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  1. I believe the details are loaded onto your cruise card. So when it is scanned it shows you have the package.
  2. That's a very BIG ship!!!😃
  3. Suit yourself then! I don't care, I was just trying to be helpful.
  4. Yes but once you are in the duty free you have already checked in so anything you buy is not counted.
  5. One small point which has been omitted above. The people who have the virus have been removed to an isolation hospital.
  6. I'm the same with kids on deck. I once had to leave because a child was crawling around the deck. My heart was in my mouth and I didn't even know them. I kept twitching every time he went too close to the edge. Oh, and I had noticed you were a worrier. I was just joking with you as you also seem to be up for a laugh.
  7. It definitely says medical and repatriation unlimited. So you are fine, regardless of what it cost. You have it now and you are covered so relax............and move on to the next thing to worry about!😉😁
  8. We did it in October. I think we arrived about 9.30am, which did surprise, me but I think it was because it was a Saturday and no locals were going into the city. We had to be back at 3.45pm. Being British we were all there at 3.35pm, apart from the guide, who, being Italian turned up at 3.47pm! We were dropped off at a theatre which is a short distance from the Forum and Piazza Venezia.
  9. Last year on Ventura our granddaughter enrolled on the first day. She was 11. The girl who did the registration said there were 60 in her age group. She did mention some activities may be full so to turn up early. Which suggests there is not a space for everyone. We looked at the size of the room and decided even 50 would be far too many so she didn't bother going at all.
  10. I would check basilica is open on Sundays.
  11. Rotterdam. I've just looked for my booklet, as I keep some, but I haven't got this one.
  12. We went last year and I would say it's definitely worth doing. I thought it was a whole day trip though. I remember we were due back about 5 and we were late.
  13. It does vary according to the length of the cruise. You wont really know which menu until you get on board. If you do book and it isn't the menu you want it is easy to change.
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