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  1. To answer your question you should perhaps tell us first which cabin category you're interested in - there are staterooms with a large window, balcony cabins and suites. Then it easier to offer help.
  2. On the circumnavigation voyage that didn't happen any more most of the passengers were Norwegian, with a sprinkling of Germans, Austrians and from Switzerland. They were lucky in being denied boarding on their day of departure...
  3. We were supposed to sail today on 15day circumnavigation of Svalbard. 120 passengers denied boarding today were disappointed and deeply unhappy. But it was thd right thing to cancel, of course. But it doesn't bode well for the cruise industry in general because Hurtigruten and Norway with their careful policy concerning the virus were the only ones I was wiiling to trust with a cruise..
  4. As far as I noticed on Hurtigruten's website the Caribbean expedition on Roald Amundsen in autumn has been cancelled whereas the one for sister ship Fridtjof Nansen is still in place. I'm starting to doubt though that the season in South America and Antarctica will go through as planned with the pandemic still raging through Peru and Chile, for example and so many still unable to be accepted on flights to and entry into their destinations.
  5. The situation regarding entry into Norway is so versatile, changing almost too quickly to follow. Right now Belgium has passed the allowed infection rate of 20 and is in danger of becoming a "red" zone for Norway. Austria, France, Switzerland are creeping closer to that magical line, too. We in Germany are getting more cases through young party people and tourists returning , though cases are still low. Norway is well advised to be that cautious.
  6. Yes, I'm happy to see Canadian cruisefriends allowed to enter the EU again. I'm not sure about Norway, though, as they are more restrictive, you'll have to check this, as well as flights. Flights are still scarcer than before, as we found out recently when checking for flights ourselves.
  7. Just a snippet of information to show how quickly the situation changes in these uncertain times: I have just read that Norway has just tightened their restrictions again in regard to Spain where Corona cases have been rising in Barcelona and the coast again (have tripled in Barcelona these last days). Persons arriving now from Spain face a 14-day quarantine again befor being allowed to enter the country because the country is red-listed again.
  8. I'd also recommend taking a look at the Hurtigruten voyages on refurbished ships "Otto Sverdrup" out of Hamburg or " MS Maud" out of Dover. These voyages are a bit longer, I think 12 days or so, but offer more time in the ports visited and as far as I know, many excursions are included, for example the one to the North Cape. Most of the cabins are still as tiny in size as before the refurbishment, but there's lots of public space to enjoy. We splurged on a mini-suite though, a year ago on "Richard With" and were very happy with the quiet time in our spacious surroundings and the views out of the large windows if the weather was inclement. Unfortunately enough, we didn't see a single speck of the Northern Lights even if it was March and statistically a good month. We chose it because of the longer days of daylight - many love the Polar nights in December or January. You can choose! Hurtigruten's website gives you pictures of the different ships, their decks and cabins and public spaces. Enjoy the time of planning!
  9. Yes, I was absolutely envious when I saw all these lovely voyages to lesser-known and small ports around the British Isles from September onward, which are only offered on Hurtigruten -UK. On our national site voyages to Norway and to Spitzbergen are offered . Hurtigruten seems to split up and arrange voyages now to different nationalities , lesser passengers and smaller ports which is quite a sensible idea in this summer season full of uncertainties. And the prices are really affordable at the moment, reduced in comparison to 2021 where they seem to be eye-watering in some cases...
  10. I really hope the voyages to Antarctica can take place, and there's still time until the season starts, but on the other hand the pandemic is still raging through many countries in South America, and there is unrest in the whole of Chile. If you think back what happened in March when cases were just beginning and still the ports were closed firmly against cruise ships and expedition ships I wouldn't be too optimistic. I remember when Roald Amundsen, Hurtigruten's brand new ship with healthy passengers on board, was turned away and had to re-route to the Falklands where the passengers were at last able to disembark. But I'd really love to see the Antarctica season begin without hindrance. But I'm also not sure if all nationalities will be accepted in Chile even if I keep all my fingers crossed for us all.
  11. I'm not sure whether Richard With has both categories. l1 is for one person, l2 for two. Both are tiny! I'd think they are for someone who intends to use the cabin for sleeping only and who is willing to spend most of his days in public spaces or outside on deck.
  12. grayjay

    Cruise Credit??

    This is correct - have just done it myself. The extra 25% cruise credit are only for the money you have already paid into Hurtigruten's coffers. In our case we got it for the deposit we had paid and thus reduced our new fare. The 10% reduction then are for the whole rate of the voyage - if the rate is, for example 10.000 $, you pay a 1000 & less. The system worked out quite well for us. But all of you cruise friends across the big pond: please consider the restrictions especially the Nordic countries still have in allowing somebody inside their borders especially for countries where the pandemic is still raging. And they might ( and I think they will) rapidly take back any concessions if cases arise in countries anew in larger numbers. Hurtigruten for example only allowed the first voyages into Norway ( from Hamburg in June/July) without ever letting the passengers get off the ship. The next voyages starting at the end of July will allow landings, but not in bigger cities - kayaking, fjord cruising and hikes and a few museum visits will be allowed. The other German and European cruise lines to Norway will have to start without having any chance of docking and having excursions, at least for the next 2 months or so. So they offer a few days on the North Sea, Costa will start exclusively for Italian tourists in Italian ports etc.
  13. Sounds like a good deal. Hurtigruten seems to have a policy right now to attract as many solo passengers as possible. Just a word of caution: I sincerely hope things will straighten out in regard to Covid-19 and quarantine or entry problems - did they also give you the right to cancel and re-book again for a later date if citizens of some countries are still denied entry into Norway?
  14. Yes, the booking number stays the same. When you re-book, refer to that booking number to get the promised 10% reduction on the new voyage and the extra 25% on paid monies - in our case, it was the deposit we had already paid. ( that's Hurtigruten's policy for re-booking for their cancelled voyages in my country). In our case, it went through without any problems. We only lost our coveted high onboard credit we originally had been given because of booking early ! Hope you'll find something nice to re- book! I forgot to mention that as far as I know the possibility to re-book for 2020/21 without charge will end at July 31st.
  15. I'd ask Hurtigruten if they'd be willing to use your deposit for a 2021 sailing if you explain the circumstances - usually Hurtigruten tries hard to help and accommodate their passengers in these hard times. And to be honest - with Covid-19 raging through the US at the moment I'm not sure if Norway will open up its borders soon for international travel outside the EU or Schengen area. At the moment they even don't allow their Swedish "relatives" in. I really wish it were different- we're on a "diet" ourselves - no cruises booked or planned, 3 cruises cancelled...
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