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  1. What a great review! I especially loved the way you related the story of your DB. Hope he enjoyed Victoria - can’t believe everything worked out for him so well! A few questions: other than the chocolate pudding, any dishes during the week that you particularly liked? Did the kids you were with enjoy anything particular in Victoria? When you say you booked I-Fly last minute, do you mean on the ship or before you departed?
  2. The way this thread has been carried by such a dedicated group of current and former Ovation cruisers is a real testament to the cruise critic community. A huge thank you to Hoopster95, twangster, AlanF65, Biker19, drusierdmd, and Sunny AZ Girl. All of your comments and pictures are very much appreciated. Can one of you break down the Key on Ovation in Alaska? Do you (they) get front-of-line aces to the Sea Plex, flowrider, Northstar, and/or iFly? Are there seats set aside for key holders for the shows that can’t be reserved (everything but Pixel)? Where are the reserved Key seats for Pixel? Are any of you aware of how often the flowrider has been in operation and available to Key/non-key riders? Is there a type of wetsuit that is most appropriate for the Alaska itinerary (shorty, 2mm, 3/2mm, 4/3mm, etc.)? Finally, I hope you and any other current or recent cruiser on Ovation will answer a few questions about your experience (so far): Favorite Ovation crew member you have interacted with: Buy Voom or just download Netflix shows when in port and chill? Do you recommend the Key? Favorite place for a meal: Favorite dish: Favorite drink: Favorite experience: The thing that has surprised you the most so far:
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