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  1. What a great review! I especially loved the way you related the story of your DB. Hope he enjoyed Victoria - can’t believe everything worked out for him so well! A few questions: other than the chocolate pudding, any dishes during the week that you particularly liked? Did the kids you were with enjoy anything particular in Victoria? When you say you booked I-Fly last minute, do you mean on the ship or before you departed?
  2. The way this thread has been carried by such a dedicated group of current and former Ovation cruisers is a real testament to the cruise critic community. A huge thank you to Hoopster95, twangster, AlanF65, Biker19, drusierdmd, and Sunny AZ Girl. All of your comments and pictures are very much appreciated. Can one of you break down the Key on Ovation in Alaska? Do you (they) get front-of-line aces to the Sea Plex, flowrider, Northstar, and/or iFly? Are there seats set aside for key holders for the shows that can’t be reserved (everything but Pixel)? Where are the reserved Key seats for Pixel? Are any of you aware of how often the flowrider has been in operation and available to Key/non-key riders? Is there a type of wetsuit that is most appropriate for the Alaska itinerary (shorty, 2mm, 3/2mm, 4/3mm, etc.)? Finally, I hope you and any other current or recent cruiser on Ovation will answer a few questions about your experience (so far): Favorite Ovation crew member you have interacted with: Buy Voom or just download Netflix shows when in port and chill? Do you recommend the Key? Favorite place for a meal: Favorite dish: Favorite drink: Favorite experience: The thing that has surprised you the most so far:
  3. Expanded tip-sheet: Solarium early, Solarium late. Get the salmon. Wonderland bar, definitely drinks, maybe food. If we brave the MDR, anything and everything mushroom (maybe my favorite tip). Valdemossa in Mallorca for a European village experience. Pompeii is what it is, but not for this cruise (save for another trip). We’ll be in Barcelona the day before and three nights after the cruise. So Sagrada Familia, Enigma, Quimet y Quimet and Dr.Stavinski are on the short list. I’m a sucker for good stained glass but primarily food-and-drink focused, so these tips are especially appreciated. I have a hunch that I share your taste. I’ve done the very train-to-hike you recommend in Cinque Terra. Can’t wait to do it again. I’ve read elsewhere that the combination of this itinerary with this ship leaves people exhausted. That actually appeals to me. St. Peter’s in the morning and flowrider late afternoon is my kind of day. Thanks again for putting such time and thought into your review and responses. Despite the issues that you faced, it appears that you had a great time overall, and you’ve made me very excited for my trip. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Hi MoonCruiser0906, What a bummer of a cruise. I could see one or two of the mishaps that you experienced being par for the course, but things really piled up for you. And it seems like the staff often made things worse, not better. I appreciate you taking the time to write about your frustrating experience. I’m happy to read that other aspects of your vacation were so enjoyable. As I’m going to be on Symphony traveling the same itinerary this summer, I was wondering if you could tell me how you would do things differently if you were locked into a cruise on Symphony. Do you recommend specialty dining? Or are there dishes in the MDR, Solarium, Mexican place, and/or cafes that you do recommend (I’m not really a Windjammer person)? It sounds like bringing as much good, local wine as allowed at embarkation would be wise. How about your port excursions? Do you have any recommendations? Any restaurants or experiences that one shouldn’t miss? Based on your review, I will check the phone the first day, communicate clearly with the room attendant about my expectations, get to the Solarium early for breakfast (before the dishes pile up), rely on the cruise compass (not the app), stick to freshly carved meats in the park cafe (and eat them quickly), have cocktail in-hand if I venture into the MDR, keep my expectations for the spa, skating and dancing events low, get to laser tag early, stay on high alert when entering or exiting Central Park at all times, and set aside some time to deal with the seemingly inevitable overcharge for towels. This is good stuff. Thank you. Any other recommendations that you have would be very much appreciated.
  5. Et tu stp_mmh5? Then fall Caesar. Or at least my quest for one. I’ll just bring clam juice on board. There’s a convoluted/brilliant Bloody Mary cruise-hack on Cruise Critic that I may have to try. I can’t read the 2-page cruise compass postings. Anyone else having the same problem? Any chance you guys have a higher resolution?
  6. I’m from the states. Went to school with Canadians who introduced me to the Caesar. To avoid unwanted delivery of romaine salads with croutons, orders should be made in the lower 48 as Bloody Caesar. American appropriation rears it’s ugly head once more. Shane, you keep providing answers, and I have so many questions... If you were to order your perfect meal at a specialty restaurant for 7 people, what/where should it be? Assume you happy to share. If you could party one place from 10pm-1am on board, where would it be?
  7. Still loving the review. Actually zooming in and reading the fine print on all of the crew-only maps. So thank you. And thanks for answering my silly questions. Even more, thanks for going out of your way to ask crew members my silly questions. I swear I didn’t make up Bloody Caesars. They’re very big in Canada. Niagra Falls area. Please let us know if you had any Barcelona highlights. And enjoy Venice!
  8. Thanks for the answers! The french onion soup is right up my alley, and my wife loves osso buco so much she once asked for seconds of it... on an airplane, so the Symphony version is bound to be a hit. Thanks for the tips, and for the El Loco Fresh update. So, you liked it? Have you stopped by there other than in the morning? Regarding my suggested Bloody Caesar inquiry, I am aware that my holy grail may be your tilting-at-windmills, but if you do happen by Hooked, I'm thinking they may offer the drink, as they may be the only place on the boat with the spare clam juice to work with. If you're looking for a tapas place in the gothic quarter of Barcelona, check out El Xampanyet!
  9. Macon and Shane, Thank you for the hilarious review. What’s your favorite part of the ship so far? Favorite dish? Happy to wait until the end of the cruise for these answers. I’ll be following along. I would love more detail about El Loco Fresh. Even if it’s not all positive. I’m very curious about what the lunch/snack options are. Also, if you happen to find a bartender with a free moment, I’d love to know if they serve a Bloody Caesar on board anywhere. Has anything replaced the Dreamworks characters found on other Oasis class ships? Any word of any character breakfasts? How full would you estimate the ship is? It looks pretty empty! All these questions! I guess I’m Symphony thirsty! Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience with such wit and responsiveness. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  10. I prefer a Bloody Caesar (Clamato instead of RCI Bloody Mary mix) to a standard Bloody Mary. If you happen to be on Symphony, would you mind asking if there’s anywhere on board that serves a Caesar? If they do, I highly recommend trying one! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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