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  1. I disagree! The statement that they are looking to enhance the cruise experience means you would be offering that enhancement at the time you are taking away what clients are expecting. Total BS. It's a cost cutting measure and very poor business decision to not grandfather those already booked under that premise.
  2. Hello! I purchased them from my bank before I left.
  3. The shingles are very painful and the residual pain can last for months.
  4. Are you kidding me? “Whatever the drug companies can come up with” You are certainly old enough to recall iron lungs. Are you saying the polio vaccine was “something” to simply make money from? Shame on you!!!! 😡 I’ve had the measles, German measles, mumps and chicken pox. No walk in the park and I escaped pneumonia, encephalitis, blindness and death. I have two friends that are organ donor recipients that would die if they were exposed to these childhood illnesses at this point in their lives. What about babies that are too young to be vaccinated? Please don’t lump Noro into that group of deadly diseases. Please educate yourself. I wish you good health and a lovely day.
  5. If your husband’s balance is not good, I would be far more concerned about walking through the Ephesus site. Keep in mind that it’s an excavation sight that’s thousands of years old. The stone paths are uneven. The Terrace Houses inside Ephesus require climbing up and down stairs. I recommend googling photos and viewing YouTube videos of Ephesus. It may not be a good choice for your husband.
  6. You will absolutely love it!!! I would return in a heart beat. Make sure you visit the Terrace Houses ( there’s an additional fee) when you visit Ephesus.
  7. I’m on a FB cruise group and it was reported that the passenger died.
  8. They have some nerve asking a passenger to downgrade. Doesn’t matter the reason. 😡
  9. Wow!!! Nothing like showing some sympathy. The passenger died.
  10. Our last cruise on Anthem a few weeks ago really saddened me. There were so many obese people that were riding scooters and many appeared to be in their 20’s or 30’s. My heart aches for them. 😔
  11. If it’s deemed that anyone passes off a pet as a service animal, the passenger should be banned for life.
  12. Oh my goodness! I believe I saw this man and his dog a few weeks ago on Anthem in the Solarium. He was being pulled in a little red wagon with a license plate that reads “Tommy”. On the side of the wagon there was a typed paper that read: My name is Tommy and I’m a service dog. Please don’t try to pet me or talk to me. Don’t ask where I poop or pee. Don’t ask how much I paid for the cruise. Being naive, I assumed the dog was truly a service dog. My husband and I went up to the owner and asked to take Tommy’s picture which he said was fine. Unfortunately, my husband deleted the photo but I did ask the man and he said Tommy is a chihuahua mix. I spoke to the man for only a few minutes and mentioned that my cousin just rec’d a service dog as her sight is failing and how amazing these service dogs are. I didn’t ask what ailed him but he did touch his chest as an indicator so I assumed he had a heart condition. If this is indeed the same man, I really feel like an idiot. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I wished him and Tommy many more years of good health.
  13. No intent to bully anyone but please don’t compare roller coasters, rappelling, etc to this event. Those adrenalin laden activities are by choice. These passengers nor crew didn’t choose this.
  14. I don’t think the passengers that were seriously injured and in the hospital would call it a grand adventure. 😡
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