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  1. Some very loyal Azamara cruiser friends of mine have just come back from a Princess cruise and had a wonderful time. I am certainly going to consider them in future. I don’t expect the Azamara experience but that’s OK because I’m increasingly finding that other cruise lines have there own great experiences and I like trying them out. Makes you wonder why Azamara even bothered changing the Speciality Menu when clearly the most popular dishes are still the old favourites. Goat’s Cheese Soufflé, Lobster Ravioli, Dover Sole and Grand Marnier Soufflé is my idea of Heaven on a plate.
  2. Well that looks very interesting. Thanks for the video link. It’s almost like being “home on Azamara”. I’m going to take a look at cruises on Pacific Princess.
  3. Winchester is also close to Southampton ....just a short train ride away and is a beautiful cathedral city with Jane Austen heritage. It’s a lovely place to spend a few days pre cruise.
  4. Glad the weather on your cruise has improved anyway. Mary sent me funny pix of the Crossing The Line ceremony earlier. As an aside, I booked a late Fred Olsen deal cruise two weeks ago. I’m taking my mother. I specifically picked a cabin type (superior OV), the location and ticked the “do not upgrade box”. Yesterday Fed Olsen informed me that they had upgraded me free of charge to a balcony cabin. Normally I would be pleased at this, but not this time for a very specific reason. I rang them, prepared to do battle but there was no need. They apologised, said there had been a mistake and gave me back my booked OV cabin. They also gave me free WiFi for the 13 night voyage as a “sorry for my inconvenience”. That’s the way to do it! Why Azamara do not throw in free WiFi for Platinum members is just beyond me.
  5. Actually you will hear that. It’s often sung on White Night complete with all the actions! 😂
  6. Andalusia intensive with the Cadiz Feria in February ( not with Azamara), land holiday in The States in April, France Intensive on Journey in June and I’m going to do some late deals and a river cruise as well. Early Retirement is fun! 😂
  7. Oh that’s wonderful. Well done to the medical team onboard and all good wishes to Eric’s Dad.
  8. Oh no. So sad to hear this but at least San Diego has excellent cardiac services and they were close to land. All good thoughts for a speedy recovery for Eric’s father.
  9. Personally I much prefer Discoveries for a leisurely breakfast with service. I hope they don’t continue with a buffet type breakfast there. That is what Windows cafe is for.
  10. Not all disabilities are visible so please bear that in mind. A year or two ago I was told off very harshly for getting the lift for just two decks by a rather large man. He was walking with a stick and told me he had arthritis and that I looked fit enough to take the stairs and should do so. I actually had cancer and was undergoing horrible, intensive treatment which caused severe pain and fatigue. I could barely walk I felt so ill....but on the surface I looked healthy. He really upset me by telling me off for getting in the lift when it was crowded with older people. I did not feel like announcing to a crowded lift that I had cancer of course, so I said nothing but I burst into tears when I got back to my cabin. So please realise some people have to get the lift for one deck and may appear healthy, but actually are not. A friend has Multiple Sclerosis but looks fit and healthy. She has relapsing remitting MS and can have three or four good months, when she can walk well and then de can be very poorly and even bed ridden for a month. She looks young, fit and healthy most of the time but sometimes she is very ill. Much worse than arthritis!
  11. When we were at Ijmuiden I thought of Port Talbot steel works as well! You must be Welsh. 😂
  12. Just returned two weeks ago from an Aurora cruise to Amsterdam. Booked two weeks before on a saver fare.The port for Amsterdam was of course Ijmuiden (apparently pronounced Eyemooder) The shuttle buses were free to all passengers, whether saver or select fare and ran frequently, although there were big queues for the first few buses. Journey to Amsterdam took about 40-50 mins depending on traffic and dropped people off near the Central station, so a good location to walk around the city.
  13. Thank you Bonnie, but that’s actually pretty pointless now. My issue was in August after my July Pursuit cruise and needed to be resolved at the time. Thanks to you and Sandra for the offer though. I fear she may be rather busy with queries and problems from the U.K. sector now we have sadly lost the admirable Richard Twynam and his U.K. team.
  14. Really sad to hear this news about Richard Twynam and the loss of the U.K. based centre. They have been very helpful to myself and many other U.K. based customers in the past and I for one think this is another negative action of Azamara. I don’t hold out much hope of getting the kind of response from Miami or the LCV hosts that we had in Richard Twynam and his team. In fact I am still waiting for a response from the LCV team from an email I sent them in August!
  15. Sue, I really do feel for you and your disappointed children. If you can't find something else suitable for you all at this late date then I hope you can have a fun staycation at home anyway.
  16. I know someone onboard who is a Consultant Trauma Surgeon. He is due in work on Saturday night managing a large A&E dept. His wife absolutely refuses to fly so it looks like he is flying home alone and she’s staying onboard until Southampton.
  17. Well you shouldn’t be able to get antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription....anywhere. That’s part of the resistance problem.... people buying antibiotics with no idea whether they are appropriate for their medical condition.
  18. Very sorry to hear that FluffyFiFi. I know how difficult it is to organise everything like time off work together. You must be so disappointed. I bet you and your daughter look gorgeous though! Why not go out for a special meal as a family.... just to show off the hair and manicures?
  19. Absolutely Ann. The greatest danger to mankind today may not be climate change but diseases resistant to antibiotics due to overuse when they are not medically appropriate. A virus will not respond to antibiotics. Many bacterial infections are now close to fully resistant to antibiotics. The answer to viral chest infections, common colds, Norovirus etc is simple. Isolate yourself from infecting others, strict hand washing and general hygiene, plenty of fluids and rest. It’s most certainly not taking antibiotics.
  20. Many passengers travelling a long distance to Southampton have no choice but to stay in a hotel overnight. Why SHOULD they be out of pocket when their cruise is cancelled through no fault of their own? P&O are notorious for not compensating passengers properly...for example it is very rare for them to refund the port fees for missed ports, which many other cruise lines do routinely. It seems that Ventura is staying in port in Tenerife for the repairs to be undertaken. Then presumably a slow return to Southampton arriving next Tuesday. I’d much rather be stuck in Tenerife too P&O Sue ....LOL but I do feel very sorry for the passengers who had their little pre Christmas jaunt cancelled.
  21. I hope they also compensate the passengers for travel arrangements and hotels booked. Often with the excess on travel insurance it is not worth claiming smaller amounts but no passengers should be out of pocket due to the problems with Ventura.
  22. Update from a passenger onboard. Ventura is still in Tenerife for repairs and passengers have been told she will not be getting back to Southampton until next Tuesday. This will obviously severely impact the next cruise, as passengers were expecting to board this Friday. Feel very sorry for them...but the passengers already onboard Ventura are enjoying their extended cruise and the sunshine of Tenerife. Must be quite significant engine propulsion problems though.
  23. Lottie A


    True, I have been to a lot of places Phil (but not quite as many as you!) but I would really like to do something like the Greek Islands cruise we all did a few years ago for late summer or early autumn 2020 or 2021. It was such a lovely itinerary but the Greek Islands do seem very expensive nowadays...and not just on Azamara either. I nearly passed out with shock at the price when getting a solo quote for a Corinth Canal Cruise on Fred Olsen!
  24. On Pursuit in the summer I regularly had dinner with 3 people with gluten intolerance. I don’t have that condition but the waiter just bought gluten free bread rolls for the whole table, so I tried them. I must say I thought they were actually much better than the ordinary bread rolls!
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