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  1. Isn't it due to come north to Bayonne in May? That is, in hopes of being allowed to do cruises to Port Canaveral and the Bahamas during the Summer months.
  2. That's for sure, they don't even dry my cars dry enough so you know they aren't worth it drying yourself on other occasions.
  3. Those are much better that you have there than the ones that we stockpiled with the paint coming off the "shooter" glasses when they'd be put in the dishwasher at home. Learned a hard lesson there, don't do that anymore , only hand wash em'.
  4. Yes, I know, no drill, but the attendant will still come by to introduce him or herself. I'm still thinking 40-60% capacity tops. Yes back then they got plenty of help, I remember those days of yesteryear....." Hi ho silver"!!!
  5. BUT..remember with only a 40-60% capacity the cabin attendant should have the room picked up and already had a chance to take a nap before he comes around again for the Drill.
  6. In late January 2017 or 2018 we were on the Anthem doing the Bayonne -Eastern Caribbean run, ran into a terrible winter Atlantic storm with the end result of gaining one extra sea day. I don't believe we were given the extra point. (act of God theory was applied) Oh well the ship didn't capsize but felt like it was going to. Oh I didn't mention that one stabilizer was inoperative. So that means they both are which probably wouldn't have made any difference to prevent it from rolling. But here to still tell it. Upon returning to Bayonne there was 4 feet of snow all around our SUV. Never again w
  7. You have a great point ! So if the unthinkable happens, a 7 niight cruise turns into a 14 or longer cruise because the ship is quarantined ...I guess RCI would look at it as NO...you aren't getting anymore than the 7 night cruise points that you were supposed to get.."no freebies" period!
  8. Oh man, I hate to start a firestorm, but what does the abbreviation LMP stand for? I have no doubt as soon as I read a reply I'll think why didn't I think of that !!!!!
  9. I believe it depends on the Class ship that D+ are admitted to the CL. I'm still hoping to get a confirmation / clarification if they'll be deducting the 6 free drinks if we're lucky enough to be sitting in the lounge.
  10. So to unravel this a little further. We, Being D+ and either going to the Concierge Lounge or Diamond Lounge between 5:30-8:00 for drinks and appetizers, does this mean that having either five or six free drinks on my card to be used anywhere or anytime, will they be DEDUCTED from my card if we're lucky enough to get a seat in one of these lounges? And, is it five or six drinks for D+? Thanks in advance to those who reply.
  11. Or if no further instructions it will remain to run through the end of November 21 without changing or modifications? Ah, so you're saying the CDC has the cruise lines presently in Phase 1, correct?
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