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  1. Which ports are you visiting? If Aurland fjord / Flåm is on you itinerary, a suggestion could be Nærøyfjord.

    Missed you are on Legende in May - then Nærøyfjord is a good option from Flåm - do the railway in the morning and Nærøyfjord in the afternoon


    The Nærøyfjord is perhaps the most spectacular arm of the Sognefjord, and the narrowest fjord in the world, at one point only 250 metres across, with mountains towering more than 1,700 metres above its tranquil waters.

  2. Today there is no risk of passing pirate-filled waters - cruise lines know what precautions to take to protect the ships. Warships for hire are changing maritime security today.

    Here is a short video of Patrol Boat AL345 from PVI | Protection Vessels International Ltd escorting Royal Caribbean International's "Brilliance of the Seas" through Gulf of Aden January 21, 2011 to protect against piracy on her way from Barcelona to Dubai. Click on picture to watch short video.

    Link to short video:

  3. The company Flåm Utvikling has assumed responsibility for ticketing, but NSB (and others) is today selling tickets - If nothing has changes by June this year a ticket bought through NSB or any other provider than Flåm Utvikling is an open ticket. You might be asked for a specific departure - but you end up with an open ticket valid for two months. If the trains are fully booked you will not be able to get onboard with an open ticket! It must be validated by Flåm Utvikling ticket office!

    Flåm Utvikling is obviously having other rules than NSB!

  4. You cannot buy a ticket for a specific departure except at the ticket counter in Flåm - you can only buy open ticket at NSB, scandinavian Rail or other providers - not for a specific departure - this is the conditions when buying an open ticket:

    "Please note that this is an open ticket and does not include seat reservations for a specific train or time."

    "This open ticket will allow you to board any train with available seating on the Flåm-Myrdal route."

    If no available seats at a sold out train you will not be able to enter the train.

  5. If you have a smart phone and WiFi or data access, you can also buy the ticket through the NSB app. In that case you should be able to just go straight to the train. :)

    When I did visit Flam in June, I did have a valid ticket, however i were denied access to the train and asked to get the ticket validated at the ticket office because the train was sold out.

  6. I love St. Croix - I have visited the island four times - but I'm probably not the right to speak as a Dane since it which fascinates me is the Danish past - walking through Christiansted and Fredriksted and to visit Whim v and the Botanical Garden is a delight.

    here are two short videos from my last visit - click at the link



  7. I have done two great Asia cruise - the first was RCCl from Shanghai with stops in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand with end in Singapore - the second was Celebrity from Singapore to Bali, Lombok, Komodo, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Phuket and then back to Singapore.

    My recommendation is a one-way cruise visiting Vietnam and Hong Kong

  8. There won't be a Concierge Lounge on Vision until after her Oct 2013 dry dock.

    Thank you for the update - Here are some more detailed information.

    When no Concierge onboard the Vision of the Seas, the Suite Coordinator will be the point of contact for special requests or needs.

    Suite guest, are offered the following additional amenities and services :


    • Exclusive Nightly Event in the Viking Crown Lounge (picture below) , Deck 11 from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm for Diamond, Diamond Plus, Pinnacle Members and Suite Guests. There is served complimentary wine, champagne, liquor, beer and fountain soda drinks.
    • Luxury Bath Robes for use onboard, and upgraded bathroom amenities.
    • “Suite breakfast with specialty coffees” in an exclusive part of the Aquarius Dining Room deck 5.
    • In-Suite full Room Service experience (available when Dining Room is open)
    • Reservations for Excursions, Salon & Day Spa appointments, etc.
    • Arrangements for private parties (please provide 24 hours notice for this service).
    • One Special Suite Cocktail party or brunch during the cruise
    • Exclusive VIP seating areas for production shows.

    viking crown.jpg

  9. I was just re-reading what you posted. I think you're saying there is a Concierge Club onboard. Is that correct? It didn't look like there was from the deck plans.

    No - there is no Concierge Club as such - I do not know if there is a Concierge by now.

    For breakfast an area in the MDR is reserved to Suite guests - nothing for lunch - but from 5pm to 8:30 pm an area in the Viking Crown lounge is reserved for Suite guests as well as C&A.

    Enjoy you stay

  10. I originally booked two balcony staterooms for our Norwegian Fjords Cruise from Copenhagen on Vision of the Seas.

    When prices did drop I got the chance to convert the two balcony staterooms to a Royal Family Suite at no extra costs.

    The Vision suite is 480 sq. ft. - two separate bedrooms with twin beds, two bathrooms (one with shower, one with bathtub) and a walk-in closet.

    A nice sized living area with two chairs and double sofa bed, and then a 59 sq. ft. balcony. The Family Suite is ideal choice for four people, acceptable for six but can accommodate up to eight people.


    Tour the

    on Vision Of The Seas. (link to very short youtube video)

    ...or click on picture


    The suites does vary in size for the different ships in the Vision Class:

    480 sq. ft., balcony 59 sq. ft .on Vision and Rhapsody

    486 sq. ft., balcony 58 sq. ft. on Grandeur and Enchantment

    515 sq. ft., balcony 75 sq. ft. on Legend and Splendour


    In addition you get the 'Enhanced Program for Suite Guests' including priority check-in, lounge access with complimentary drinks,

    Hors d'oeuvres and petit fours, Priority tender tickets, Reserved prime seating in the main theatre, Continental breakfast served in a reserved area daily from 8am until 10am and more.

    A minimum number of guests may apply for a reservation.


    Vision Class of ships: Vision of the Seas; Grandeur of the Seas; Rhapsody of the Seas; Splendour of the Seas; Enchantment of the Seas; Legend of the Seas

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