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  1. I have friends boarding today and they have not changed the boarding time, however the ship will leave at midnight. My guess is that they are doing some maintenance work beneath the waterline.
  2. If you take the intercity, it will get you in less than 20 minutes to Schiphol.
  3. As a D+ member, I was allowed into the Concierge Lounge on the Anthem in March.
  4. Has excellent service on both Anthem & Allure in the last couple of months.
  5. I never print luggage tags. When I arrive at the pier I give the porter my cabin # and i'm good to go.
  6. Same here. Have also sailed Costa & and a couple of times on Hal. In September and February on MSC. Just love to mix the cruise lines.
  7. Had an inside on deck 4 on the Radiance and there was nothing wrong with it. You will love the location.
  8. One possibility is that we have down here in the ABC islands vacation that week, and lot of people fly to Florida to go to Disney and or on a cruise...flights are packed.
  9. What kind of scotch do they use?
  10. The other day I wrote that I liked the Quantum Class better than the Oasis Class.I just loved my cruise on the Anthem! simply an amazing ship. Really don't understand all the negativity about the Quantum Class. According to the captain on the Anthem -sooner or later-one will be based in Florida.
  11. Harmony comes in around $1000 for an interior balcony which I seldom use and 11 nights on the Equinox around the same price for an inside.
  12. Which one would you choose? price comes in around $1000 for Harmony for a (interior) balcony which i seldom use or same price for an inside on the Equinox. Will ask on the Celebrity board as well.
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