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  1. To add to the Mexican Riviera cruises ,we are able to sail in a handicap balcony on Carnival Panorama ,7 night Mexican Riviera on a Carnival Casino rate if $584 flat for both of us in October 2021 . Although tempting we pass one because of the 48 hour covid test window & there is always the possibility of some one getting off in a Mexican port & bringing back the virus as Asymtomatic & infecting others . Thus ,even though we are vaccinated ,we are both 82 with underlying medical conditions & it is not worth the risk Looking into the future from a marketing perspective , the cruise lines really need to take additional steps & precautions , One they need to test at the embarkation pier to guarantee no one gets on the ship that could get infected between the 48 hours & boarding .Then ,they need to control the tours with ships tours only to also stop on shore infections from occurring . This virus is going to be here for a very long time ,when you consider there are almost 8 billion people in the world & how long it may take to get people vaccinated for herd immunity .Then there is the probability that the virus will mutate into a new virus that could require new vaccines not yet available .Could be very much like the yearly flu ;but ,more dangerous & require current vaccines .
  2. glad that you enjoyed your cruise aboard Equinox . We sailed her on the inaugural trans Atlantic back in 2009 . We wish that X had more ships to sail from California ports ;as we no longer fly . We are Elite+ with this cruise line & we would get many perks ,if they came to California , Navigator of the Seas from RCL is servicing cruises from San Pedro ,Ca .Not bad for us as we are Diamond with RCL . We done most of our cruises on Celebrity ,then Royal ,Then Holland America ,Princess & Carnival about equal number of cruises We hope that the cruise lines make it ,It is just very uncertain considering that 48 hours .Perhaps they will start testing at the embarkation port in the very near future which would make every ones life simpler
  3. Seems to me that placing people in precarious positions with regards to cruises plus the safety requirements will back fire on the industry . Simply put people buy from places & people they like . right now I can't say with any certainty that the millions of potential cruisers like what they see in the cruise industry for vacations .
  4. Interesting scenario of that port tour . Actually , they did not do their job i if the group was on a bus . what they can do is pre prepare the visits with the locals that at such & such time the tour arrives .then no one interacts with the locals ,As far as restaurants are concerned a similar decree that when the tour shows up they dit by themselves in the restaurant . Absolute precautions need to be maintained because any Asymtomatic passengers could infect a lot of pax on the ship & then the CDC could ban cruising once again ,No it is not a easy task ;but ,what you experienced is like running in & out of a burning building ,one mistake & you get burned badly /Yes this is the bubble that is needed to keep every passenger from getting this deafly virus ;as there is no guarantee that those older folk with underlying medical conditions would not wind up in a hospital or worse The one good thing was that Celebrity did pier testing . Believe me this virus is not ending any time soon unless by a Act from God . There are almost 8 billion people in the world & most likely it is going to be a long time to perhaps get most vaccinated to slow down mutations .So ,I expect it not to end & we all must make life type changes to stay healthy .
  5. Unless CCL & RCL cruise lines test at the port , the many millions of customers they count on will choose other easier vacations . Simple marketing math says make it too hard & I go elsewhere ,that is true of most consumers Even with the pent up Cruise Critic members must have a cruise types demand the ships are sailing like 50 to max 78% ,Prices other than the Future Cruise credits are much much higher than pre pandemic prices ,so you combine substantially higher cruise prices with tougher & more restrictive boarding requirements ,you just set yourself up for failure in the future . I sure hope that the CCL & RCK owned cruise lines will change their boarding procedures Another strange issue is whether 72 or 48 jours what guarantee that a vaccinated person can not be infected after the testing & then be Asymtomatic get on board & make others sick . So this whole testing scenario makes no sense to me The only way to be relatively safe is to test at the pier . Then the other caveat are the ports , The cruise lines should mandate that all people must take cruise tours only & wear masks just like they do in the indoor public areas of the cruise ship .anything less is asking for trouble imo
  6. With shortage of test kits & less CVS stores doing tests what crosses my mind is either the CDC or Washington is on a path to do the cruise lines in 7 out of business How does any one who must fly yo meet a cruise ship get tested in time withing a 48 hour window ? This imo is insanity
  7. Norwegian cruise lines is doing all testing at the port . seems to me if all pf Carnival & Rpyal Caribbean cruise lines want to stay in business they too should do the testing at the port like Norwegian is doing .That would make sense to me . This 48 hours changed by the CDC from 72 hours places far too much stress on most cruising public . thinking id any one is flying to a cruise port how well can that work out & what if a human mistake is made by the testing agents , hmmm in my way of thinking ,the Carnival & Royal Caribbean Executive offices need to make doing business more easy or suffer far lower sales volumes 7& of course profits .Remember that cruise critic is but a tiny tiny fraction of the total cruise populations .Making it too difficult doe those people & they are off on a alternate vacation which gives them less hassles i hope for the cruise lines sake they implement a more user customer friendly system in the near future .For me & mine we will definitely take the less troubled road for our future vacations
  8. Just checked Royal Caribbean & they too are making it harder for people with the 48 hour testing , Norwegian Cruise lines are light ears ahead of of the main line cruise lines making life easier for vaccinated people . Thus ,we can easily transfer from HAL or Princess to Norwegian in the future if those lines do not make our travel burden lighter ,since Norwegian also sails from Southern California as well as Florida ports ,for those who can fly or drive to the Florida ports
  9. Sail Safe & Feel Free video from Norwegian Cruise lines : https://www.ncl.com/sail-safe
  10. Wow, we did not know that .What cruise lines are offering those test kits ? We rather go with a cruise line that helps people vs place road blocks in our path for enjoyment .Seems to me that there should be easier ways to deal with pre testing & not be the way HAL management is doing things . We always say if you don't bend you break
  11. Seems to me you are younger . We no longer can sleep 2 pieces of luggage like a teenager ,so we get our son to drive us to either San Diego for HAL or San Pedro for Princess cruises . You enjoy that authentic Mexican food .sounds yummy😄
  12. What works for you is great & we understand your likes in cruising vs any road trips .. The only point I am making here is that having only 48 hours is a skinny window to get a verified negative covid test .For that reason i cancelled the 7 night cruise & then took the more expensive 18 night cruise . We are hoping that by Nov 2022 before final payment that HAL has a plan in place that makes it workable with out stress , .This is what we hope for to get the test at the pier or more days to get a certified test .This is what we hope for not only doe us but the cruising public & the continuance of the cruise industry .Otherwise there are alternative vacation possibilities BTW we understand that the CDC made HAL /Princess go from 72 to the 48 hour time period with out giving thought about the real people involved getting the test . Very typical these days of government ,trying to force people to jump through their hoops & forget all about their rights
  13. We do know that in fact the cruise was cancelled & we booked a Jan 31 ,2023 Hawaii cruise in it's place which is a 18 night cruise .with this pandemic man made virus there truly is no telling where this will be even in 2023 . We can only hope for a end to it ,God willing
  14. We have our March 13 ,2022 cruise & seeing that HAL made it required as of this year for having a negative covid test within 48 hours of boarding .Thus ,if that is carried into 2021 ,we will definitely cancel the cruise & not cruise until that part is either cancelled or they rest at the pier . I will call HAL today about this issue & if they can't tell me I will cancel .Imo this whole testing procedure is far too restrictive & stressful
  15. From a marketing perspective ,HAL has always catered to a older demographic .This group's age has a lot to do with wanting to have to complete the challenges facing them to cruise . Much easier to do trips land based . Additionally , there is not only more options on land than on a ship but many more restaurants available on land as well as entertainment venues People who post on cruise critic are but a very small fraction of was the cruising public . Thus , one must look at the demographics before setting standards that may or may not agree with that demographic group .
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