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  1. What in particular are you looking for - full schedule for the Coastal Voyage in 2021 and also many expedition cruise in 2021.
  2. Not a problem leaving the ship early - plan to leave the ship at 7 am. Recommended check-in time is 2.5 hours before departure - check-in closes 45 minutes before departure. It’s a 45 minutes drive from Reykjavík to Keflavik airport.
  3. Ny first Cruise was at ‘the biggest cruise ship in the world’ - I have been sailing all RCCL class ships Since and Antem is my absolute favorite - but it’s not all about the ship - it is also the itinerary. Norwegian fjords are great. Some inspiration below. enjoy your cruise .
  4. A heating system rather than A/C - Iceland in June is 45 to 55 F and as said Norway depending on ports - Bergen i June might be 50 to 60F - colder further North.
  5. Correct - because of the scenic fjord sailing and view points. Both located in the southern part of Norway and accessible at a 7 night cruise from Copenhagen, Southampton or Amsterdam. Princess has scenic sailings and view points at Skjolden and Olden comparable with Geiranger. However Geiranger is UNESCO Heritage Site and also the Seven Sisters Waterfall. Flåm also has the railway. In addition Princess has Lofoten Islands which rarely are visited by cruise ships - Very beautiful islands - might also be able to navigate Trollfjord and then North Cape (Honningsvåg) - and most importantly the Midnight Sun during June and July.
  6. In fact you cannot compare these cruises. Princess ‘14 day Land of the Midnight Sun’ Is including everything ‘Norway’ - scenic sailings to Skjolden og Olden including view points, Lofoten islands, North Cape - and the Midnight Sun. Celebrity is ‘only’ Geiranger and Flåm - Nice stops but Princess has Also the scenic fjords.
  7. This is crew and passengers tested positive - August 6th it was 41 crew and 21 passengers - four crew at hospital.
  8. I Europe and transatlantic this non-stop versus direct flight is irrelevant - I fully know the difference in meaning but I’m not aware of any Direct European / transatlantic operations not being non-stop - no need to be embarrassed. Also many flight search engines are operating with the term direct rather than non-stop. - on the subject transfer of luggage the luggage will always be checked in to final destination and no need for pick-up and re-check-in at EUropean airports if same reservation - for sure not Needed if Star Alliance. I cannot recommend to purchase different legs of the journey on separate Reservation - you’ll need at least three hours and in case of delay/cancellation of the first flight your connection is lost - if same reservation you’ll be rerouted or automatically get a reservation on a later flight. I have been flying business and private from Copenhagen to various airports in US - often via Frankfurt or Munich.
  9. This is in accordance with ‘Infection control advice for travel and entry quarantine’ from Norwegian Institute of Public Health.
  10. Here is link to current restrictions map as by August 8, 2020- Italy and UK are fine - Spain is red
  11. what is the difference between 10:35 and 11:50? - You'll be in NY the same day anyway.
  12. I have been a frequent traveler since 1992 - only lost assigned seat few time - primarily due to change of aircraft.
  13. Yes, I alway as many others try to book an exit row - in general you must book very early. I normally book the first day the fare Is available. Some airline might charge a premium for e it rows.
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