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  1. Another thought is to vacation there are other choices like seeing the US via road transport . Our National & State parks offer activities & spectacular scenery . Thus ,families & seniors traveling can be there own safety monitoring & will not have to adhere to what might come down from cruise lines . The ultimate answer is vaccination of the world for the pre covid 19 cruise experience
  2. The struggle in reverse demand ? vs Supply ? . imo most seniors who have cruised often & have the time & resources to continue to cruise will wait until it is as safe as it was pre covid `19 virus . That is a lot of the cruise lines customer base .Reason is in todays world as we age we develop more underlying medical conditions & this virus can be deadly to us older folk . Thus ,perhaps those Fyun 3 & 4 day cruises will still be filled with the young ones ;but ,longer cruises will probably have to wait until this covid 19 is past history
  3. Not true for the Diamond. Recirculated air in a stateroom was only with air from that stateroom. People who got ill once isolated in their cabins had caught the virus before being quarantined in the cabins. (Except for one couple who broke quarantine by opening the door between their balcony and the next one and mingling with their friends there How did the English couple who was on video many days from their cabin get infected with the virus ?
  4. Report post #164 Posted 8 hours ago For those who will present symptoms, they will still be contagious in the two days before the symptoms show up. At that point, the level of virus may not be high enough for the quick test to detect the virus. And a couple of days before that, the quick test will definitely not be able to detect the virus. There may be several quick tests available, but the first one I read about and which has a lot of publicity was specifically designed from when a doctor felt that a patient who showed symptoms needed to be tested. It was not publicized as a test that cold detect the virus earlier than that. If that is the case then the cruise lines will have a really tough sell . There is no way that people ,other than the ones who like risk taking ,will expose themselves to this virus . Many Pax are seniors who have the time & resources to cruise & we can't see them as big risk takers
  5. If any person is A symtomatic temperature checks will not divulge the covid 19 virus they carry ;however ,the quick test ;which is now available ,would show them carrying the virus . Also .one of the reasons people in their cabins got ill with the virus on the Diamond Princess in Tokyo was through the air handling in their state rooms .Personally & for future reference we will feel a lot safer when the scientists & medical professionals say it is safe to cruise once again & definitely not any cruise line
  6. Pam we just checked with a TA web site & the July Crown Alaska cruise not listed just yet .It is also not listed on Princess home page . Is your info very recent & perhaps neither Princess Home page nor TA's have the cruise information yet ?
  7. True however ,here in the US our CDC will have a lot to say whether how cruise ships can sail .In other words the CDC & Federal government will determine along with the high ranking cruise executives what protocols must be in place ,like the numbers of pax that can sail on any ship ,for the social distancing ,wearing masks ,quick tests for the virus before boarding ,hand washing requirements ,use of public bathroom requirements & ship tours ie .Thew showrooms will be a challenge as well as the gyms ,pools & massage rooms ie
  8. Hank you are spot on .I forgot to mention getting the clorox info from the CDC web site . Before the covid 19 virus spread we only saw a smattering of wash basins before going into the buffets . Yes ,all cruise ships should be fitted out to have wash basins on both sides going into the buffets . Even the public bathroom need some form of door handle sanitation device to stop the spread of virus . For years I would take a paper towel to open the door when I finished washing my hands & throw it in the waste basket ;however ,most folks do not use that protocol .It has kept us healthy on our cruises . We have been on noro virus ships & the watered down bleach spraying is every where ,a light white film is created even on upholstered chairs & sofas
  9. imo you are correct . Masks should be required to wear them by any one on the ship .The better answer is mass inoculations before this virus can mutate once again & then the quick test for every one who arrives at the port to board .Further ,only cruise led excursions with strict protocols should be allowed until this virus is defeated around the world
  10. Imo ,The question is if those who wish to cruise perceive that there health & safety could be at risk ,the chances of a cruise industry recovery is unlikely
  11. Many good discussions above . A few things to ponder . The alcohol stations that cruise lines use when entering the eating areas DO NOT prevent Norovirus .It takes Clorox wipes . Clorox is the only agent that kills the Norovirus bug Imo the cruise lines have a long way to go to guarantee safe passage .What has not been discussed is how does the air handling equipment prevent the virus from spreading from cabin to cabin & p;ace to place Yes many unanswered questions . For us it is most obvious that we must protect ourselves with a vaccination that truly is effective & who is to say that there can be mutations of the covid 19 las there has already been one mutation .Yes & yes there are many unanswered questions .Thus ,for us the earliest we think we can savely cruise is not until our Jan 2022 cruise & we are hoping we are right do we can cruise
  12. Let us all hope /pray for the best for people involved with getting cruise ships back into service . Many good folks who have served & helped us have not been employed since the lock down ,
  13. We do not know where this is going to end ;but ,we pray that it ends well for all concerned 👍
  14. Just having ship tours would never sit well with the cruise pax . We will only do private tours for many reasons one of which far less people plus other benefits
  15. Perhaps they could go through 2021 ;however ,there is no way of telling how soon cruising will resume here in the USA . We currently hear that people are dubious about taking the vaccine when it is available . We would hope that will not be the case in the end & that this virus will in fact be defeated .Then there are the ports in foreign countries ;which will take longer to vaccinate those people . Thus ,imo still a tough uphill battle for our cruise industry ;which is sad not just for us who love to cruise but for all the jobs that the industry supports
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