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  1. I guess I am in the minority. I was planning on dining at Sabatini's Trattoria at least three times on my 13 night cruise on CB coming up. But several items that I really enjoyed on Golden Princess last year (the Veal Vallet, the Calamari with fried vegges and falafel app) are gone now, replaced by items with names similar to the menu in Italian chain restaurants. And isn't Princess Favorites just a code for "food with the same preparation and ingredients as what is served in the MDR" 🤔
  2. The omission of one crucial fact is coloring many of the responses: Where are you staying on the 25th and 26th? A Ft Lauderdale hotel? A different hotel other than the Intercontinental near PortMiami? I had to read and reread the entire thread several times before realizing you are not actually staying at the IC, just returning the rental there. Which leaves a huge gap in what we know about your plans.
  3. The suggestion to repost your question on this forum was made prior to our host moving this thread here from the Princess board where it was started by the OP. Oh wait--that was you. I was merely trying to suggest that there are much better alternatives that starting your cruise riding a hot crowded shared shuttle on which it is all but guaranteed that your ship will not be its first stop. I have personally sworn off them since taking one from the airport to a pre-cruise hotel way back in 2000. The driver pulled up to the service entrance not the lobby entrance, flung our bags into the gutter and demanded a 100% tip (this was a very premium hotel where the shuttle was not free). And this was in a US city with a far better reputation for customer service than South Florida--so I can only imagine what the war stories are from down here.
  4. My preferred location on all Princess ships is Emerald Deck near the aft elevators/stairs. On the different iterations of the Grand-class I take an Obstructed Balcony. When I was on Royal Princess in November 2017 I booked an Obstructed Oceanview in the same location. Nobody is being forced to choose a cabin location they do not want (subject to what has already been booked up of course). To argue that simply replacing the Deck 8 Obstructed OVs with Obstructed Balconies does so is irrational.
  5. The Deck 8 Obstructed Oceanview cabins on previous Princess builds have been replaced by Obstructed-view Balcony cabins. That is simply the new norm in shipbuilding. And not some "conspiracy" to replace OV cabins with higher priced ones--I have seen Caribbean sailings on the Royal-class ships where the fare difference between Inside and Obstructed Balcony was little more than $5/pp/pd. So more or less the same cost as the OV cabins in the same location on the older ships.
  6. answer easily found on the property-specific web page https://hamptoninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/florida/hampton-inn-ft-lauderdale-plantation-FLLPTHX/index.html If you’re traveling to and from the airport, our free airport shuttle runs daily from 8:00am to 10:00pm. Port Everglades Cruise Port is found just 20 minutes away by car. Our cruising guests will appreciate our one-way shuttle to Port Everglades running every hour starting at 8:00am ($5 per person fee applies). There are three other Hampton Inns much closer to Port Everglades (don't know which of the three was referenced in post #3) so why stay in the suburbs and have to worry about shared transport unless the savings is truly significant--though without knowing what time of year you are cruising we can't fully answer that question either.
  7. Are you asking about the hotels along Federal Highway in Dania Beach? Or the hotels at the interchange of I-95 and either Griffin or Stirling Roads (at the latter those on the north side of Stirling have Dania Beach addresses, the south side Hollywood addresses)? Big difference in amenities and safety of neighborhood.
  8. deleted--is cruise critic ever going to fix the problem of the 'edit' and 'quote' buttons being literally millimeters apart in the same tiny print
  9. According to the US Princess website there are exactly three cabins available (oceanview, not inside) for the 46 night round-trip Freemante sailing that starts a few days later & ends a few earlier than the 55 nighter. The 55 night version that sails round-trip Adelaide is showing completely sold out. I'm guessing you are searching TA websites? (Please note it is against cruise critic rules to mention those sites by name). Any cruise with so little availability three months before final payment/six months before sailing is almost certainly not going to be discounted. Likely there is a waiting list for balcony cabins and suites. Long cruises such as this one designed to cater to the Australia market (Sun Princess is based Down Under year round, the onboard currency is AU$ and activities and entertainment more than a bit different than the rest of the Princess fleet) tend to book up very fast as soon as the itineraries are released. You may want to start researching cruises in the region for 2021 now; the late 2021/early 2022 Princess Australia deployments will be out in 4 or 5 months as well. (welcome to Cruise Critic by the way)
  10. Have you ever sailed a Transatlantic before? I wouldn't think it the best way to try a new cruise line for the first time (other than the Queen Mary 2, the exception to most all rules...but I digress). Oceania is a premium line, though not a luxury/all inclusive. But several of their touts love to pepper the boards with posts that any Travel Agent worth the time it takes to call them should get your gratuities paid and a beverage package (though not necessarily the top one) included. Making Oceania on a par with Princess, net cost-wise. However if you weren't planning on purchasing a lot of extras on Sky Princess I would choose the cruise and line (and fare) I was more familiar with. Try Oceania on a shorter cruise more balanced between port and sea days.
  11. The SS Dolphin IV in 1989, the first cruise I paid for out of my own meager post-college wages rather than with my family. A 13,000 ton ship built in 1956. It seems every online source gives a different total passenger capacity in her final form; the most reliable (based on sales materials when she moved to Port Canaveral from Miami in the 90s) was 558 lower berth pax, 692 if all berths sold. I remember at the first night's show the CD called up all singles to the dance floor and had us all introduce ourselves to each other. For the rest of the cruise it seemed like half the people I passed in the hallway called out my name. Honestly I didn't know whether to be amused or creeped out by it--I know today it would be the latter. I guess I take more comfort in the anonymity of larger ships these days. I must say that Dolphin Cruise Line had a lot of fans in Florida in the 1980 and early 90s. Despite very mixed (at best) reviews I thought both the food and the helpful crew were at least as good as what you get from the opening-price-point cruise lines today.
  12. The differences in the public rooms both surrounding the Piazza and on the highest decks (above Lido) are considerably more than a smidge. Though admittedly 50-ish more cabins on a ship that large is a mere drop in the bucket. Honesty I don't know why the architects didn't find a way to add balconies on those eight Sun-deck cabins. (Guess they just wanted to be just distinct enough from Royal & Regal to add some confusion)
  13. Sky has a lower berth capacity that is 100 persons higher than Royal and Regal. Thus approximately 50 more cabins. Which includes six forward facing OV cabins, plus two window suites. All on Deck 17. I assume when you surveyed the deck plans to find the answer you may not have gone all the way to the top of the ship. Thus the reason Oceanview is a selectable cabin class on Sky. For those eight cabins alone.
  14. To my knowledge the only ships with the card-operated switch inside the cabin are Royal and Regal Princess. Subsequent builds that will have the Medallion online from launch will not need them. And retrofitted ships have the little white disk in the ceiling (in both the cabin and the bathroom) to detect the presence of the Medallion--how else would the find-your-mate function (or most others) work? My post didn't mean to imply that the internal detectors also functioned to open and close the door. I am assuming that because when the last occupant leaves the cabin the door detector locks itself it would also turn off the lights as well. So there must additionally be a "sleep" function for Medallions that remain motionless for a certain amount of time, else what would be the point (a question I continue to struggle with and don't at all expect to learn the answer to when I board CB in two weeks).
  15. The two aft facing Oceanview cabins on Emerald deck were original, not added. There were two identical cabins on Baja deck but their windows were obliterated when the stern-facing balcony cabins were added.
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