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  1. This may bypass the paywall https://outline.com/wcyKkc
  2. I’ve had my travel agent apply a second FCC to a 2022 booking today. The added bonus was that as the FCC was issued in £GBP the conversion rate has improved since it was initially used against an April ‘20 cruise that was cancelled. It meant an extra $41 USD for me when it was applied. Every bit helps.
  3. I’ll be getting my travel agent to do just that if Celebrity say no. They are the ones that re-activated a used FCC certificate rather than combine. I guess it’s easier for their software to do them separately, so they should take that into account when they are then redeemed.
  4. We received separate. The used FCC code was reactived and another was issued for the cruise fare.
  5. You L&S your current prices and promotions. Unfortunately the 2022 TAs aren’t out yet, so you can’t do one at the moment even if you wanted to. 😢 i was meant to be on Silhouette from Rio to Lisbon. That was cancelled with the latest announcement. I’ve been given until 16 Dec to decide what I want to do.
  6. That would be ok. We shifted from one to another with different ports no problem.
  7. Schengen area countries residents only. That excludes the UK then.
  8. When I received my FCC for the balance from Celebrity I replied to that email asking about the re-issuing of the FCC I had used for part-payment. It took an email exchange over several weeks with the Engagement team before they finally confirmed they had been reactivated them. I think the October 2021 date is 2 years after they were issued, so is just their original expiry date. .
  9. When I received FCC on 11 May for our 17 April transatlantic cruise on Silhouette I only received FCC based on the balance I had paid and the FCC I had used as part payment had not been reissued. After several emails since I finally received an email yesterday to say that the FCC I had redeemed have been reissued with a valid to date of October next year, which was the original expiry date.
  10. If Celebrity cancel the cruise they will reissue the FCC
  11. If the August cruise got cancelled your FCC would be reissued. That’s assuming the CWC was extended.
  12. Trump was asked about a full travel ban and pushed it back. He said he was meeting with the State Department later.
  13. Do you really think they’ve taken (m)any bookings for the second half of April and into May since their last announcement on Sunday ?
  14. I have. We're 31 days out at the moment. Everything's fluid at the moment and changes daily. You can't expect Celebrity to be making decisions daily as things develop. There will no doubt be another batch of cruises cancelled. There are ships due to sail soon than Silhouette, so when they get pulled I'm sure Silhouette will too.
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