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  1. jlp20

    Accessible cabins

    A three second Google search got this result: Our November 2004 article discussed the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit's decision in Spector v. Norwegian Cruise Lines, Ltd., 356 F.3d 641 (5th Cir. 2004), which held that the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) does not apply to foreign-flag cruise ships serving U.S. ports. That decision stood in stark contrast to the decision of the Eleventh Circuit in Steven v. Premier Cruises, Inc., 215 F.3d 1237 (11th Cir. 2000), wherein that court held just the opposite. Michael A. Orlando Maritime Law August 2005 To resolve the conflicting circuit court rulings, the Supreme Court granted certiorari and, in June 2005, theoretically resolved the split by holding that foreign cruise lines that dock at U.S. ports must provide better access to handicapped people. Spector v. Norwegian Cruise Line, Ltd., 125 S. Ct. 2169 (2005). However, the various Justices' opinions fell short of specifically stating what kind of modifications must be made to foreign cruise ships to bring them into compliance with the ADA.
  2. jlp20

    Accessible cabins

    The first issue is there is no "law" covering the vast majority of these ships. Only a handful that sail under American registry must operate under ADA requirements. All the others have some "corporate" policy as far as booking. We see the statements on websites, that could possibly be defended as advertising or "puffing". While I know first hand the boiler plate statement Princess makes at booking, there is no mention of accessible cabins in the actual "cruise contract".
  3. jlp20

    walkie talkie

    Since nobody appears to know what a repeater is. A network of antennas hardwired to each other about every 50 feet on each deck. A low powered radio transmission (most likely a UHF) is picked up and is rebroadcast throughout the ship. It is passive and can't be overloaded. System is setup to rebroadcast only certain frequencies the ship has set. Your common walkie talkie uses the same channels CB radios use.
  4. jlp20

    P & O cabin allocation question

    You booked guaranteed. So any cabin of the same grade or above can be ASSIGNED. The cruise line has done what you bargained for. I suggest you look at the deck plans for this cabin. While the bathroom may have a different design, look at the width of the cabin compared to the surrounding rooms. I would call this good luck, just know they can move you again at their desecration.
  5. Did a review a few years ago, CB, cabin Caribe 436. "While on the subject of the balcony, we booked on the Caribe deck for that extra space. Everyone talks about halves, thirds and percents when describing the cover of Caribe balconies. While packing I happened to eye the sewing kit while we were gathering our stuff. Anyway, I grabbed one of those cloth-measuring strips that you roll up and take up no space at all. Drum roll please, on the CB, the standard balcony has a usable width of 8'11". The extra deep Caribe balcony measures 9'5". Dolphin deck, below, has a depth of 6'1". Baja, above, has a balcony depth of 4'4". So, the overhang above Caribe balcony isn't quite 50%, it's close enough as a description. "
  6. jlp20

    walkie talkie

    As stated, your standard two ways just aren't powerful enough to work. What you'll discover is no matter the size of the ship, it's not that big. Depending on the time of day, you'll find your party will only be in a handful of locations. Never took me longer than 10 minutes to find someone.
  7. jlp20

    Accessible cabins

    You first must understand that there is no "law" regarding phone rep who can get accessible cabins. Each cruise line has their own "policy" that any one phone rep may or may not follow. However, U.S. privacy laws prevent them requiring proof. Since they do not want to expose them self to any legal action, they give the mandatory boiler plate statement about accessible cabins then take the booking. I know this has been the way they have operated for the last 15 years.
  8. Like this? came as part of our huge roller
  9. No answer here. Just looking at one of my old reviews. Left the house, drove 14 miles to the port, dropped off bags, parked car, proceeded through check-in, went through security, posed for photographer and got on the ship in 50 minutes.
  10. jlp20

    Last minute cruise fares

    Sounds like you haven't been around that long. In a nutshell, price fluctuate from the day the cruise dates are released to the moment of push back. Whole formula of days left vs number of unsold cabins. So your looking for a ship people don't want to be on going somewhere no one wants to go to during the off season. Supply and demand, simple
  11. jlp20

    Fiction books set on cruise ships?

    Shock Wave by Clive Cussler
  12. Don't know if you were around when they were instituted. Whole thing came about do to cheap American pax sneaking off the ship. Right or wrong, ship's stewards make their money from tips. I can do simple math, so I know total cruise cost the fare plus fees, taxes and tips.
  13. OK, I know Ruby is not OM ready yet, but some things have been installed. Cruise card has to be placed on door screen to unlock? Have they installed the large screens in the public areas yet? Drink runners , do they swipe your card or use the chip?
  14. All it takes is a bogus warning light in that airplane to miss a flight. Not to mention missing a ride, weather or document mixups.