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  1. It's just been announced on Sky news that the rescue attempt has failed.
  2. Did you have to queue? There always seems to be a queue when I pass FC desk. Or could you just fill in a form telling them what you wanted?
  3. Thank-you Sharon. I was not aware there was a ports thread!
  4. Could anyone tell me if you still need local currency for the buses in Croatia, Dubrovnic mainly, or if they now take cards?
  5. Yes. Door to door, no hassle just as I like it. The week before we were there they had a big flower parade. If it's the same schedule next year it could mean you get to see all the bulb fields too. Most, not all were cut down when we were visited. The gardens were still fabulous as they plant in layers to provide a display for the two months. Also when the excursions were released this one wasn't advertised. It only became available a couple of weeks before we went. So if you do go you will have to keep checking your c.p.
  6. We went in April this year and did a visit to Keukenhof, it was wonderful. I've just checked my account and our cruise started on 27th April.
  7. You could well be wrong. We were on on 6th July this year and I have never seen so many children on a ship before.
  8. Our tickets and luggage labels have been added today.
  9. I believe you can wear what you want in the buffet. No doubt loads of people will now say I am wrong.😀
  10. I asked the same for us, but we are arriving back to Southampton. P&O aren't including it (obviously) but were able to book a coach from the ship home with Cruise Connect.
  11. I always book direct. Mainly because I am a control freak 😉 and have to be in charge. I have to admit I'm not very good at waiting either and expect things to be done instantly. I'm glad it's sorted for you and hopefully the cp will be working again tomorrow. Now I've typed this I'm feeling a bit guilty as I know my children would be saying "first world problems, mother!!!"
  12. Mine is worse than yours! They've removed the button completely.😲😊 Like you I'm just making a list. I have so much OBC I intend to buy them on board. I think the TA could have been quicker. It's obvious people worry when they don't receive their paper work.
  13. Obviously I've just had a look.🙂.........and there it was my double bed all made up! I'm going to check my other bookings now.
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