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  1. We booked a Hawaii cruise on Koningsdam with FCDs & think that the prices have gone up about 5% .We did add in the perks of ppd gratuities ,the drink pkg & dining What has been your experience with regard to pricing
  2. We understand that 25 % of our population in the USA has had the virus & thus already have immunity . Thus leaves 75% of our population that requires the vaccine now & that 23 5 can wait awhile . Thus ,we hope that this year will bring herd immunity to the USA
  3. Hank I follow your logic as fact . Seems to me that is exactly what Princess has done . In our case we applied the FCC to a Alaska cruise Sept 7 ,2022 round trio SF Cliff
  4. For us here in California it is a waiting game .We hope that the public will know when both CVS & Walgreens have the vaccines to administer the shots . Imo ,as production ramps up it should give the states the time to make distribution plans effective to get the vaccines to market
  5. Seems to us that we are paying more for a booked Sept 2022 ,Ruby Princess Alaska cruise than we had paid in the past . We have a HAL Hawaii cruise for Feb2022 & that price seems fair as well as our Carnival Hawaii cruise Oct 2022 What has been your experience with the cruise prices & promotions ?
  6. Going forward with a reduced fleet ,increased number of shares ,it will be interesting how stock analysts look upon CCL as a investment even after the corporation resumes cruises .Additionally , this downsizing it's fleet has got to impact a future dividend ,even if possible FWIW & imo the traditional on board credit for being a share holder of 100 shares of CCL stock may also be in jeopardy .Additionally ,expect cruise prices to increase
  7. Even though we are in our 80s with underlying medical , it will still be awhile B/4 we see the first shot . Taking a wild guess here in the San diego area ,March doe us
  8. Bob that is hilarious 😂 ROTFLMAO
  9. We figure that 2022 should be safe to cruise ;but ,who really knows now with a new African strain . Hoping that new covid strain stays in Africa . It gets harder as we grow older ,now 82 we lost almost a year of our cruise lives already . There is no end in sight until enough people are vaccinated with vaccines that cover these newer virus strains . just that I do know that the word hoping in any business is really not a great word
  10. For most HAL long time cruisers ,it is hard to let go of the smaller ships & we also know as we sailed on some of them ourself . However ,when it comes to amenities ,variety of entertainment ,cabin ammenities & over all appearance we fell in love with the new pinnacle class ships . They seem to be just the right size for us For you folks who desire the Volendam & Zandam we do hope that HAL keeps them for a little while longer Obviously the large cruise lines are building much larger ships because they are more proditable . Th
  11. CCL has strong cash reserves . There should be no problem as they restart in May 2021
  12. Jan 9,2021 ,we just checked the www.CVS/CoronaVirus web site for California & do not see any vaccine availability yet
  13. look at the other link as well .you will also be able to see the full financials after the close today in their SEC yearly report . CCL is the strongest of all the cruise lines to survive this pandemic shake down . I am only interested in protecting my deposits .I do not own CCL stock at this moment in time
  14. Carnival Corporation files its yearly report for 2020 with the SEC ,today ,Jan 8 ,2021 after the market closes at 1:00 PM Eastern time
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