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  1. I am Happy to report that after a few trip to GS This issue has been resolved! YAY! Everything is back!
  2. Just also found out that a friend on mine stayed on for the 7 and signed up for bottomless bubbles for the 7 day and the bubly water is not included in the Bottomless Bubbles package like it should be?
  3. On the 1st day everything that should have been included in you cheer's package was included. On the second day a many items that should been included were only 25% off, like Propel drinks and Starbucks Frappuccino plus other items you could only purchase at a 25% discount with cheer's
  4. So I am saying what was promised is not being delivered the cut a lot of the products out of that list.
  5. I could have used just bottle I guess. My meaning just any drink that is sealed and not hand made or mixed by someone
  6. None of this is included any on the Panorama as of right now Naked Mighty Mango Naked Strawberry Banana Half Naked Lively Greens Half Naked Peach with Ginger Pure Leaf Honey Green Tea+ Pure Leaf Tea & Lemonade+ Pure Leaf Unsweetened Black Tea+ Pure Leaf Sweet Tea Propel Electrolyte Water+ Propel Strawberry Raspberry+ Propel Peach Mango+ Starbucks Frappuccino+
  7. Just off the 3 Day Panorama Inaugural, I enjoyed the ship, best in it class as far as I am concerned. On to cheer's. This is the 1st ship with the new Pepsi line up and on the 1st day all was great you could order any Non-Alcoholic pre bottled drinks you wanted as in the large Starbucks coffee drinks, propel waters and other pre bottled drinks from the coffee shop. But on the second day that all came to a halt and a lot of the new products where no longer included and Cheer's now had a very limited selection of what was included in the pre bottle drink category, anything that was not now included was 25% off. Please don't ask what was and was not included as I did not ask about every product on every shelf at the coffee shop. ALSO THIS DID NOT APPLY TO ANY ALCOHOLIC OR ANY HAND MADE DRINKS ON THE SHIP OR IN THE COFFEE SHOP! Only applied to some of the brilliant new line up of products that come with the Pepsi change over. Also NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL THE SHIPS GET PEPSI. So please don't say I just came off X ship and I could buy anything I wanted on Cheer's because the only ship that has Pepsi is the Panorama until closer to the 1st of the year. This not a complaint I still got my monies worth on cheer's but I was disappointing that everything will not be included as before with the Coke line up. Maybe Carnival will rethink this before the full switch over but for now this is the way it is on the Panorama.
  8. Just started less than a year ago. There is no 4 am bar anymore on any ship that sails out of the US(used to be the bar closest to the pizza). The Casino bar is now the last bar open I have seen it close as early as 1:40 am and as late as around 3 am. The casino tells the bar when to close. You can get room service drinks until 4am, but you can not use cheers to pay for the drinks from room service. I am one who stays up til the last bar closes every night and go on several cruises a year, so I know this to be true. Also there is no and has never been a 24hr bar on a Carnival ship during a normal sailing. Maybe in the 80's or on a charter but not on a public sailing.
  9. Just go mine back today. Passport office received my Doc's on 7-19-19 and I got Passport in my mailbox on 8-23-19 and I did not do expedited service.
  10. Has anyone recently renewed their passport? If so how long did it take? Did you expedite it?
  11. I find it to be mixed, sometimes I could get a water with a drink and sometimes not. I tried to get a spiked coffee and a monster energy drink at the same time and had to wait at the 5 minutes at the coffee shop on the Breeze 2 weeks ago. While at the casino bar never had an issue getting a bottle of water with a drink.
  12. You will have Christine Hetfield. She is pretty good, I think.
  13. Carnival to charge for all room service! Starting mid January.
  14. Price guarantee does not work with group space.
  15. Look for TA's with group space. Their Balcony's are cheaper than Carnivals inside cabins. Plus some have $200.00obc. TA's Balcony's are over a $1000.00 cheaper than Carnival right now, if you can find one that still has any group space left for the 6-3-20 sailings. I know of a few people still have some left for that price.
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