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  1. We are using the park and cruise option for the first time, we usually just park at the port. What is an appropriate tip for the driver?
  2. The ticket books are only available at the Hamilton ferry and bus terminals or some post offices. We usually take the ferry to Hamilton on the first day and buy the number of books we need for the rest of the stay. We could never ride the bus or ferry enough to pay for a 2 or 3 day pass.
  3. jtheile

    Trans Pass?

    The bus fare page on the Govt of Bermuda site contradicts itself for the child fare. On the top figure it shows child fares for 5-16 years old but further down it shows 5-15. Another option if you are going through Hamilton is to buy ticket books, they don't sell them at the port. It really all depends on what you want to do and how many stops you plan to make. Bermuda transportation fares
  4. Can you pay with a $5 bill on the ferry? I thought at one time you could only pay with coins.
  5. The Local(O'Sheehans) and at least one of the main dining rooms will be open for lunch on embarkation day.
  6. We've used Restless Native Catamaran before for snorkeling and had a great trip, they also offer sunset cruises.
  7. I have used Park N Cruise which is a couple of miles away which is an option if the port is full. I used it because it was cheaper not because the port was full.
  8. I can't offer any info as I have never done it but here is their website. https://dolphinquest.com/bermuda/
  9. From the NCL latitudes page "For day, time and location, please come to the CruiseNext desk in the Atrium by 9:00 pm on embarkation day or by 9:00 pm on the second day of the cruise for Pride of America"
  10. Traffic to and from Manhattan port has not been an issue for us on the four cruises we have done that left on Saturday or Sunday. In a post on the East Coast departures board the OP stated they were looking to cruise spring break.
  11. We usually drive from Ohio to NY to cruise and have gone during spring break, June, and September. We prefer NCL so we go from Manhattan which is nice because you sail past the Statue of Liberty. We typically stay in NJ the night before then drive into NYC the morning of the cruise. For parking we have used both the port and private lots, the port lot is more expensive but is very convenient. This year we are trying a park, stay and cruise hotel in NJ which works out cheaper.
  12. Wouldn't it be kind of hard to leave the ship each night while at sea?
  13. But what about the behind the scenes people that also share in the service charge? If you don't see them how can you tip them? Also the ship employees do not pay US taxes except on the Pride of America in Hawaii.
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