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  1. We had dinner last night with oir friends who had been onboard Ovation from 25/9 to 9/10. Overall they were happy with Seabourn's handling of the situation but did say that they would have liked more communication onboard about numbers infected, mostly because they were hearing rumours and would have preferred facts. They had a very enjoyable cruise and thankfully remain tested negative. I have suggested that they post to this thread as I know other members appreciate hearing direct experiences. They do have a CC account but haven't posted in a number of years.
  2. I absolutely agree with you, I think what's bothering them most, rather than the actual offloading, is what they're not being told. Main point was how many cases were on the ship. The offloading just brought the reality of the situation into focus. My friends are still enjoying the cruise and have expressed concern for everyone affected.
  3. The concern about being offloaded wherever is what is preventing us from booking right now. We actually had a reservation on this same Ovation cruise with our friends but we decided, toward the end of July, to not go ahead. Lately we've been thinking of booking the Ovation Holiday cruise but we are not sure we can take the risk of being stuck somewhere, especially near the end of the cruise which could delay our return to the UK. I just had another email from our friends who feel that communication onboard could be rather more transparent right now. The offloading of guests has somewhat unnerved them. Would appreciate further feedback on this if possible from those CCers who are onboard.
  4. Really appreciate the update, thank you.
  5. I first heard of this on Sunday evening from friends we cruise with but who aren't on Ovation currently. Then our friends who are on the ship had emailed us early Tuesday morning. (UK time).At that time they were clear that all bars and restaurants were operating as normal. What does that mean then 'all indoor activities cancelled' ? Activities like trivia, moved outside I guess, but all indoor dining is still happening or has the situation changed now?
  6. Friends are on board. They report that all is being handled well, and drama free. Seabourn is not the first cruise line to have Covid cases since the restart, and certainly won't be the last. Wishing the guests who have tested positive a full and speedy recovery.
  7. I agree with this,Markham's TA is also my TA. I very much appreciate the generous cruise discount, but more importantly I feel that our TA has considerable leverage when dealing with SB, as Markham points out. The TA did a great job dealing with SB on our behalf following an extremely disappointing Odyssey cruise several years ago. I don't think the outcome would have been so positive had we been dealing with SB direct, in which case they would have lost us as customers.
  8. I don't have any answers for you galeforce, but on point 3, I've heard nothing further on this since the media stirred it up a bit in the early summer. I'd like to know the answer. Although we haven't been away since January 2020 we have several friends who have travelled within Europe over the summer, none have had an issue with AZ batch number. However, I don't know anyone who had the Indian made vaccine who has also been to Spain. I'd like some firm confirmation on this as I'm not prepared to be the guinea pig who gets turned away at a border! 😀
  9. wyattsaunt, it was good to read your later posts. You have such a positive attitude that I'm sure that you would enjoy any of the Seabourn ships.
  10. I hadn't refreshed the page as I was typing, I see SLSD has it pretty much covered it in her response. I did feel that the suites on Ovation were slightly more narrow than on the Odyssey class ships, but I didn't take a tape measure, so perhaps it just appears that way due to the decor.
  11. I should preface by saying that Sojourn is my favourite Seabourn ship. She's pretty much identical to Odyssey and Quest, so it's odd that I have a favourite amongst them, but Sojourn is it. Smaller and older than Ovation, as you may know. Sojourn does not have the piano bar in the Thomas Keller Grill, no sushi restaurant and doesn't have the Retreat that Ovation and Encore do. I've sailed Ovation once, and not keen to return. It's a beautiful ship, but too large for my taste with not enough space on the pool deck. I prefer the much smaller Thomas Keller restaurant on Sojourn although I did enjoy the pianist in Ovation's TK bar, miss that on Sojourn. Ovation felt crowded on our sold to capacity cruise, whereas Sojourn (and Odyssey and Quest) never felt crowded even though we've been on many sold out cruises. Another issue for us on Ovation was that we were turned away from the MDR on Formal night - Christmas Eve - because it was full. We have never had a problem getting a table in the MDR in any of the other ships and especially as it was formal night this was a big disappointment. If being on a larger, younger ship appeals to you, then perhaps you wouldn't enjoy Sojourn, or any of the Oddysey class ships so much. What was it about Ovation that you particularly liked?
  12. In case the message isn't clear, I'll add to the previous posts. Avoid staying in Dover. rl787, thanks for the B&B recommendation. Pre-Covid I used to spend time in a Premier Inn in Folkestone before and after frequent Eurotunnel trips. It was clean and preferable to Dover. If my business life ever gets back to normal, the B&B sounds much more suitable.
  13. What is the current situation for U.S citizens entering Argentina and Chile? We (UK/EU passport holders) are not permitted to enter Argentina right now, but had heard there may be an update in early October. Ditto Chile. We would have a problem upon re-entering the UK though as Chile is currently on the 'Red' list, so we had a plan B but of course it's irrelevant now.
  14. I now have more information from my TA. TA confirmed that Quest will not re-enter service until 10th May 2022, in the Mediterranean.
  15. That's interesting. Our TA confirmed season cancelled.There is clearly some misinformation somewhere. We wait!
  16. So sorry to read this and thanks for the update. Given the issue with UK/EU citizens being unable to enter the U.S until forward date unknown, we had written off our usual holiday Caribbean cruise. We were just about to book the Holiday Antarctica cruise instead. Ah well, no cruising for us until end 2022.
  17. Confirmed by Seabourn on their social media pages. It will have been more than two years since Sojourn had any guests aboard. So sorry for anyone booked on the world cruise.
  18. Until someone posts a more up to date list, see my post (#65) in this thread :
  19. Currently, UK, Ireland ,EU (Schengen) citizens are not permitted to enter the U.S irrespective of vaccine status. So until that changes Miami arriving and departing cruises are off the table for us anyway. However, longer term, when we are allowed back into the US, I believe that in the UK the only people who had mixed vaccine are those who are taking part in trials. Talking to family in Canada, it seems some people there have been receiving mixed vaccines.
  20. Markham, I'm interested to know the outcome. Our TA sends an email when these are available. It doesn't happen for every cruise, and I've noticed it tends to be on shorter itineraries that aren't selling so well. We definitely didn't receive any offers for any of our Christmas/NY cruises., for example.
  21. I believe Markham and I have the same agent. However, we frequently get these offers from the TA. It's a mystery!
  22. My comment about the schedules was for information to two other posters, not directed at you.
  23. I tried to search for the thread I mentioned, but CC's search facility is inadequate. It's important to keep in mind that for countries such as France, Spain, Italy, the summer holidays end later than in North America. In Italy and Germany school summer holidays end in mid September. France, Spain and UK usually are back at school by the second week of September. Holiday cruises are the busiest time of year for children onboard, but I do believe that kids could be an issue for an August cruise.
  24. See post #59 in this thread, kids were seen on Ovation recently. Hopefully that poster will see this thread and be able to give more details.
  25. August is the height of the summer school holidays in Europe. It's often close to mid September before schools are back across Europe. I haven't cruised in August, but I do remember reading a thread here about a Med cruise on SB, possibly in 2019, that had some issues due to too many children. I suppose that one thing in favour of fewer children this year is likely to be vacccine status.
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