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  1. Just go mine back today. Passport office received my Doc's on 7-19-19 and I got Passport in my mailbox on 8-23-19 and I did not do expedited service.
  2. Has anyone recently renewed their passport? If so how long did it take? Did you expedite it?
  3. I find it to be mixed, sometimes I could get a water with a drink and sometimes not. I tried to get a spiked coffee and a monster energy drink at the same time and had to wait at the 5 minutes at the coffee shop on the Breeze 2 weeks ago. While at the casino bar never had an issue getting a bottle of water with a drink.
  4. You will have Christine Hetfield. She is pretty good, I think.
  5. Carnival to charge for all room service! Starting mid January.
  6. Price guarantee does not work with group space.
  7. Look for TA's with group space. Their Balcony's are cheaper than Carnivals inside cabins. Plus some have $200.00obc. TA's Balcony's are over a $1000.00 cheaper than Carnival right now, if you can find one that still has any group space left for the 6-3-20 sailings. I know of a few people still have some left for that price.
  8. Worked with mine, at least I was able to add it to my card deals by using the link.
  9. Sounds great but lets see if it really happens.
  10. I made a 10:10am flight out of FLL and my ship sailed from Miami, I am Diamond and had #1 tags, did not do self assist. I also have Global Entry and TSA Pre check. I used Uber for my ride to the Airport, the lines were short at FLL. FLL has new TSA security area now that just opened I think it has more scanners now. Now, if I did not get free stand by on Southwest I never would have tried it, but I was at the airport by 8:50am and through security by 9:10am and the ship was the Horizon.
  11. I get a Mans cut all the time, out of like 14 cuts I have on a ship I have had 1 that I was just a little unhappy with and it was not that bad just a little longer on top and did not ever have a chance to go back to get it fixed. I always try to get a cut on the ship!
  12. We still have to get at least 16 cabins pre booked before this is a sure thing. Plus if you do not book within our group you may not see much of James Q. He will be doing most of our private times, if this all pans out in the next few days. I know this to be fact as I am the group leader.
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