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  1. Are they doing temperature scans on everyone now? I thought it was only if you were in one of the categories for extra screening?
  2. You're right, I should've expected the comment, I'm sorry I got overly defensive. My point was that everyone rationalizes various things all the time. I'll admit I don't mind rationalizing taking a few cups of wine when I pay to subsidize other people's alcohol consumption all the time, including when paying for a suite.
  3. I would do the GS. With that many sea days, just the full MDR room service menu would be worth it to me. The bigger room and balcony would be worth it too. Remember in addition to the $300 fare difference, there is a gratuity difference as well. I think it is an extra $5.50/pp per day, but I don't remember for sure.
  4. I wonder if ports are telling them that they can't come, like what is happening to some of the Asian cruises.
  5. Sounds Sounds like what happens to my wife, just worse. They need bottoms on the tubes like you say. I think they run over something right before the drop that people hit. In the meantime time, they should be telling people to keep their butts up.
  6. What was the injury? It "hurts" my wife's butt most times she rides it. Nothing serious though. My biggest fear on it is hitting the center post in the middle of the bottom. There is a reason it isn't being installed on other ships and took like 6 months to originally open.
  7. Yeah, well, I really just don't care. But considering you basically just rationalized lying about being in close proximity to someone traveling from China in another thread, I don't know that you are really one to cast stones. I "stole" a few dollars of wine, which I had paid for if I consumed myself, you however might spread a deadly desease. Regardless in a week in an owners suite with three paid guests, and I got a whole three glasses of wine, I really couldn't care less if you approve and if I had been questioned about it I would've told the concierge what I was doing.
  8. I'll admit on my last cruise I took wine out of the SL for my mother inlaw. But neither my wife nor I drink and I avoid bottled water, so they still ended up way ahead only giving us one glass of wine a few nights. Now virgin frozen drinks I'll get my money's worth of.
  9. I know this sucks for all involved, but it is really completely out of Royals hands and these things happen. There is absolutely no reason they should be expected to do anything except a cruise refund. I've lost days at Disney World twice due to hurricanes and didn't get a dime from anyone. I've had numerous flights cancelled due to weather and again nothing. I know it isn't the vacation you planned, but go make the best of your time off in NY.
  10. I have a feeling the CDC is still calling the shots here.
  11. I haven't met MJ, but I really liked Nadja too. I think she is in the DL right now, but she was in the SL in October.
  12. Good, now if I win my bid on the Vista suite I won't feel bad not inviting my mom/inlaws. 4 rooms for 3 people :).
  13. Replying to myself, for other people's reference. RoyalUp opened for me yesterday and I was able to make a bid even though I am booked interline. The interline was booked directly with Royal and not a TA, so YMMV if you booked with a TA.
  14. Although the flu kills more people (it is not more deadly, though), the point isn't that this is the most deadly virus ever. It is that it is a deadly novel virus and we have a very short window to try to make it go extinct, as what happened with SARS. If we allow the virus to spread at will, it'll be with us forever like the flu. At this time we don't know if we can ever make an effective vaccine and we don't know if it can mutate into something much more deadly. Even if we can not fully stop the spread, the more we slow it down the more time we give ourselves to develop treatment and prevention. On the Deadliness vs contagious chart the cornavirus is in just about the same spot as the Spanish Flu. The Spanish Flu killed 5% of the world population in 1918-1920. https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/the-microbescope-infectious-diseases-in-context/ We don't have these massive reactions to the flu, because the flu is ubiquitous at this point and would be impossible to eliminate without a universal, highly effective vaccine, that we have so far failed to create.
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