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  1. If you don't know, the ship and the Los Angeles cruise center are totally separate from each other. The land operation is staffed by the cruise line and have no connection with the ship and the building is owned by the city. The wheel chairs are owned by the cruise center and used only to get pax on board. I do not know who is/is not union member. These two facts lend to believe you as a pax do not touch them. We have used this port about 7 times and have never had to wait more than ten minutes for check in. We can recall four locations where there are benches. Sounds like there was a delay in opening check-in which caused a domino effect for all the pax. Just saying the cruise center is a building with some wheel chairs for use by authorized personnel. The "cruise center" had nothing to do with your embarkation issues. Complain to the cruise line YOU used.
  2. There are two separate lots for parking. When you arrive, stay in the outside lanes. You will see porters around the berth listed for your ship. Drop off all of your checked baggage there. Drop off other passengers at berth 93 where they will be processed. By now you will have seen signs if the main lot is open for your sailing. If not, secondary lot is just to the North and there is a shuttle if needed. We have used both without issue.
  3. Wouldn't know,but I do know how to add people to ignore list
  4. As a rule, anything that produces heat id prohibited.
  5. From the hundreds of articles and thousands of posts I've read, sick and injured pax are removed from the ship ASAP. It appears the industry goes out of it's way to reduce any exposure to law suit. I suggest that the moment the evacuation decision was made, any possible mode of transportation were compared. What ever mode got the pax off the ship the fastest was chosen.
  6. Bothered to read ENTIRE article. A one year grace period was given to straighten out issue.
  7. Corporate policy of individual cruise lines. Look at the cruise contract of what ever line your looking at. On Princess, the under age pax gets cruise card of different color.
  8. Because of the door vs scooter width problem, every accessible cabin I have seen is situated at hallway intersections or elevator mezzanine. Scooter must have straight on shot at cabin entrance. If at mid hallway, you have to steer the front of the scooter into doorway then physically lift and move the rear to align with doorway
  9. Educated guess, tree/palm trunk. One end water logged, the other weathered and wave worn to point.
  10. All Princess ships, ALL SCOOTERS must be stored in your cabin when not in use. Scooter has to be narrow enough to fit through the door. This usually means it won't fit if going in at an angle. Most accessible cabins are located near elevator banks to accommodate a scooter to approach at a full 90 degrees. Normal scooters take 7-9 square feet of floor space. A normal cabin simply has zero free space to spare. You and anyone else in that cabin would quickly get tired of climbing over a scooter to do anything. We traveled once in a standard cabin with device, never again.
  11. The new cruise cards have two very low power RF chips. The OM has the same two RF chips plus a Bluetooth chip. That chip has 10-15 foot range. Internal batteries have limited life, any issue a new card can be programmed on board.
  12. I would suggest the ship's doctor did what was required. I further suggest staff informed husband of the plan and the option of an airlift that family would have to pay for. I would also point out that historically, medical staff has gone out of their way to remove any pax with any serious medical issues.
  13. What are you wearing? If any of you are going in to dining room, dress is the same for all. If any of you can't or won't meet that code, there are other options for you.
  14. The idea behind this, what if there is a delay/loss of luggage getting to cabin: ALL medication Delicate electronics All important papers/cash One change of clothes There is no real need for "dinner" clothes, any dress code is lax the first night.
  15. The old lock had slot where you inserted cruise card. The "Do Not Disturb" card either went into this slot or a larger placard went on door handle. There were posts that when new locks were installed, the do not disturb signs were removed.
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