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  1. Oh for pete's sake I was only making a play on the inadvertent misspelling in the opening post which resulting in the verbal adjective form of scrap being used instead of scrape. Perhaps one is supposed to give up sarcasm for this weekend...
  2. Was in The One5 Lounge when I sailed on Grand shortly after Skywalker's was removed. Though hopefully someone else will report if more recently it was elsewhere. I found the room even more dismal than Club 6 on the Royal, though a bit less overcrowded. Just be sure to check the invitation in your cabin for the location--and read the tiny print on the bottom which sometimes notes that on one night of your cruise it is held in an alternate venue.
  3. Was this on/near the bow or just somewhere along the side? On a vessel her size with a stark white hull even the most inconsequential glancing blow could leave quite a noticeable mark. A minor scrape is no reason to conjure up the thought of damages worthy of the scrap yard (see what I did there 🤐)
  4. Carnival Cruise Line does not own Princess Cruises. Carnival Corporation & plc owns both. Before being purchased by Carnival Corporation, Princess Cruises was owned by P&O. Which did operate a single loyalty program for its different brands of cruise ships. Part of the terms of Carnival Corp's purchase of Princess and P&O Europe was that the lines be operated separately, including separate loyalty programs--though cruises on P&O would add to one's status in the new Princess Captain's Circle up until a certain cut off date. So you still had passengers with a history on P&O being granted matching status on their first Princess cruise. Though that has more or less wound down now.
  5. Since you are sailing round trip San Francisco you will only experience the super late Alaska sunsets for two or three nights. Most of the rest of the cruise sunset will be similar to Northern California. Unlike the Voyage of the Glacier cruises between Whittier and Vancouver where as you say it will be twilight until close to midnight or even later, especially in May prior to the Summer Solstice (which is the best time to see Alaska, other than for fishing). Just be sure to head out on deck early enough to grab a blanket (or three) and enjoy the movie.
  6. Not all add ons are refundable. Beverage packages must be cancelled three days before the cruise or the money is lost. As the OP hints at the possibility of just pulling a "no show" rather than formally cancelling they may not receive refunds on any of the above beyond the Government Taxes and Fees. Though hopefully they knew not to prepay for any extras given the fact it appears they passed on any insurance.
  7. The Royal has yet to arrive in Alaska so such conclusions are premature. Based solely on guesswork made by the Southeast Alaska Pilots Association which (if you read the information linked to on the already active thread on this subject) are more interested in CYA than giving their clients a chance to move their newest and largest ships to the region:
  8. Non-disclosure agreements are routine requests. Princess certainly doesn't want the pilots posting screenshots of the simulator on their social media accounts. I find it more troubling that the other cruise lines acquiesced to the Pilots Association's refusal to sign one. Alaskan waterways are one of the very few jurisdictions where the law gives the pilot precedence over the Master of the ship. If an incident occurs it would be due to either the pilot relinquishing that authority inappropriately or just plain ignoring their own advice. Princess does not have the privilege of disregarding the pilot--or ordering them to stand down--when in Alaskan waters, but that does place the responsibility solely on the pilot's shoulders. Princess has gone to the expense of altering the stacks on Royal Princess (and Regal Princess as well) in order to be able to sail in and out of Vancouver. Call it extremely unlikely for them to even consider redeployment of Royal, or substituting a different ship, or going one ship short in Alaska this summer. The Southeast Alaska Pilots do not have jurisdiction over the turnaround ports of Vancouver and Whittier. So no liability in commencing the scheduled cruises--beyond the usual concerns over passenger satisfaction when port calls are skipped due to weather. Princess will certainly blame any issues with Ketchikan solely on the weather--how many passengers on board will be privy to the information that the pilots have lowered the bad weather threshold for aborting approach there? **let me add that the above is strictly a lay interpretation of the rules as I have read them; I'm sure someone who outranks me will be along with a much more cogent response**
  9. Its not so much "moving it over to grats" as it is requesting that the DSC for you (and your cabinmate if you wish to spread the calculation over two persons) be increased from $13.50 per day to whatever amount when expressed as a per diem uses up your remaining OBC. The application of your OBC to those daily debits will be pro forma. I suggest it be stated in this manner because if you try to give a flat amount to the tipping pool you may be rebuffed. Just as I understand that if, on the last night of the cruise, you simply write in on the 'extra tip' line of a chit at a bar or specialty restaurant the flat amount that would otherwise be lost, that non-refundable OBC will not be used to cover it. And while I have never heard of this actually happening my understanding is such a specific safeguard is in place to prevent "gifting" non-refundable OBC to one specific crewmember with the agreement they would then kick some back to you.
  10. Some of them are very good deals. I didn't see any Alaska cruises last summer for as low as these prices. They beat the Anniversary Sale even when taking into consideration the generous OBC that promo included. I didn't mean to sound so dismissive. It's nice of you to share something new to you, just that in this case for those who have been on the e-mail list for years and years now it is like preaching to the choir. Hopefully someday your time will be as flexible as many of ours is--being able to just "drop and go" on vacation without all the months (or years in some cases) of planning around a specific date is quite habit forming.
  11. What you--and the OP--described is what Royal Caribbean is offering its passengers on the three cancelled cruises due to their drydock accident. Princess does not have a track record of being so generous. If the cruise is completely cancelled they will offer a full refund (not an FCC) and possibly a token incentive for use on their next cruise. I don't believe anyone has reported receiving a 100% FCC along with a refund other than in conjunction with a "move over" offer, which used to be at a minimum 100% refundable OBC + 100% FCC (and a free meta upgrade as well). So it is curious that Princess sweetens the pot more for a "voluntary" rebooking than an involuntary cancellation.
  12. Drop & Go really isn't a "sale". It's just Princess' marketing program of targeted e-mails with a list of sailings that still have availability after final payment date. Pretty much everybody gets them unless they have opted out of e-mail contact for their Captains Circle account. That page you linked to is on the website 24/7 for anyone--not just past passengers--to sign up for those "deals".
  13. Yes I get your drift: you are ready to sic the undertaker 😈 on the art auction staff. Every Panama Canal cruise I have sailed there has always been "limited onboard activities" (per an announcement in the daily schedule) during the hours in the canal, with the narration from the onboard port guide/expert broadcast in most public rooms with a view. You shouldn't have any sea-day sales pitches that day.
  14. The layout is much different on Grand (and Golden) than later iterations of the Grand-class ships. And not well explained by the deck plans. If I recall correctly the sauna and steam rooms can only be accessed from the forward end of the outside deck of the Lap Pool. Not by walking through the Lotus Spa. They do not sell thermal suite passes on Grand so it is first come first serve for those rooms. I have no clue if you can use the locker room if not purchasing a spa service that day. And as the saunas are not segregated by being inside the locker rooms I imagine a bathing suit is required. (I will happily stand corrected if someone who has checked out these facilities specifically on Grand more recently than I chimes in)
  15. OP is on Star Princess. The discussion of the Royal Afternoon Tea is irrelevant to them at it is only offered on the Royal-class ships. (And Dani24 beat me to it this time: there is no High Tea on Princess ships, only Afternoon Tea. High Tea requires a hot savory dish such as soup or quiche; even the upcharge Tea [which again the OP will not be offered] only adds fresh berries and sticky pudding to the standard Afternoon Tea lineup of sandwiches, sweets and scones)
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