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  1. Thank you for all your posts. Maybe see you next year as I believe we will be on the same cruise. Then I will be able to come home and read your reports on my holiday!😉
  2. I found an old 'welcome home' leaflet and it was advertised on the back. I have been looking though and can only find a reference which states P&O stopped supporting this 176 days ago. Thanks for your help anyway.
  3. Does anyone know if P&O still offer a discount for a recommendation?
  4. No survey. Considering the amount of other rubbish they send it would have made a welcome change.
  5. We looked at Newcastle flights and they are very expensive, plus a hotel.
  6. Thank you for your reply. There are no flights from Newcastle at the moment so we would have to travel to Manchester or Gatwick first. Then having to wait for a cabin has just made me think this is far too much hassle. Maybe when I have ran out of other options I will think again.
  7. Oh that's rubbish when you've been on an overnight flight. I think I'll give it a miss.
  8. So you don't have access to your cabin when you arrive? I was about to price a cruise but I might not bother depending on the answer.
  9. Perhaps I should mention the cruise before us had no sightings at all!
  10. On the short displays we only saw green. The first night in Tromso was also green but all shades of green dancing and shimmering all over the sky. The second night we had had really heavy snow all day. Then just before dusk the skies cleared and we had fabulous displays, including red, but the red didn't last long. On film however it was spectacular, but I still think it is better to watch with the naked eye. Quite magical. One point though, we did have the lights off or very low on the ship. This was because we had been to see the total eclipse and all the bulbs had been changed. It took the crew a day to change them and another day to change back. So this may not happen on every cruise. Apart from the lights this is an excellent cruise for all the wonderful scenery and excursions. Which are extortionate but worth it.
  11. We have been on a NL cruise and saw the lights. I did a lot of research and apparently March is the best month. The lights were visible most nights but sometimes for only a short period. In Tromso we had a good showing for two nights. You have to be prepared to be out on deck for a long time. This may seem obvious but some people on our cruise just expected to see them without putting in any effort. We wrapped up warm and were out on deck after dinner. The same crowd were there every night so there was a good atmosphere. Also with plenty 'spotters' they were easier to see as you don't know where they will appear. We stayed out until we had seen something or became too cold. For us this is up there as one of our favourites.
  12. I would tend to agree with this. You just turn up and get on. If there is more than one coach they fill as you arrive.
  13. Mine too. I'm busy checking prices but the site keeps crashing.
  14. Thanks, Scriv. We have been to the glacier and loved it. We will have our granddaughter with us and have excursions booked in the other ports. So we were thinking a play in the pool while it was quiet and a little train ride and a walk around.
  15. We did exactly the same thing as Presto. As she says an excellent day.
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