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  1. The coaches leave at normal time. Oriana was delayed until 2.30pm once. We visited almost every services from Newcastle to Southampton! The driver wanted to take us for a visit somewhere but he wasn't allowed. We've also been delayed returning home and P&O did everything they could to re-book trains, planes etc. for passengers.
  2. After reading this I checked ours. Lots of new excursions. I wonder if this is because originals are nearly full. Or if they are getting ready for Iona next year and trying out new trips to see how popular they are.
  3. You just click on 'my details' but guess what..........it's not working at the moment!😉
  4. I just want to say I can use the new site and find it shows all cabins available rather than a few with the old. It takes a while if you want to check every deck but as most people know where they want to be it doesn't take too long, I admit it took a few trial and errors. However once you've got it sussed it's fine. I do think P&O could have provided a help list or prompt button though.
  5. I've just had a quick look for you. Sea view cabins are only available on deck 4. Standard balcony are available on most decks but forward and aft are sold out, so only mid aft, mid, and mid forward. Good luck.
  6. The mind boggles. How much does it cost to 'spend a penny' these days?😉🙂
  7. Presto have you looked on your personaliser for your last cruise to see what loyalty is shown? Ours once had the points wrong on the loyalty website but was correct for the cruise. I just left it and it sorted itself out!
  8. Ours were released very early this year. In fact all booked and paid for and only received the booklet yesterday. There are a couple of new ones and a lot of extras for existing trips (we are going to the fjords). If there are any you really want to do I would book early. It's very easy to change your mind later.
  9. Did you know there were escalators to get up? You can use them to go from sea level right up to the top.
  10. We were also on this cruise and were on a tender at 9.15a.m. after waiting 5 mins. at most in the Meridian. It was very choppy when we got on. Coming back we were all ready to leave when the port authority stopped us because a ferry was arriving. This held us up for about 25-30 mins. As there were 3 tenders waiting by the time it docked this would have a knock on effect for others wanting to return/leave. The deputy Captain once told us the number of tenders which can be used is determined by how many people are still on the ship. As enough boats must be left in case of an emergency.
  11. Definitely the gardens. We are booked to go again in July.
  12. If I were you I would get a local bus from the terminus where you come off the tender and take the kids to the beach for the day. We were there last week and the beaches are perfect for children lots of rocks and pools to play in. There is a kiosk at the bus station and they are very helpful. It only costs a pound each way.
  13. Don't worry Presto. A lot of us on here respect your views. Much more than the over exaggerated moans of 'mr. miserable'. Enjoy the rest of your cruise, I know you will because you are a positive person, as am I, so I will also have a great cruise. Life is what you make it.
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