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  1. Our policy was renewed yesterday and it had a section dealing with advise about coronavirus. Most was to contact suppliers or TA regarding cancellations. However it did state if you become poorly on holiday you can claim.
  2. In my email it said the FCC would be applied within the coming weeks. So it seems you have to phone to get it straight away.
  3. Selbourne you really should have been a teacher. You always explain things so well.
  4. I don't know the answer but I would guess it isn't. The reason for this being you pay the cost of the upgrade on the date of your first booking not new one.
  5. My daughter was trying school work with her 5 year old who wasn't interested. She told her if she just finished this she could choose the next activity. Granddaughter went into the kitchen and said 'Alexa set a timer for 3 minutes!'
  6. The date on my booking confirmation is 20 Sept 18. This will not be the launch date but fairly close as I receive the £100 for the 5% discount debacle.
  7. 1. The planning before we go. 2. Seeing the ship. 3. Having someone else feed me every day - several times a day! 4. Getting the horizon and arranging what we are going to see and do. 5. All the different ports.
  8. Surely as you will be cancelling because of your wifes medical condition you will be able to claim your deposit from your insurance.
  9. We went to the shops today it was busy but there seemed to be stock of most things. Even toilet rolls, but I didn't need any. I did buy lots of easter eggs. I decided we all needed cheering up so bought them for the whole family.I had to check first that the 3 items per person didn't apply to chocolate eggs! When I got home I found out I may still have to buy small eggs for an egg hunt as 'Donald' has declared it will all be over by Easter!!!!
  10. I have found this post very interesting, thanks for the idea Sharon. Up here, N.E. the place is fairly quiet, not ghost town though, apart from food shops. The last time I went was Thursday and it was like Christmas. I shop monthly so didn't want much and got everything I did want. I've been thinking about panic buying and think it is just circumstances rather than panic. The schools are closed so extra needed for that. Lots of people are working from home so will need more food. Restaurants and cafes closed so people who usually eat out will have to buy more food. People trying to social distance therefore not shopping so often and buying for a longer time. I think most people are good and things will settle down a bit after this first weekend. One more thing does anyone know anyone who has the disease yet? We have extremely low numbers up here so I haven't heard of anyone, just wondering about other places. Apart from London that is.
  11. I know our April cruise will be cancelled. I have the brochure by my side to look for an alternative. I'm willing if it's within NHS advice to go on a revised Iona maiden around the UK. I didn't book it because it was exactly the same itinerary as we did last year but I would love to go on the first cruise of a brand new ship. I'm not giving up on my future cruises until I have to. Remember the saying 'one day this too will pass!'
  12. P&O also said anyone who had already cancelled from 1st. February would get the FCC added to their accounts.
  13. happy v


    I wouldn't believe everything you see on the TV. I think they keep showing the same shop over and over. Everything is fine here in the N.E. I must say Brian if I had to be exiled anywhere Italy not bad!😀 Keep on struggling.😉
  14. I think that is disgraceful when you are renewing an existing policy. I think ours is due at the end of the month. I will see what happens.
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