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  1. Great news Rambo_Trout. Good job by our mutual TA too, I hope!
  2. "(note: citizens of the U.K. do receive benefits like Social Security - no matter where they live). " This is incorrect.
  3. On closer inspection, in that CC photo, the bun doesn't look right. Actually the cheese doesn't either. They both look more like a standard burger. I've never been given a sesame seed bun when I've ordered the Napa Burger. I wonder if they now use a sesame seed bun onboard if they're out of the brioche? Not long after the Keller launch we were on a cruise and unable to get the Napa burger because they didn't have the correct bun.
  4. Oh so I posted at the same time as MJN1. I see from that post the dressing is indeed Thousand Island. Now I've seen that photo I definitely wish I were at the Patio right now! The Seabourn fries are great, by the way.
  5. Someone mentioned mushrooms. I've never been given one with mushrooms on it. The burger is on a brioche bun. The meat is decent quality and not greasy. I particularly enjoy the cheese, which is an aged cheddar. When prepared properly the cheese mostly oozes into a sauce. My partner find the cheese too rich. There's a sauce on the burger. I don't know for sure what sauce it is but my taste buds have the impression that it's close to Thousand Island dressing. Lots of lettuce, dill pickle, tomato and red onion slices. It's very good but it's not the best burger I've ever eaten. I wish I were at the Patio right now eating one... I know you didn't ask for opinions on TK overall but since we're discussing the Napa burger I'll throw in my view. Our first cruise with the TK offerings was in October 2016 and since then very little has changed. On our last cruise in December 2019 they had removed the TK menu items in the MDR. Previously there had been a small selection offered on alternate evenings. I enjoy some of the TK evenings in The Colonnade, in particular the fried chicken but that one isn't available on the newer ships (Encore and Ovation) as the galley doesn't have the appropriate fryer to make it. TK Grill is good but in hindsight I realise I preferred Restaurant 2 which it replaced. The menu never changes. I could now recite it from memory although they usually have one special each evening. Don't get me wrong, we do enjoy our evenings in the Grill but I strongly feel that it's time the menu had a refresh.
  6. Rambo_Trout, please keep us updated with regard to the progress of your refund. I'm very keen to know how well our mutual TA is able to deal with SB on this issue!
  7. SLSD, sometimes our posts here do not come across in the way we intend them, or we don't fully explain our train of thought. It happens to us all. I think of you as a thoughtful and considerate poster and although I was somewhat taken aback when I read your comment I made the assumption that how I read it was certainly not how it was meant when you typed it.
  8. Travelcat2 , cruises on Voyager were cancelled in February, as stated correctly by Flossie on the other thread. The cancellations were discussed on the relevant Roll Call threads but they were also discussed in this thread, link below, post #58 onwards. Actually you had been contributing to this thread and again you acknowledged the cancellations in a post that you made on 24th February, specifically your post #160, final paragraph. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2733055-voyager-cruises-in-asia-feb-march-2020/page/3/
  9. Thanks for your quick reply and explanation. Hopefully this is resolved quickly for you.
  10. On a general note, I'm hoping that those of you who are awaiting refunds from SB don't have to wait much longer. Reading your posts has been rather disconcerting. We only have a couple of thousand £s in future cruise deposits held by SB but we're now getting twitchy.
  11. Rambo_Trout can you just clarify this for me please? I have friends who are Diamond with SB, who use the same TA as you (as do I), had to cancel short notice and were offered either 125% FCC or 100% monetary refund, and I'm keen to understand exactly what SB offered you. Do you mean they offered you a full cash refund plus 25% FCC or do you mean that they offered 125% FCC (rather than actual money back)?
  12. Poster states quite clearly their reason for using VPN : "In the past I've used UK/US/EU VPN's to compare prices and deals"
  13. I received the survey several days ago. I made it clear that I don't believe I'll be taking any overseas leisure trips until at least this time next year.
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