
  6. Afraid I don't - people on our roll call arranged most of them. The only ones I booked were on Tahiti & Nuka Hiva.
  7. I don't have a middle name either because my mom didn't like hers (Corinne).
  8. I am amazed at the architecture in these photos! Thanks for sharing.
  9. We loved it! On the K in Feb/March 2023 for 35 days....The chef, Joye, was on top of my food sensitivities & made sure my choices were appropriate & offered substitutions if my choices weren't good. Food was great, never had to wait to be seated, but then we were in line before the doors were open. Had THE BEST server, who will be unnamed but he knows who he is -- I wanted to bring him home with us. We have booked CO for our next cruise & hope it lives up to the high standard we experienced.
  10. On our last cruise we were in a Neptune Suite....every evening before bed we checked our onboard expenses account.....if there was a discrepancy found we bought it to the NS concierge & it was resolved quickly, if not immediately & there were a few of those.
  11. @Seasick Sailor Prayers for your sister - that her treatment is easy & effective. @Vict0riann Prayers that your treatment is easy & effective as well.
  12. Lenda - I recently bought the can - it wasn't any better than I remembered....YUCK!
  13. @dfish Trying your version of cole slaw tonight along with brats.
  14. @Nickelpenny Yikes on your incision opening...glad you went in! I saw my spine surgeon last week for reassurance all was well...after 7 months I thought I should be better than I am - still having low back pain & R hip pain...that's to be expected he said.....UGH!! I'm tired of it.
  15. Make a copy of the deck plans of both Deck 8 & 9 & lay one on top of the other....try to determine what's above the cabin you're interested in. We were in a cabin, on the Zuidy I think, that was under a small uncarpeted area of the Lido. Every night around 9:30 or 10 we were treated to either table or chair scraping....didn't last long but still annoying.
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