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  1. Hi Lois The tours are generally ok. It depends on where one is in the world, but if you've taken SS tours, I'd say SB tours are generally comparable.
  2. In our experience the music wasn't so loud on Ovation as it is in the much smaller space on the O class ships, hopefully you'll find it the same. I've just checked a couple of Heralds and on that Ovation cruise, the pianist played in the TK bar from 6.30pm to 7.30pm and then again from 9.30pm to around 11pm.
  3. Ok he's playing in the bar at TK Grill. I've only been on one of the big ships once so I may not be recalling very well, but the pianist appeared to play outside of main dining hours. Thomas Keller is very keen on his selected playlist of 60's and 70s oldies that are piped into TK Grill. Unfortunately that's what you hear when dining, not a pianist. Edited to add - he may also play in Observation Lounge between his sessions in TK
  4. Which Piano bar do you mean? I tend not to remember the individual musician's names. Maybe it's the same for others? I've only ever remembered one pianist/singer's name - they played in Obs nightly - and that's because they were awful! it wasn't John Randall though.
  5. The laundry is returned on hangers, unless it's underwear or socks or similar. Of course it's pressed.
  6. Please consider a donation to the crew fund. There are lots of members of the crew who are doing a fabulous job behind the scenes, but as they aren't customer facing they don't even have an opportunity for tips.
  7. I have many nights on SB and have never before or after seen anything like this. Of course it happening just once was awful but it's absolutely not the norm. I reported it to the HD and he was aghast. So let's hope he took some action.
  8. I missed this one earlier, but agree with this, certainly our experience on Ovation with regard to space on the pool deck or deck 5 aft was so bad that we would be very reluctant to sail on either E or O on a sunny itinerary in future. It seemed particularly problematic on the new ships because there is so little shade.
  9. I've seen the same couple doing this. Or perhaps there are other people that do the same thing. The couple that I saw also liked to save a table at the Patio from around 10am until they had their lunch 4 hours later. I do believe that bed hoggers should be challenged however that's a difficult one as I know of at least one crew member who was reported to their superior for trying to challenge. Their superior then went on to publicly admonish the crew member. I witnessed it and it was most unedifying. Senior staff needs to be supportive of crew dealing with this.
  10. Lois, don't forget to visit the Referral coupon thread which is a sticky at the top of the board. Someone who posts on there will be happy to offer you a referral coupon for $400 OBC.
  11. Well i'm booked on Sojourn for 25 days boarding on the 10th December so if you're saying "there's nothing posted" then apparently I have a problem.
  12. That also explains why I couldn't find that thread!
  13. I think the cruise suggested was in September of 2020? I can't find the thread but did find this one on Seabourn.com : https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/E0M14J/4064A.html Alternatively this one : https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/E0M14K/4066A.html
  14. I'm going to suggest they were likely trying to avoid further issues. It is just a guess of course but we were told that it would be an ongoing task which would need attention until the next dry dock. Glad to hear it looked fine!
  15. Drinks included in the fare isn't the main attraction for many (most?) SB regulars though. I meet plenty of people who are repeaters who don't drink alcohol at all. There's much more to luxury cruising than a few 'free' drinks. Of course, if SB did begin to charge for drinks there would likely be uproar (!), but for me, luxury isn't defined by offering included drinks. Or included internet for that matter. For me, the advantage of included drinks is that it's just less hassle not having to sign and it makes socialising much easier without anyone fretting over whose turn it is to get the tab. Those points are not issues with internet. I need to remain connected whilst I'm on a cruise and so I accept that I need to pay for unlimited internet. It will be added to the cruise pricing when SB does eventually introduce it, so everyone will be paying for it one way or another. Plus, how would SB find an alternate benefit of equal value for their Diamond level members who already have unlimited internet as one of their benefits? Anyway, I appreciate that this is taking the discussion over into 'what defines a luxury cruise' so I'll leave it there before it's deemed to be off-topic!
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