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  1. So it appears that NCL has changed their final payment date for all cruises prior to March 31st, 2022. Now final payment will only be due 60 days prior to sailing which makes a big difference for those of us who had cruises booked and would have to cancel due to this mixed vaccine silliness. I was cancelling our January 2022 cruise as final payment was due in September. I will probably hold on now and see if there are any changes to the policy after October 31st. Cancellation Fee Schedule
  2. Yes, I think that will be the way to go for now. Or cruise from Europe where we are allowed to 🙂
  3. Because our Health department ok'd it, along with many other countries in the world. I don't think there is any way to spin this in a positive light for NCL. I can go to any of the Orlando theme parks but can't go on a cruise? Seems like a poor decision on NCL's part. Nonetheless, there are numerous other options. I won't be stuck 🙂
  4. Perhaps - but reading through this thread, it seems like it's a recent change in policy for NCL. Either way, given the large number of people in Canada who are of mixed vaccine status, it does seem like a strange policy, especially that It only seems to apply to US ports.
  5. Our final payment is due in October for our January cruise. If NCL doesn't want our business, I'm sure we can find somewhere that does.
  6. Has anyone booked one of the beds in advance? I'm thinking about the VIP bed, but I'd like to know if it is required. Thank you!!
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