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  1. Look at Dial7 and Carmellimo for the JFK to hotel transfer.


    Which hotel are you staying at? How many people are you? Do you use Uber?




    Thank you for those names.

    We are in an apartment, Dharma home Suites, there are 4 of us, one toddler so would require a car seat. We are travelling from Ireland and don't use über here so it's not something I'm familiar with.



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  2. Forgive me for asking again, I'm sure it's already been covered but the thread is 84 pages long!!! We are flying into JFK and staying in New Jersey pre cruise out of cape liberty. Any recommendations of company's for a transfer from airport to hotel?

    Also best way to travel from hotel to port, it's showing on google maps as only 9 miles away. Taxi or transfer?

    Thanks in advance.



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  3. Hi! Seasoned cruiser here but now with a 2 year old. He is NOT potty trained yet and I am NOT looking to start any sort of fight in regards to the rules on cruises about diapers. I do not bring my son into the pools because of this rule.


    We went on the NCL Breakaway over the summer and they had a splash area that my son could run around and play with the water...kind of like park sprinklers. We will be on the RCL Anthem in February and I’m just wondering if there is anything similar? I’ve tried searching pictures etc but all I see is the big sort of wading pool area that I’m sure he can’t go in because of the swim diaper. Just curious if there is a non-pool sprinkler type area on this ship for him to play? Thanks!



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    Hi there,


    We will be on anthem in May with 20 month old. How did you find the area for toddlers?



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  4. Sorry if this is a silly question. We are sailing on Anthem in May and during our last cruise we moved up to platinum in C&A. I never though of it at the time of booking and I see now that going from gold to platinum includes balcony discounts. Has anyone ever used this or aware of the discount? Final payment is next week. Is it worth looking into before final payment. We currently have a virtual balcony.



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  5. We are sailing on Epic in May with our 8 month old daughter. As this is our first child, it's not something we've had to think about when cruising before, I am wondering about the baby pool or splash area? Is she allowed in wearing her swim diapers?

    I've looked for some reviews and am finding conflicting answers and some people even bringing their own blow up toddler pool. But these reviews are a few years old and maybe things have changed.


    Thanks in advance.



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