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  1. Why don't you just change cabins, instead of cancelling?
  2. They use the area as a bar on an evening. I found this out on our last night when there had been a quiz taking place.
  3. My husband had mushrooms every day, but he gets up at silly o'clock. I only managed once.🙂
  4. When we went in the cathedral it was free. It was four years ago though.
  5. I have to admit we spent longer in the hot tub than the pool!🙂
  6. When we were on Oceana a few weeks ago we had one day when the weather was atrocious. We went in the bubble pool and for a swim. The top deck was deserted but we still had to go to the pool at the front as the music was still blasting out of the speakers. It was never turned off!
  7. happy v


    We didn't have to take them on Oceana a few weeks ago. The drill was the quickest we have ever had. The crew demonstrated how to put on, and that was it. Great!
  8. Hope you have a great time. See you when you get back. Oh, I don't know the answer!
  9. I thought it just meant they wanted us to book even further in advance now, and they would carry on still bringing one out every six months.
  10. You'll be just like the comedians, some of them repeat the same joke for years!
  11. So, does this mean when the next brochure comes out, March?, we will be able to book for two ships which no one has seen?
  12. Sorry Andy it's the same on Oceana. The few times we went we didn't stay after we had read the menu.
  13. Probably, especially as it's only doing two other ports. Stavanger is one of my favourite ports as I like to visit the island garden. Also overnight in Southampton is hardly exciting.
  14. We did when we flew to Malta. You could check in at the airport if you preferred. However I'm guessing you are going to the caribbean and the rules may be different.
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