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  1. The money made by shoreside business is just one part of the benefit ports make from cruise ships. The port companies charge mainly on the number of passengers. Smaller cruise ships can pay around $30,000 and the big ones much more. With popular ports getting thirty plus cruise ship visits in a season this amounts to millions in their books. It is also a good income for smaller ports with only a handful of cruise ship visits.
  2. It could be in how you read it. Is it a ten night cruise you are on or a ten day ? If you are on a ten night cruise then it will be an eleven day one by the way the cruise line classes it. $50 is a big jump in cost considering it is just a night onboard as you will be off next morning.
  3. I would like to mention that here in NZ that Air New Zealand have said that they will not be flying internationally anytime in the near future and even that they may never fly long haul ever again. Here in NZ and I believe in OZ they will not refund any fares for flights they can no longer provide, playing some Montreal Agreement made by airlines that says they are not liable for anything beyond their control. However, laws in America, UK, UE and possibly also Canada say that they have to refund any fares to or from these countries and they are doing so. Apparently they are also saying they are actually broke and do not have the money to refund 100,000 airfares. They owe me $2000 and being 80 years and over I might never be able to fly internationally again so a credit would be useless to me. The above fares were for my wife and I to join Regal Princess for the 16 Dec. cruise out of Sydney. Even if this cruise does go ahead we Kiwis have no way of getting to Sydney so we are now faced with canceling our booking and not paying the final fare in September. Iain
  4. The prices are actually below the pictures for each cruise and will be Aussie dollars and not Kiwi. Need to add a few hundred for Kiwi prices plus another $2000 for air fares to Sydney (Provincial New Zealand city ).
  5. Received an email from Princess. Had a look at the brochure and printed off the schedule. Wasted time going online to find the prices, but the cruises are not yet listed. Read the email again and it clearly says the sale will be from 27 Feb. so can't book anything until then.
  6. Thanks for that. Never knew Discount Taxis existed. Checked their web page and printed off the instructions for booking and will try them next time in Auckland.
  7. I find that supershuttle.co.nz is best. It is 'door to door' to or from the ship. When a cruise ship is in port pretty much all the passengers are heading for the cruise ship or from the ship to the airport so it is a fast service. You can book and prepay or just pay the driver on arrival.
  8. Aus Traveller has pretty much covered it. There is not much duty on spirits and what saving there is added to the profit made by the so called duty free outlet. If you are sailing Auckland back to Oz then depending on sales aboard the ship there will sometimes be a 'special' like buy two at a lower price during the last few days. If flying back see what promotions are available at your arrival airport. I find it is not worth lugging heavy bottles around just to save a couple of dollars. Here in NZ I've often found that the big liquor outlets have cheaper prices than our airports. Check your local prices before you leave and decide if it is worth the hassle of carting booze around. Iain
  9. I've no experience of using the Airbus, but for some years now have used Supershuttle ( supershuttle.co.nz ) and found them extremely good and inexpensive. From the airport to the cruise terminal the passengers are mostly going to the cruise ship, but they do stop at hotels on the way. When a ship is disembarking in Auckland it is also a good and fast service as everyone seems to want to go to the airport. You can pre-book and pay, but I've noticed many just turning up and paying the driver by cash or credit card.
  10. I suggest the New Zealand to Australia cruise. A few days in Auckland to recover from your flights, do the cruise and then a few days in Sydney post cruise. Depending on the amount of time you have and your budget you could fly from Sydney to Brisbane and or Cairns for more sightseeing. You could also consider a return flight to and from Auckland and fly from Sydney, Brisbane or Cairns to Auckland for the return flight.
  11. I mentioned this a couple of months ago when Dream Cruises started advertising. The grats. are in Aussie dollars and when converted to NZ dollars the cost is another $300 for a seven day cruise and they are compulsory. Their cruises are only seven days so only suit people living near Auckland and Sydney. By the time you add domestic air fares to the trans Tasman fare it is not such a cheap deal. The various cruise lines have been putting out their 20/21 schedules. Every possible cruise that interests me has worked out at nz$400 per day for a twin interior and nz$500 plus for balconies. Interesting that they all say it is a "sale". With added airfares I'm finding cruises are getting more expensive and think I'll have to wait until further down the track and hope for real sale prices. I suppose other retirees are finding the same that costs are going up at a much faster rate than their otherwise fixed income so they won't be able to cruise so often. Iain
  12. Even before final payment prices were considerably reduced. I inquired about a reduced payment and got the usual cancel and rebook. At the time I could not find any cabins that suited so did not go through with the hassle even with a considerable saving. After final payment date there were some much reduced prices even for suites. I was most annoyed the other day to receive a MoveUp offer where you tender for an upgrade, in other words pay even more for cabins that you can get for less than I originally paid. I'm not very impressed with Celebrity. Other companies often upgrade those that paid a higher price in the first place and not try to screw them for more money. Am I being unreasonable thinking like this ? Iain
  13. Had another look at this. The ads. say a price, but when you into booking some astronomical total price comes up and you still have to add the gratuities. These short cruises only work for people living near the port. Once you add airfares from provincial cities (astronomical) plus taxis, etc. then the real cost is expensive.
  14. There were two power plates, the one you showed and another containing the 'local' power point. It was the only one I used as I had to frequently charge my scooter battery. All cabins would have had the Asian/Pacific power point as well as the American as the ship was built for the Chinese market.
  15. Some recent press releases refer to this ship as a 'new' ship entering service with Dream Cruises. In actual fact she is the now 20 year old Star Cruises, "Superstar Virgo" being taken over and undergoing an extensive refit before going into service with Dream Cruises. She is scheduled to do round trips out of Auckland and Sydney late 2019 and early 2020. Reading recent reviews from CC members sailing on her as Superstar Virgo the reviews are not very complimentary so we can only hope that there will be a big improvement under Dream Cruises. The cruises seem to be all of seven days and the prices seemed reasonable until I went into the website and found that gratuities were quoted at sng$21 per day. Also from the reviews when under Star Cruises the gratuities were not removeable. This sng$21 equates to nz$23 times 2, times 7 equals to nz$322 for the week, so not so much of a bargain. Was thinking of taking the family of five and that would make it $805 more. Dream Cruises don't seem to know that we, downunder, don't like added (compulsory) gratuities and I think they might well find this out.
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