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  1. I am the pickiest eater on the planet.The only meat I eat is hamburgers and they must be very well done,no pink.I do not eat fowl.The only fish I eat is shrimp and calimari.I do not eat salads and very few vegetables.
  2. I spent 25 years working for a company with 99 % of the employees being Italian.We went out to Italian restaurants every Friday for lunch and many Fridays for dinner.I never had a problem with cholesterol .
  3. We have many restaurants in our small town and in neighboring towns,primarily Italian and Seafood.We have not been out to dinner since Feb.8,2020 with a couple who also post on CC.They primarily cruise on Princess line ships. When we lived in NYC most of the times we ate out was in LI.
  4. I DVR it because I hate the commercial interruptions . Who are you rooting for ? I am rooting for Sydney who lives in Brooklyn,Tiffany who lives in LI,Danny and DeShawn. My 17 year old granddaughter watches the show and we discuss it afterwards.
  5. I love Peanut Butter but in 2004 a Nutritionist that I was going to told me not to eat it and I listened to her.A few days ago one of my children bought me peanut butter .😀
  6. Would you believe that I never ate Lobster except for Lobster Bisque.
  7. Mallory’s favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese.Her mother’s favorite desert is ice cream .
  8. The sonogram will be in a hospital at 10 AM Thursday and hopefully the results will be sent to the doctor and MRI facility by Friday or possibly even Thursday .
  9. Mallory update: Her sonogram will be Thursday at 10 AM.Thursday night we will be celebrating my daughters birthday.We were originally planning to order in food from her favorite LI restaurant but decided to have Mallory’s favorite food and dessert will be my daughters favorites.
  10. Yes,I know about everyone’s prayers.They really do help,I am convinced.
  11. Several years ago a friend of mine went to a new doctor for an exam.The doctor took an EKG ,told him it was abnormal and that he needed immediate surgery.My friend said he wanted to go for a second opinion.The doctor said he needed the surgery and called an ambulance. My friend had the surgery. Later that year another friend passed out in a restaurant.His wife called 911 and he was taken to a hospital and was told to follow up with a Cardiologist.My friend Mike went to the same doctor who told my friend Mel that he needed immediate surgery The doctor took an EKG ,told Mike he needed surgery.Mike said he wanted a second opinion.The doctor said he was calling an ambulance .Mike left the office and went for a second opinion.That doctor and two other doctors told him that his problem could be treated with medication and he never had surgery. This is not an indictment on the medical profession.We have 3 MD’s in our family and I formerly worked for an IPA with 300 doctors .
  12. My niece who is an MD believes that a second ,third or even a fourth opinion should be the norm.
  13. Happy almost birthday for your son,Marietta.When I was posting on a different cruise board a woman who was posting there had the same birthday as me ,but a different year.
  14. Toby just walked in.I had a feeling that she would be going shopping ,her favorite activity.I was right😀
  15. I have 3 illnesses for which there is no cure.In March 2020 I was positive that I would soon be leaving the planet.Friends of every religion began praying for me.I am still here.I have a wonderful Oncologist who is also a wonderful person.He is amazed at my attitude and that although I still have what I am seeing him for I have not gotten worse. Dani’s thread is amazing.Everyone who posts on here is wonderful.
  16. Some good news.Toby just called me from the parking area .The surgeon said everything is fine.She has no physical restrictions .She is starting physical therapy this afternoon ,twice a week for 4 weeks . I want to thank you and everyone else for their prayers and well wishes.
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