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  1. All flights will make their way from Barcelona to Milan - some might have higher irregularity than others. Ryanair, Easyjet and Vueling are all low-cost airlines- make sure you fully understand luggage allowance - listed prices is with no luggage - might even be very strict limits on carry-on. There may also be other fees - The final price might not be seen until the ticket is booked.
  2. You’re right - Måløy is a new cruise destination- and a very tiny town. Here is a link to a topic specific for Måløy.
  3. I don't have experience myself in getting employees in a store to change SIM cards, below places where you can buy SIM cards - the top three are telecommunications companies' stores - here is probably the best chance - there are several options in Copenhagen - state your hotel, then I can find the closest ones. YouSee, Frederiksborggade 5 3Butikken, Frederiksborggade 1 Telia, Købmagergade 57 MyTrendyPhone, Fiolstræde 17C, Elgiganten, Østergade 47 Power, Ved Vesterport 4,
  4. hallasm

    Bali day tour

    The best option is a private driver - pick you up at the port and take you to the airport - and arrange sightseeing. I used Dewa. Extremely reliable. Contact him by email or WhatsApp and ask what the options are. Email: dgrock1140 @ yahoo . com WhatsApp +6285238493089.
  5. Many tours does include both. Two very different views.
  6. I have been in Kristiansand many time but never at a cruise - you might get some inspiration here.
  7. Right now you’ll probably not get any respond from SAS due to the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. You might need to wait for the protection to come to an end. Save all messages, receipts and what you have received in connection with your flight. If you do not hear anything now, you can apply for compensation at a later date. In Denmark, the limitation period is three years, so you can make claims within those three years. Then you can start making claims again when the bankruptcy protection is over.
  8. Culture Walk is only on specific days and the start is far from the harbor - it surprises me that they have not seen the possibilities when there are cruises in the city - contact them and ask about possibilities e-mail: info@aarhusculturewalk.dk I do not know what you are referring to with Open Market - here is a link to markets in Aarhus. Other poster has mentioned ‘Open Market’ but it can be many things. The biggest attraction in Aarhus is 'Den Gamle By' (Open Air Museum).
  9. European regulation 261/2004 is very clear when it comes to flight delays or cancellations - this applies to all flights within the EU (plus certain other countries) and flights to and from the EU. Flights to the EU, however, only for airlines established in the EU, while from the EU it also applies to non-EU airlines. Many airlines offer a voucher for double the amount of the mandatory compensation.
  10. No, I certainly don't think so. Monkeypox is transmitted by close physical contact or by contact with objects that have been in contact with an infected person. Infection between people only occurs through close contact, and is typically transmitted between people who live together, where infection can occur from the respiratory tract or close contact with body fluids, either directly or indirectly by, for example, sleeping in the same bedding, etc. But like many other diseases, buffets where guests use the same utensils and perhaps even touch food items with their fingers, there is a potential risk of infection.
  11. I would also suggest that you take a closer look at Hurtigruten/Havila. It will give a very authentic picture of Norway. The food served is Norwegian and local products are delivered to the ships every day. My suggestion is to take 7 days northbound from Bergen to Kirkenes. If you want to experience the midnight sun, the itinerary must go north of the Lofoten islands. Fly to Oslo and take the train from Oslo to Bergen - a beautiful train journey. It can possibly be combined with a detour and an overnight stay in the Flåm area. Beautiful fjords. Possibly a few days in Bergen before and in Kirkenes after the voyage. Flight Kirkenes to Oslo.
  12. There are several topics on Skagen and Aarhus in this forum. It is quite small cities - easy walkable - Aarhus might have relevant organized walking tours like This: Link to Culture Walk . Skagen is too small.
  13. Taxi is the only option - available at the airport - the hotel will assist You can pay with credit card - the price is set. No tipping required - included in the price. More details in this topic
  14. If you consider the ‘Coastal Voyage’ then note that there are two operators (exact same itinerary and times) - Hurtigruten and Havila Kystruten (Havila Voyages). Havila is a new operator at the route and has four brand new ships. Hurtigruten is divided into two different entities- Norwegian Coastal Route and Expedition cruises.
  15. As carlmm is saying - you really cannot compare Hurtigruten with Seabourn or Silversea. Hurtigruten however has many excursions along the route and also daily lectures.
  16. I actually do not know if booking a future voyage onboard is possible. I always book where I get the best price . On the .no web, a 20% deposit is paid at booking, which is lost upon cancellation (See table below) - that's more than an Ambassador discount. When you book on-line you do not automatically get the Ambassador discount - you get that afterwards when contacting booking@hurtigruten.com . Register now for Ambassador level 1. My suggestion is that you contact booking and ask if you can get the discount once you have reached level two aften your first voyage. Fees as % of total price of the travel arrangement. 90 days or more - 20% 60–89 days - 50% 30–59 days - 75% Less than 30 days - 100% Hurtigruten is quite different from other cruise operators- also the voyage along the Norwegian coast is part of Norway Public transport system. Many short port stops.
  17. Yes, after three nights you become an 1893 Ambassador (level 2) - visit web for more details. Hurtigruten has various offers including flights. I have also noticed that prices does vary from different country webs - often the prices are lowest at hurtigruten.no - just note that Norwegian (EU) terms applies when booking at the Norwegian web. You might want to compare prices at the different country specific webs. March is an excellent month for Northern Lights - but it can be very, very cold by night.
  18. I have no experience with Uber, but taxis are readily available in Stockholm - taxis take credit cards and additional tips are not necessary. Personally I’m only using ‘Taxi Stockholm’, ‘Taxi Kurir’, or ‘Yellow cabs’ in Stockholm.
  19. Leverpostej (liver pâté) - The definition of the best 'leverpostej' is widely discussed here in Denmark - 'leverpostej' comes in several varieties. Most smørrebrød (open sandwich) restaurants have 'leverpostej' on the menu. - Here are a few examples out of many: Slotskælderen hos Gitte Kik, Fortunstræde 4 Aamanns Deli, Øster Farimagsgade 10 Restaurant Schønnemann, Hauser Plads 16 Restaurant Kronborg, Brolæggerstræde 12
  20. No - Only Falck test centre in terminal 2 - for a fee.
  21. If this is your frist visit to Bali you must stay some days in Bali. I did stay near the port and hired a private driver for my Bali excursions. Also I did book a return flight to Singapore and individual reservation to Bali - staid some days in Singapore in order to ‘break up’ the long flight. A lot of information In this topic.
  22. Best option is Taxi - both from airport and to cruise terminal. Hotel is a bit remote from public transport to airport/cruise terminal. There is a shuttle service available for the cruise terminal but taxi might be less expensive and more flexible. Uber is not operating in Denmark ( does not comply with Danish legislation) For taxi I use on of the following companies: Dantaxi, 4x35 or 4x27 (numbers does refer to phone number)
  23. All taxis take credit cards - no need for ‘Dutch kroner’ (... and you're in Denmark🙂 ). I myself use one of the following three taxi companies - (see logos below): 4x35 (Taxi 4x35), - 4x48 (Dantaxi), - 4x27 (4x27 taxi). Uber is not legal in Denmark
  24. I have no experience with rental of such equipment - but a quick search turned up some results - but try contacting some of these and see if they can help - web in Danish Language but they should be able to answer e-mails in English https://www.rehab-service-sjaelland.dk info@rssn.dk +45 4078 5717 https://danskplejeteknik.dk support@danskplejeteknik.dk +45 5885 3440 https://www.hv-care.dk hv-care@hv-care.dk Tel. +45 9741 4165
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