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  1. Thanks, I just read that wrong.
  2. Thank you Andy that's very kind.
  3. Do you mean, no new brochure until Spring 2021?
  4. Not feeling too well so a short reply to also recommend Flor and Fjdaere. (not sure of the correct name). Google them. We go every time we are in Stavanger and they are stunning, even in the rain.
  5. Getting to the cabin, opening the door and stepping on to the balcony, ahh.
  6. Welcome back. I do miss you. You are like a breath of fresh air on here.
  7. Of course we will have the vaccine. However I don't know if I agree with who will be first...........surely it should be those wanting to go on a cruise!!!😏😄😄
  8. When single parent bubbles were announced. (It was done to stop the adults feeling isolated.) My daughter phoned us and said we could now take GD out as she didn't see why single parent children could see their grandparents and not ours. That translates as "we are knackered, please take her for a while!" The first time granddaughter was in the house I was making lunch and she came to get me, "look" she said. I couldn't see anything unusual then she said "I can sit on his knee now." Priceless. So we have a family bubble. Larger than it's meant to be, but life has to move on.
  9. I'm doing my best. I've been to the shopping centre four times since it opened. I'm also going to take my Granddaughter and let her spend money in Primark since I heard they were not going to take the funds offered for taking back their staff. I think a list should be published of all firms doing this so we could give them extra support.
  10. I gave myself away then, didn't I? We started off meeting in the garden. However this is the family home so youngest was in for all the toys she hadn't seen for months, everyone went to the bathroom, drinks were in the fridge, and then they were making tea. After four garden events the weather turned so we made an executive decision and we are now a bubble. We are also having a family holiday. Only one of us is going in to work so we feel as safe together as apart. Also our home is between two councils and between them there has only been two cases in the last two weeks and no deaths for longer. My Mum lives in retirement flats. She had her hairdresser back weeks before everyone else and her cleaners been back a while also. Another 92 year old anarchist!
  11. It's probably a good idea for them to do something to get started again and I think some people will go. It would be no good for us though. Too far to travel for 7 days.
  12. Sorry about that Josy. I hope things improve for you.
  13. Sue that's awful. Why can't she make a family bubble. We have one now so life feels rather normal. Had our youngest grandchild to the park today.
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