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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply, we're visiting in 2 weeks time and disembark on a Sunday
  2. Hi, We have a late flight home after disembarking so are hiring a car for the day instead of hanging around the airport. Looking for suggestions of what to do for a few hours. Don't particularly want to pay for parking lol. We have a convertible so quite happy to have a drive around before having something to eat and heading to the airport. Any suggestions for routes/parts or Miami to visit to see some of the sights?? Many thanks!
  3. Hi, We are touring with Rony for the first time in October. What would you recommend doing/seeing? So far we have the Sloths/Monkeys, snorkelling and snorkelling at West Bay- thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info. Really looking forward to visiting
  5. Thanks for sharing your day, I have booked with Ronys for October and have planned a very similar itinerary to yours so its great to hear you enjoyed it! Can I ask, at West Bay did you pay to use the facilities at Bananarama? Our plan is just to snorkel and maybe grab a drink/food on the beach when we are finished so we don't really need to "set up camp". Wondering if you can do this at Bananarama
  6. Great info, thanks so much...the beach is very important to me but snorkelling is the priority for the rest of the family. Apart from the potential crowds I do think West Bay ticks the boxes
  7. Also keen to know this- is the snorkelling so much better at West Bay than up by Daniel Johnstons? Trying to decide which excursion and which beach to end at- Daniel Johnston offers snorkelling from a boat then time at Las Palmas, and others are snorkelling off shore West Bay- Cant decide- I have read West Bay is extremely busy on cruise ship days (there are 2 in port the day we are visiting) is it worth battling the crowds or is Las Palmas a good option? Many thanks
  8. Also keen to know this- I cant find much info regarding Las Palmas beach and would really like first hand feedback. Does Las Palmas beach have the soft white sand and clear water of West Bay? Is the snorkelling so much better at West Bay? Many thanks
  9. Hello, Spent most of the day trying to decide "what tour" as we have never been to Roatan before. Its between 2....Daniel Johnston Sloth hangout with snorkelling and beach time (Las Palmas) or....Ronys- Manawaki (Sloths and Monkeys) and West Bay Beach (where we can snorkel from the shore) Most important to me is good snorkelling with a beautiful sandy beach. My research so far shows....West Bay is most likely the best but super busy...we are on NCL Breakaway and Carnival Vista is also in port so this kinda puts me off. Can anyone advise what the
  10. Thanks folks, appreciate the info and the menu.... $35 for filet mignon......it was $20 in Oct 2017- that is a hefty increase phew!
  11. Hello, Hoping for some info please. We are sailing Breakaway in October. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to find an up to date Cagneys menu to check the a la carte pricing. My husband and I have the promo speciality dining included but our son (16) does not. Trying to work out whether just to pay for him as we go, or is it worth buying the 3 night package. At 90GBP the 3 night package feels expensive as we may not use all 3 nights We last sailed NCL Escape in 2017 and and we paid $20 for him to eat in Cagneys with us (again we had the promo included.) This wa
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