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  1. We received an upsell offer for Grand Princess 15-day cruise to Hawaii from balcony to mini suite for $399 per person. I'd like the extra space but not for an additional $800!
  2. Thank you for this wonderful review. Like several other readers, I had never considered this itinerary but you have converted me!
  3. Jeannie, so sorry to read about your setback and missing Tahiti, but I know you will recover quickly and make the most of your time. Take care.
  4. Seems to be in use now headed to Hawaii according to Pescado Amarillo's current blog.
  5. We have a balcony cabin on Grand Princess and are considering renting a recliner. Does it fit through the door of a non- HC accessible cabin? Thank you for any insights.
  6. I understand that if you aren't quick enough to get the free tickets 60 days in advance, there's a chance to walk up on the day of your visit and get tickets to the Arizona memorial. If those run out, can you still visit the Missouri, Bowfin, and other sights at Pearl Harbor?
  7. I am trying to get a travel insurance policy transfer from a cruise we cancelled to a new cruise we booked on a different line. My deadline to purchase a new policy to get pre-existing conditions covered is June 3, and now I'm getting concerned that we won't get a decision about transferring the existing policy in time. Assuming I don't hear anything, should I buy a new policy on June 3 and use the 10-day review time as a buffer to buy a little more time? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like the soda package won't be helpful, as canned drinks are not included and Sprite Zero is not offered as a fountain drink? But I can pre-order sixpacks so that is a positive.
  9. I have searched but didn't find an answer regarding availability of Sprite Zero onboard. I appreciate any responses. Thanks!
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