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  1. We still sail HAL but we do prefer Princess for many amenities .Princess has better over all entertainment value & choices . The Crown Grill steak house beats Pinnacle steaks quality hands down .HALs standard Balcony cabins ,bath & showers are better than the standard sized shower for Princess std balcony cabins . Service in HALs MDRs,lido & Room Service is the best of all std cruise lines We have found that the Eurodam size is best for us ;but ,we are willing to try the Royal Princess when she comes to LA to make comparisons .We booked a B2B on royal Princess for April 2020 . We do Star Princess Hawaii 15 night Dec 2019 . Booked Carnival Miracle from San Diego to Hawaii cR/T October 2020 & HALs Koningsdam Dec 2020 Mexican Riviera from San Diego . Those 5 new cruises will bring us up to 88 cruises .Yes we are believers & love cruising on different cruise lines for different reasons
  2. That being said they do a bang up job in the MDR .Excellent service . The food not as good as we had in Dec 2018 on Eurodam
  3. That hand rail for the main pool is at the deepest end on the pool ;as to walk to the other end the water get less deep
  4. I sat with a neighbor in the far left jacuzzi & I swear you could not fit another body into that jacuzzi
  5. Thanks for that information .I was only in the main pool & jacuzzi once during our 10 night cruise . I did not use the aft pool . Seems to us Koningsdam is very different in many ways . she is coming out to sail from San diego ,our home port & we do have a booking Dec 5 ,2020 ,7 night Mexican Riviera cruise . Our favorite ship is Eurodam in the fleet & we did this same 7 night cruise Dec 2018 .Excellent ship layout ,great wait staff & food in the MDR
  6. Common give us a break , Now wondering how much real life experience you have has on cruise ship sailings .We have done 83 cruises & I never post something that is way out . BTW ,there is no ship we ever sailed that you go from the entry level & then the floor goes uphill to lower water levels ,LOL .We are not talking 10 foot depths which you exaggerated ,we are talking normal ship pool depths
  7. Then explain how Holland America who knows their on board capacity can only have seating that is to handle all pax evenly divided into 2 shows .It is not just my observation but many other pax .it is like saying we built the ship for 2700 pax but in reality we have room for only 2500 Another issue is HAL is weak in their efforts of main shows vs their sister cruise lines . They rarely have live music with their main stage shows these days & on our recent cruise (March 2019 )on Koningsdam they had a maximum of 6 dancers for all shows
  8. Be advised that when sailing this ship the Lido hours are short .Thus ,the crowds & table availability reminded us of how a Carnival ship 's lido looks at lunch time ;which is very crowded
  9. We recently sailed this ship .The pool where the steps are in about waist deep with water ;but ,as you move to what you might think is the deeper end it in fact lowers to about 2 feet ,' There is one very large jacuzzi ;however the 2 smaller jacuzzis have room enough for just 2 men in each jacuzzi When comparing both the main pool & jacuzzi space against other HAL ships & other cruise lines ,Koningsdam imo comes in dead last in these regards
  10. On Koningsdam there are insufficient number of seats to split the pax between the 2 shows offered .If you are not there 30 minutes prior to show time chances of getting seated is nil . Additionally there are 2 sizes of seats .in all my 80 years of seeing shows I have never seen such a mess
  11. We have a lot of cash exposed with Carnival cruise lines ships .We certainly don't want to see this judge carry out her threat to the extent of chasing all of the 11 Carnival cruise lines from ALL american ports .consider the billions of dollars of lost revenue to the land based business that the cruise lines bring to each & every port .Think of all the people that would be impacted . Thus ,in my opinion another fine & the Chairman of Carnival corp in the court would be sufficient The above being said ,no it is not alright for Princess or any other ships to dump fuel ,grey water ,or plastic into the seas & Glacier bay .We all live on this planet & we want to preserve it for our future generations to enjoy . My money is on another fine by this judge ;because it would harm many thousands or even millions of peoples incomes to shut down the ships .JMVHO
  12. Got to decide whether to keep or cancel 3 Princess cruises ,soon .We are flying back from Florida to our home in San Diego today ,April16th . Problem is if that judge does ban CCL ships from all American ports ,it may be too late to get refunds . CCL can appeal it ;but ,a Federal judge has a lot of power . We have well over $7000 of exposure . Decisions decisions ??
  13. Being miss diagnosed on a cruise ship & ending up in a Florida hospital does not make me warm & fussy .That experience & another with no inhalation tratment to treat my bronchitis on another ships medical center . Thus ,how many times does this have to happen to not have confidence in any ships medical centers ???
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