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  1. I do remember! I just had better signal outside Seabourn Square. I have some work to finish in the next few days so I must prioritise that for now but hopefully will be able to start a live from afterwards.
  2. in my experience the breakfast service in MDR is always quite slow. I do like it for a very relaxed breakfast on sea days for example but on port days it's too slow!
  3. can confirm that Sean is on board. internet awful, was hoping to do a live from thread but if speed doesn't improve that's not going to happen. dinner in MDR last night- service slow and confused, food though was superb. Emperor Norton, thanks for your thread.
  4. Emperor Norton, did they arrange a replacement bar manager yet?
  5. Have you been to Isla Catalina previously for caviar in the surf? I hadn't seen it on itineraries for quite some time, but I do recall in early 2013 the reviews weren't too good, and then it popped up on our cruise next week. Would be good to hear an update from someone who has visited more recently. alithecat I believe that Emperor Norton is at Carambola Beach, St Kitts, which is one of my favourite locations for the event.
  6. Yes it was 2014, we joined in mid-March for Hong Kong to Singapore.
  7. I believe that our first GTY was 'enforced' by SB as it was several years ago on a world cruise segment. Since then sometimes we opt for GTY, and we have never been disappointed so far. (Well there was the one time we weren't so keen on our allocation but it was subsequently changed to a great suite by SB even though we didn't object.) Except for that time we have always been allocated either a V6 on deck 8 or a V5 on deck 6 and each time has been a suite that we would have selected, given the opportunity. Our luck is likely due to change soon but before booking a GTY I always ask myself whether being allocated suite 123 (worst case scenario) would spoil my cruise. If the answer is no I go ahead and take the chance!
  8. I've certainly given SB lots of negative feedback about it!
  9. Slightly off topic to your actual issue, rols, but the Seabourn website has been telling me that my browser is out of date for weeks now. It keeps telling me that my version of IE is old and needs updating. I'm using Safari! I'm not seeing the same prompt when I use the iPad, just on the MacBook. The website is awful.
  10. Lucky having Chef Jes aboard. I wonder if he could be tempted to stay through the holidays!
  11. Timing between serving courses is always an interesting one. I prefer to linger over my evening meal, although 45 minutes is pushing it, even for me. The error shouldn't have been made in the first place, of course, but at least in your case they did try to make up for it. Your post has reminded me. I had a poor customer service experience at breakfast in Colonnade. From that evening onwards, everywhere we went we were referred to by name to such an extent that I was rather bashful when it happened in the presence of any other guests! The extra effort was appreciated by us though.
  12. I feel for the crew. 🤐 As an aside, I always enjoy your photos in your 'Live From' threads. Any chance of a few more?
  13. Too late to edit my post but just now have the phrase I was looking for.🤔 I think that the demographic may possibly be a younger, more 'party crowd' than is usual. Nothing wrong with that necessarily, but we're usually on the younger end of the guests onboard. We're aware that Seabourn (along with the other luxury lines) is trying to attract younger guests so it will be interesting. Emperor Norton, is the crowd younger than usual for SB?
  14. Sojourn and Odyssey are virtually identical. There's a difference in the spa but I can't remember what it is. We did Miami to LA on Odyssey a few years ago, over Christmas and NY. It was shorter than your cruise at 21 days so I don't know what your ports are. We definitely could feel 'the motion of the ocean' quite often on the cruise but it was nothing too bad. Temperatures in the Caribbean were as expected, high 20s to low 30s. Once we arrived at the Panama Canal the temperatures crept up to mid 30s and as expected in that area, higher humidity. Same for the ports in Costa RIca, Guatemala and Mexico. I can confirm that Sojourn was in dry dock in 2017 as we were on board the second cruise after. I was going to answer your question about dry dock by saying it would be in at the end of next year, as SB usually has a fairly strict 3 year cycle for the dry docks. However I checked Sojourn's itineraries for Nov/Dec next year and there are no gaps. I had a quick look at earlier months and again couldn't find any gaps. So, no idea, sorry! We're boarding next week, I can try to find out for you.
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