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  1. I been around just did not wish to post . Yes I booked a 2026 cruise on Zaandam because we have to book early yo get a handicap state room . There are very few of them on ships today in comaparison to the need . On this Zaandam cruise we booked a Advantage price . I statred a new thread about Advantage fares las we were involved with loosing $500 deposit because no one told us it was not a fare we could cancel & get all our money back . Yes I hold both HAL & tyu the TA responsible . I just wonder how often people loose their deposit because HAQL or a TA decides not to tell the cistomer or I just forgot thing !
  2. when we have phoned HAL for new bookings we do not hear that we can book advantage fares which guarantees our deposit . although ususlly $1200 it it far betterv than oosing $500 in cancellation fees .We also always hear about the Have It All plan .since we are non drinkers we always pass on the Have it All ;but , in the past this tactic of not teling us about advantage fares has cost us $500 in loss when we had to cancel a cruise . i do vnot consider this up front handling .Their personnel should give us the option but mwe never hear it .The last cruise i had to ask for the advantage fare , Thus mtheis question now coes into play ,"Wht isn't holland america personnel telling us about there is ca advantage fare for a complete refund How many tomes has this happened to you when you ask the price ie ?
  3. Thanks for your message . air conditioning is some thing that is repaorable ,at least in a dry dock . Our booking is not until April 7 .2026
  4. We just booked a way out April 7 ,2026 c Mexican Riviera 11 day cruise . We never sailed on this ship in the past . We booked into a handicap outside cabin on lower Promenade Deck 3 . in the back of the ship Are there important areas e should be aware of ? TIA
  5. Excuses is all we hear about the main dining room being closed on wmbarkation day .so we decided to miss the crowds & arrive like 2:00 & get right on to the stateroom . all they accpmpplished is another negative by closing the main dining room for embarkation & shuffling every one to the Lido which becomes a zoo
  6. Yes only for a long itinerary as we would need a Uber to drive us over 100 miles each way . Seems to us that while we need fully accesable handicap cabins they are in short supply .There is a March 2026 54 day cruise on Island Princess ,a more modest sized ship .however ,the handicap cabins where taken more than 2 years in advance . No matter what ship we mthe handicapped are less able to get a cabin to take care of our needs some people shoud look at what Holland America calls hndicap balocny state rooms on Nieuw Amsterdam . Yes ,we looked at the deck plans just 2 balcony handicap cabins are actualc handicap sized on deck 6 all the way forward .what the cruise line sats are handicap cabins are not because the crest except the Neotune suite are actually reguar size cabins yet maked with a wheek chair , How does That work for any one who needs a roll in shower ?
  7. It has nothing to do with the 2024 or early 2025 but after the 2025 alaska season ,koningsdam goes back through the Panam Canal to the Atlantic Ocean
  8. For the late 2024 Mexico season & then in 2025 Koningsdam will be in the Caribbean late in the year & Nieuw Amsterdam will be servicing the San Diego port for Hawaii ,Tahiti ,Mexico & Coastal Calif cruises . Many people we know will not sail on other than a pinnacle class ship
  9. To make the question clearer .does any one know will HAL replace the Nieuw Amsterdam after one season in San Diego with a pinnacle class vessel . I know many people who will not sail on nieuw amsterdam & prefer a pinnacle class vessel
  10. After the 2024 Alaska Season ,Koningsdam we understand will be sent through the Pamama Canal for a dry dock . Can any one tell us will HAL ever replace Koningsdam with a Pinnacle Class ship . The replacement Nieuw amsterdam is a totally diffrent feeling vs the Koningsdam
  11. BTW in 2 years Iskand Princess is doing a 54 day cruise R/T San Pedro ,Los Angeles area . It heads cas far as Australia . .March 2026 is the cruise date
  12. We are not foing any cruises for a while due to medical issues . we been on cruise ships that have had to turn around to get vwithin Helicoper range to take people off for medical emergencies &v seen the havoc it caused with flights needing rebooking .so while we need medical ,we do not cruise
  13. Nope I am syaing far away from CCL stock as there are many stocks easier to make profits .Even short term treasury bills are paying a lot better that CCL stock
  14. Yes when a person is on a HAL ship the deposits are lower but ,I recall $100 pp as a future cruise credit . what is uninspiring with HAL is we had to cancel a cruise for HJan 2025 due to medical reasons & the TA booked it as a refundable .Now we are hearing HAL is taking $600 in penalties , The cruise was cancelled cthis month of June 20204 7 the cruise is Jan 2025 .This & many other issues soured cus on HAL . They are not the cruise line that does every thing correct all the time imo
  15. In general if this question was asked on the Princess board would they say that Princess service & food are superior to Holland . We had sailed Princess in the past as well as other cruise lines amazing over 200 cruises . Just seems to us that holland had to be pushed into better main sjow room entertainment . imo there is no perfect cruise line . any one could agree or disagree .We did many sailings with Celebrity & truly vwish they had continued sailing from San Diego but alas they no longer sail from SD .At times they will sail from San Pedro . We like Celebrity a lot 7 we get much better perks with them .at Elite Plus level & We sail RCL at Diamond Plus level with many perks .By the same token therec is o=imo no perfect cruise cline unless one can spend the big bucks for total luxury
  16. Sorry it was a mis type .The difference is HAL deposits are $600 each & Princess is $98 each .Less downside with Princess imo
  17. In the future we will focus more on Princess & their longer itineraries .Reason is their deposits are only 598 pp vs Hal's $600 pp .Also , Princess has better entertainment value & the food is very similar . Even though we have to go a further distance to bosrd their ships ,we see more cruising value with Primncess
  18. Thanks however ,my DW can no longer fly due to a medical condition .so we only can cruise from San Diego ,our home port just 30 miles from home or up to the world cruise center in San Pedro Ca ,about 110 miles & board Princess or RCL ships .We do not like Noewegian who also sales from there . If we sail RCL ,we are Diamond plus level with very good perks . Princess on the other hand we are just Ruby . Most od our 100 plus sailings were with Celebrity .who rarely has a ship there os in SD
  19. Hank we can give it a shot . We have booked with a large on line agency many times . It is just that then we are locked in to one agency .Many times we place our cruises out to bid & take the lowest agency bid price on that cruise . Thus ,we are then locking ourselves into one agency . Because we take bids on our cruises we do wind up with thiousands in savings .I would tell who that web site is but it is against the rules of this web sight Cliff
  20. It is not feaseable to count cards from a shoe or where there is automatic shuffling machines . Card counting is only done if the dealer was to deal to the bottom of a deck & that is never done any longer in casinos . What they do in LV i on double decks is deal half way & reshuffle which keeps the odds in favor of the house . When they dealt to the bottom I counted positive & negative cards ,The positive cards are face cards & the negative cards are numbered cards ,when thete are more positive cards in the deck I raised my bets .I always won . I traveled on business in Las Vegas for 30 years mid 60s to mid 90s . The 2 best games for odds are craps & backerat .The rest of the games today are for pardon the pun suckers .If one is a very smart poker player ,that is also a good game but one needs to know both pot & card odds to play well
  21. Thanks I will give it time % see how it works for us
  22. Hank We are not expecting the cruise line just to e-mail us as the only people to take a new cruise .what happens in our case is we must have a fully accessable handicap cabin 7 those go fast ;as soon as a new listing is listed . so if we can not get a fully accessable cabin we just won't cruise with HAL .We may be going on Princess from LA if the cruise is long enough .. or we just take a land trip in stead of a cruise /In fact the Nieuw Amsterdam really has only 2 valcony accessable cabins not suites & they are both forward on deck 6 . A ;ong cruise on the Pacific ocean is bound to get some bad waters & those front cabins are awful in turbulent waters imo tsking the pinnacle class koningsdam back east for awhile or for ever is a bad move las others will not sail on Nieuw Amsterdam as a substitute vessel Cliff
  23. Unfortunately ,neither some HAL reps who answer the phone know that much .My TAs get so busy that I sincerely doubt they be watching for the new releases for us . Just being realistic . Perhaps one day the cruise lines will send that information out to their regular customers by e-mails
  24. Thanks but when I placed Holland in the format it came up Volendam & Zaandam not Nieuw Amsterdam
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