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  1. This morning's phone call to Carnival resulted in getting the issue about the $250 on board credit resolved . Thank God we got to speak to a well trained individual .Not only did she ,Flora, send me the confirming e-mail ;but ,got us credited with our past cruises . We are close to platinum level now The problem seems to be they had our old e-mail address .in todays technological world we can understand how these things can happen
  2. The deposit was placed before we faxed the stock ownership information . 1st is the deposit .2nd is the Fax & then we come to find out how weak Carnival personnel in their follow up with problems ;which was confirmed by a very experienced TA .This is all a logical sequence of events Many times with cruise lines are weak on land & not weak at sea ;because God help you, if a cruise line is weak or sloppy at sea
  3. We have 8 past sailings with Carnival out of 84 cruises . It seems to me the lack of decent customer service is evident .Our very experienced Travel Agent with Carnival Cruise line told us yesterday that they hire people ,give them 2 weeks training & they are left to field incoming phone calls with no further help.Thus a big turnover in personnel . He is a top producer for Carnival & 2 other lines . We feel confident in his judgement of the cruise line
  4. ROTF you must be joking or do you just simply roll over every time you get screwed in business ? I have taken 84 cruises & no we never have ruined any one's vacation because of things that went wrong for us . Who ever you are stop judging people whom you never met
  5. We contacted our TA to resolve the share holder Credit issue .Depending upon his answer to me ,we will either keep the cruise or cancel it ,a 14 night Hawaii cruise . We have been to Hawaii at least a dozen times ,so it would not be a great loss not sailing there on a Carnival ship .That $250 plus the TA;s OBC clears the gratuities ,if Carnival applies it to the booking .If not ,we cancel .In the end that is the only way for any customer to extract justice If Carnival Cruise Lines thinks that they can ignore customers & share holders & still get their business ,well i have a bridge I like to sell them . We never have had problems with replies from either Holland america or Princess cruises .We do judge a company by it's service performance or not performance
  6. Faxed my proof & booking number for the share holder on board credit a week ago & requested in my cover letter for a confiramtion that the $250 .share holder credit was properly applied to my booking .Did not received a reply via e-mail or Fax ,so i called . wow you think we were asking for a free cruise . They hold you on the line looking for a supervisor ,who never comes on the line . We also had sailed with Carnival back in the 90s & 2000's ,at least 7 cruises . Our VIFP shows no past cruises Should we look at Carnival Cruise lines in the future for our cruises or go where they make it easier for a customer to do business . Phonig Carnival corporate tomorrow about these issues
  7. We re thinking of a 10 night Sea of cortez cruise on this ship . What do you like & what did you dislike about being on this ship ? TIA for your replies
  8. Thanks for your input Nancy . Our thoughts are very similar to yours . The 2nd leg we celebrate my birthday as well
  9. What Princess sails include ppd gratuities ? TIA
  10. We know that we are allowed 2 bottles of wine per cruise . Since we booked B2B & not getting off the ship can we bring 4 bottles & tell them that we are doing B2B cruises using 2 bottles per cruise ? TIA
  11. We dislike those short 7 night cruises ,so we booked ( 2 ) 7 night cruises ,going to the same destination on Koningsdam .My thinking is the MDR & lido menus & the entertainment will be the same for both cruises .If we miss some entertainment on the first cruise we can see it or hear it on the 2nd cruise We had sailed a prior 10 night cruise on Koningdam & love this ship Has any one done this before & how did you fell about the 2 cruises after disembarkation ? TIA
  12. We have 6 future cruises booked . We are looking at a 10 night January Sea of cortez + the normal other Mexican ports cruise on the Star Princess balcony cabin . To us it makes no difference of the location .what we look for are the perks plus our perk of Carnival stock .These perks tend to lower the cruise cost,especially the ppd gratuities , another excellent perk is the future cruise credit deals while on board the ship . We can also wait last minute for deals as we can drive to San Pedro . We are retired & saving money on cruises does add up for us
  13. We are holding off on booking , to see if & when Princess will offer the next Sip N Sail ,with ppd gratuities sale . Does any one know if or when that sale might happen ? TIA
  14. We are going to sail on Miracle to Hawaii & would like to know what those who sailed on her liked & disliked . Thanks in advance for your replies
  15. If any of Canival's cruise lines started charging for the MDR & pushing people to the buffet ,we would stop cruising & sell our CCL stock in a heart beat on their ships . We would then sail RCL & Celebrity ,not as often but would make that change .The buffet could not hold all those people at one time is another problem
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