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  1. That makes me so cross!! Avoid all cruise ship travel highlighted in red on the government website and that’s not enough to trigger your insurance??? How could it be worded any more strongly? It seems the insurance companies will go to any lengths to avoid paying out. One wonders why bother buying cancellation insurance.
  2. I believe that the formal advisory is now on the website. I am planning to wait until after March break to make my final decision. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/latest-travel-health-advice.html#cruise
  3. I have just been chatting with my TA and she informs me that unless the travel advisory ie ”do not go on any cruise ship ”is on the government of Canada’s website your cancellation insurance would not apply. As my cruise is not until April 11 I am content to wait and see for a while as things are changing from minute to minute. Ever the optimist I am hoping things will have settled somewhat by then😁
  4. My cruise leaves on April 11. 5 weeks tomorrow. I agree, a very personal decision . In light of Oceania’s recent announcement regarding the 48 hr cancellation, it certainly takes the pressure off and allows one to be flexible and monitor an ever changing situation.
  5. I’m a Canadian and I have thought more than twice about my upcoming TA on Sirena. Unless the cruise is cancelled by Oceania I am going. I am a solo traveller and plan to take lots of sewing and knitting also load up my IPad with books. I will take extra medication with me in case of “delays”. I am a healthy 77 yr old and am looking forward to my 11th cruise on Oceania.
  6. The best lecturer we have ever had on Oceania was for our 2013 Beijing to Bangkok cruise. Harry Chittick was amazing....not only did he give informative practical lectures about the Far East and its culture but he gave a great lecture on travel photography. His lectures were always “standing room only” and there were no snores to be heard😁
  7. Thank you everyone for your input. I have booked my cabin and look forward to a great cruise next April
  8. To me the big advantage of Concierge cabins is their position amidships. As a former sailor I really want to be in the middle of the ship in rough weather (it does happen!!). Another perk is a hot room service breakfast for those early shore excursion starts
  9. Good Morning, I am thinking about returning to cruising after a 3 year hiatus. I have done many cruises with Oceania and a couple on other lines. I am looking at a transatlantic April 2020 on Sirena ( she is the only O ship I haven’t sailed on) so in doing my homework I started reading some reviews. To say I was shocked was an understatement! What shocked and disappointed me most was report of rudeness, poor attitudes , and general unhappiness of the staff. I understand that Sirena has just been refurbished and she is beautiful. On past cruises I have found the staff friendly and helpful, but some more reserved than others. I appreciate they often have difficult passenger situations to deal with. They are all hard working but usually cheerful. Are these reviews written by people who have had an isolated bad experience or have the formerly excellent service levels slipped. The transatlantic voyage entails a lot of sea days....something I was looking forward to but not with an unhappy crew!
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