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  1. Only a suggestion, BUT from a previous terrible and frightening experience on the Anthem out of Bayonne in late January travelling in the North Atlantic about five years ago, I for one wouldn't recommend it. The North Atlantic shows no mercy to any size cruise ships in the Winter months. And on the return to Bayonne the voyage turned into an "extra sea day" due to weather conditions. We needed to dig our vehicle out from the motel we left it at from NJ getting hit with a "super storm". Sure, there's the parking garage at the Terminal to use but how could we pass up the free parking at the motel and free transportation to the pier. Just this poster's opinion, go easy now. I know there are a lot of posters that this wouldn't bother them, as just being on an adventure with waves hitting deck 11.
  2. Okey-doke thanks for your reply stevea36. I didn't see an oasis Class ship doing a replacement for that date and itinerary.
  3. Anyone already booked and received word of an itinerary change or try to book that date for the 7 night, Eastern and Perfect Day itinerary? That itinerary looked decent but I now I don't see any replacement. Thanks in advance to any replies.
  4. To date thanks to everyone replying to my question. We've done few Celebrity cruises and wasn't sure if there was anything in the line of The Quest. granted, Celebrity is a little more upscale. Yeah we can do without the belly flop contest, and some of the RCI's audience / stage participation shows. Oh well, we're not sailing till October 2020. (Yes, davekathy, i am a drummer, DW Jazz Series 4 piece kit, Special Selection Zildjian's picked at the factory an hour from here, play professionally. Cool that's great, another fellow drummer as well!)
  5. So what's there to do for the "middle age" folks to do in the evening? Be careful with your answers now...😂
  6. I'll say ! thanks for the bad news davekathy...Hope that 'lights out' wont be 10:00pm ...
  7. As a seasoned cruiser on Royal most often enjoying The Quest that's held towards the end of the cruise on most if not all of their ships, brings to mind a question asking that if a similar type event is held on Celebrity ships. Thanks in advance to those who reply.
  8. Perhaps I might have missed the thread, but was there anything posted about the effects of hurricane Dorian at CocoCay or did it spare that location? Thanks in advance to all who reply.
  9. And so aren't we, it's so repetitive...and now all those 3 and 4 nighters designed with CocoCay in mind...ugh... I'm sure its a good stop but when they positioned "Indy" there as well doing the same when they could have put it to better use with all the attractions that are now standard on the 'bigger ships"...
  10. Notice with all the Southern Caribbean dates that were VERY appreciatively provided that Barbados isn't included utilizing a Freedom or Voyager class ship. I wonder if size matters or what other reason? Could it be..a larger class ship burns more fuel ? I noticed that the January 2020 out of Miami has already sold out of mid-ship balconies. So, "Havin'fun" I hope you'll be having fun ....
  11. A few years ago either a Freedom or Voyager class ship sailed from Florida on a nine night or more cruise to either a Southern or Deep Southern itinerary a couple of times during the year. We're not interested in leaving out of San Juan due to the high costs of flying from the northeast. A preliminary check for either of those two classes of ships has come up with NOTHING that I'm specifically looking for in 2020 and probably 2021 now. Anyone know more please let us all know. I realize that RCI has their focus on keeping their Oasis Class ships in position to stop at CocoCay and or doing Eastern and Western itineraries on short trips so that's not an option. Thanks in advance to those who reply.
  12. Interesting late2cruisin ! Now, when you say have some (passed hot and cold hors d'oeuvres) what do you mean by "some passed" Is this not what they're doing in the Sky Lounge for their elite and Elite + guests right now? Got to say, Royal did manage to put on a really nice spread for their members.
  13. Good point you brought up hcat that leads me to my next question. During the 5-7 free drinks in the Sky Lounge or wherever its held do they bring out a sampling of hot and cold hoer d'oeuvres such as what Royal does ? thanks in advance.
  14. Ok, I didn't locate one, that's why i wanted to double check with you from your post. Thanks for the reply.
  15. DaveKathy thanks for your input on my post. We've been away from Celebrity for quite a few years while concentrating on achieving D+ status on Royal. Now, some of Celebrity's deals are great if you know where to look for them. Now, if you would , where and what is the WCB bar?
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