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  1. I had the Owners Suite 12000 in May of 2016. This is a very nice cabin and I loved the Jacuzzi on the deck, so easy to use and a nice treat. I liked the location and it was so easy to go out to the pool deck. It has sort of a private entrance with an easy to get to elevator that people on the other floors don't really use. The one think I didn't like was there there was no sink at the bar and no hard liquor with the Owners Suite due to the Hawaiian laws, just bottles of wine. I think 12502 the mirror image is a tad better for viewing the Napali coast but I have heard that they turn the sh
  2. Just booked an August 2022 Northern European Cruise on Disney. I did the British Isles in 2019 with my DH and another couple. It was one of the best cruises ever. I have done the Magic I think 4 times and the Wonder once or twice. What I do like is that in off season there are fewer children. I like the smaller ships and the Disney ships are so well maintained and clean. The Staff are happy and the cabins are well maintained. The food is comparable to any of the other good lines but the service is amazing. The prices are a little higher because Disney doesn't have a Casino and I think
  3. Lost a 54 year old friend to Covid....a visiting family member with a "cold" exposed him and he ended up losing his life. The last 2 weeks of his life in an induced coma. No family could visit or comfort him BUT for the fact that 2 shots would have kept him from dying, not from getting the Corona Virus he would be with us today. I have Sisters that refuse the vaccine and that is their right. I figure that after consulting with a Hematologist, Cardiologist and a Family Practitioner who all have taken the vaccine that their understanding of the science is beyond my understanding and I do a l
  4. Great responses and I am glad to see that people are anxious to get on the ships again. I am so ready to go somewhere. I hope that the prices don't go up so much that it makes going on a cruise unaffordable. Time will tell.
  5. Great responses to this question. I am not too concerned about cruising other than I would like to be able to do the self directed excursions. I hadn't thought about the having children issue and wow, that is a whole other fence to jump over. I love seeing the kind and thoughtful perspective to the question.
  6. The one restriction that is holding me back, is the have to use Cruise Line excursions only. The inability to get off the ship and explore independently is one of the perks of sailing that is a biggie for me. I do get the reasons for....NO need to explain the safety precautions and the mandated risk management issued by the cruise lines and CDC for all Countries. I am saying this is the one issue that will make me wait to cruise. What is your "why" to wait to book your next cruise?
  7. I am sitting in the same boat...It isn't the Cruise companies that concern me as I think once this crisis abates, cruising will be available again. My concern is how our Government hasn't taken care of her Citizens that are in need of coming home. I understand this is an act of nature, but letting some Covid-19 people off the ships and then forcing others to remain at sea is a big issue for me. I will most likely take a cruise again, BUT not for a long time. I want things to settle down and I don't want to be stuck at sea for potentially months due to no policy or procedure for American Ci
  8. I would find the owner of the travel agency and have them make the change. This can be done. I wouldn't use this TA again. Seems to me that once you have the confirmation numbers the TA has control over the booking, he needs to fix this.
  9. We were on the Breakaway in September....Library closed and there were were no immediate plans to open it. There was a book exchange in front of Le Bistro at 2:00 every day. Essentially books and games left on a table....Not impressed. I loved the quiet libraries on board the ships.
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