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    Upgrade Offer

    Take it!
  2. Hello Fellow Cruisers! Every time I go on a cruise, I look for recent daily newsletters to get excited and see what types of activities are offered on the ship. I decided to save all of our fun times on our recent 8 day Carnival Miracle sailing so I could share with other people. The links are below. Feel free to comment with any questions. :):) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LVXHbK92AJ2kEsFSMAMyS-0YoMPd3WwA/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uQKA7Fj1AX_mazEijVCkOwxyUVACWA2o/view?usp=sharing
  3. Animalgirl27

    Another what would you do? Conquest Vs Elation

    I would also choose the Conquest. I just got off of it after dry dock in December. It is a better ship and better itinerary. I know you are paying more, but you will also have more room. I am not sure where you live, but getting to the FLL airport is usually less expensive.
  4. Animalgirl27

    AIDA for Americans

    Hello Everyone! I haven't seen any recent threads about the booking process for residents in North America. Is there a way for Americans to book an AIDA cruise? I understand that German is the only language on board and payment is in Euros, but we are okay with that and we would love to sail on one of their newer ships. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Animalgirl27

    Price drop / Price protection form

    I filled out the form and they responded back saying that my TA has to do it. They did not confirm that I was even eligible.
  6. Animalgirl27

    Price drop / Price protection form

    Anyone else know the answer to this?
  7. It's just two of us.
  8. Animalgirl27

    Considering Carnival Conquest

    It's not the children that you should be worried about. If you are used to higher end cruise lines like Celebrity, you will notice that Carnival is missing some quality. You don't receive chocolates on your pillows, the rooms are generally a little smaller, no captain's reception, quality of food isn't as nice, more things you need to pay for like room service after 10pm and $5 to message your family through the app. I still love cruising with various companies as seen in my signature, but make sure you are aware so you aren't potentially disappointed.
  9. We are booked on the Carnival Miracle and currently have room 8112 (forward). We noticed that the price has decreased and are interested in possibly upgrading to an extended balcony mid-ship on deck 7 as this category is now the same price as what we paid. Is doing this switch a no brainier? Is there a reason not to do it? Also, we booked this cruise under the "EXCLUSIVE LAST MINUTE VIFP CLUB OFFER". I can't find anything that mentions if we can switch rooms or get OBC. If anyone knows, please let me know.
  10. Animalgirl27

    Price protection form

    I was super disappointed because I used a TA to book our cruise. Two days after we booked and paid, I noticed that the price decreased. I filled out the price protection form and I was told by Carnival that our TA had put a price hold on our cruise 24 hours to us booking it and the price protection started then. The 48 hours did not start from when we actually booked and paid for our cruise. It was too late by the time I submitted the form.
  11. Animalgirl27

    Price protection

    This special is probably under a different rate code. Try calling your travel agent or Carnival if you booked directly with them. You can always ask for OBC as well and cash it out in the casino.
  12. Animalgirl27

    Price protection

    It looks like in order to receive the cheaper price, you need to give up your cabin and be placed in a guarantee category. This means you can get anything within the category you choose (interior, ocean view, balcony, etc). Would you be upset if you are unable to choose your room?
  13. Animalgirl27

    Celebrity Equinox Today Daily Newsletter January 2018

    Okay, don't you think you should have mentioned that in your first post instead of uselessly commenting that the links aren't valid and trolling other people's posts? I believe that most people can figure out that they aren't clickable and you need to copy and paste into a web browser. :confused:
  14. Animalgirl27

    Celebrity Equinox Today Daily Newsletter January 2018

    Yes! I used the app as well. It was useful, but I wish it had a chat feature.