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  1. Do you have a recipe you can share? Then I could try it with half the sugar.
  2. Key West and Cozumel, hands down. Plus, the CD on Sensation is currently Kevin Donohue, the most fun CD I've ever sailed with. Freeport kind of sucks. Enjoy!
  3. For me, Half Moon Cay will beat out Freeport any day of the week. It's heaven on earth.
  4. In 90+ cruises, Kevin Donohue is my all-time favorite. The most fun, most energetic, nicest cruise director - EVER!
  5. OK, here's my honest assessment. I've been on 60+ Carnival cruises and 20+ Norwegian cruises. I have never seen the type of behavior you're concerned about on Carnival, but part of that may be due to the fact that I'm not hanging out in the bar areas nor am I staying up past midnight. I'm a morning person. This past Sunday, I just got off of a 7 day NCL cruise on The Escape. To be honest, the drinking package has really ruined NCL for me. There were drunk and obnoxious people everywhere at all times of the day and night. Carnival always seems to get the bad rap for outrageous party behavior, and while it may happen more frequently on the shorter cruises, which I've done many of, I just don't see that behavior that people complain about. I can't ever say that again about NCL. The crew was great. The food was great, but the guests were the worst. Not only the drunks but the chair hogs too. So, now my next 15 or so booked cruises are coming up on Carnival and I can't wait to be back "home".
  6. I'm ready. As long as we don't sail into danger, I am going to have a fun cruise. I want Bermuda, but will be very happy with every other possible itinerary change. I've done them all and I love them all. The only itinerary I've never done is a cruise-to-nowhere. Since I've never been on The Escape, and it's quite large, that can be a destination in itself. My famous last words are: A cruise is what you make of it. Have fun everyone and stay safe.
  7. Well, everyone has "issues" or reasons why they should be able to reserve a table, a pool lounger, seats in the theatre, etc, etc, etc. Other than embarkation day, which is busy for everyone, you always have the option of eating breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner in a sit-down restaurant. There! Problem solved! I'm Diamond and I don't get nor want special seating and I wouldn't think very highly of anyone if I saw a home-made reserved sign. The only signs acceptable for tables is cruise provided handicapped seating signs.
  8. I love doing back to backs, but wouldn't be too quick to do a 3/4 vs a 7 day cruise. DOWNSIDE: Embarkation/debarkation day is busy. You have to do the muster. You still have to wait around for the ship to clear, then you are walked off of the ship through the process and then brought back on to the ship. UPSIDE: Once you're back on the ship, you have it to yourself for an hour or so. If you stay in the same room, you certainly don't have to pack, and you have immediate access to your room. You already know the staff. They will remember you and treat you like family. You are welcomed back with a glass of champagne or a mimosa and they take a group picture of all of the b2b people. If you had to travel to your home port, you only travel once. We almost always do b2b because we travel from WNY. Plus, we go for lengthy winter vacations because the cost of a cruise (cheap room) is far cheaper than renting a place and it includes your room, food, coffee, entertainment, and you wake up in a different place every morning. Whatever you choose, enjoy! It won't be the wrong decision.
  9. For those interested in knowing when their ship will be decorated: https://cruisefever.net/carnival-cruise-lines-2018-christmas-decoration-schedule-announced/
  10. What exactly is a naked burrito? I prefer low carb or good carb, so I will not eat a white tortilla and I won't order it, eat the goodies, then throw the shell away. As a result, I never eat anything from the Blue Iguana. Very curious as to low carb options.
  11. Key West & Cozumel! Hands down that would be my choice and I'm far away from 25 years old. Those are both fun, fun, fun ports that you won't want to miss. Whatever you choose, you'll have great time. Enjoy!
  12. I went to Maho once. I will never, ever, ever go again. Too crowded, especially if there are a few ships in port. Nowhere to put down a towel on the beach. It's very small with absolutely minimal room. This was absolutely not worth the money we paid for the taxi. I gave up our usual beach, which you can walk to from the port, for a complete and utter disappointment. We did watch the planes, but never went in the water because of the crowds. It was crazy there. Not fun!
  13. I would have to agree. Heart attack on a plate. Plus, I don't really believe that people LOVE them. While I will split one with my husband, if you walk around the Guys area and down the hallways, you will see a lot of uneaten leftovers. Burgers with one bite taken out or only half eaten. We once saw a guy with a burger that had either 3 or 4 patties on it. He barely took 2 bites and left the rest. People think "Ooh, Guys"! The lines are long at Guys but the waste is incredible.
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