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  1. $40 per person per day for gratuities, WIFI and premier drink pkg.
  2. Funny thing, on a northbound aboard the Coral some years back we asked our MDR waiter which Alaskan beers were available. He said they had amber and eyepah. I figured it out and enjoyed Alaskan eyepahs each night at dinner.
  3. I helped my BIL/SIL book the Royal, Alaska NB back in October and I advised them of this sale. They gave up $125 each OBC for $25 each OBC. They gained a drink pkg, wifi, and got $728 knocked off their fare (balcony room E425).
  4. I've done a southbound on the NCL Sun, a northbound on the Coral (and HAL Westerdam), and a Seattle RT on Sapphire. All were amazing! What Princess had that others didn't was great on board naturalists. NCL had none and the one on HAL was simply not good at all (I'm no expert, but was better informed than him). The naturalists on Princess held informative discussions, got on the PA when whales, other sea creatures and terrestrials critters were spotted. As for Hubbard Glacier vs Glacier Bay, both are indeed great, but you spend an hour or so at Hubbard Glacier, but you spend a full day in Glacier Bay, and it is as much about the critters you encounter as it is about the multiple glaciers you get up close and personal to. My preference is for Glacier Bay. Skagway over Icy Straight Point (Hoonah), great hiking trails right off the ship and the White Pass & Yukon train is incredible! On two of my visits I rented a car and drove across BC to Yukon Territory, the most incredibly scenic drive I've ever taken; once to Emerald Lake and once all the way to White Horse. I'd also give strong consideration to Emerald Princess. It does not look like Regal goes to Glacier Bay. Some Emerald itineraries do, some do not. But the size of the balconies is a big consideration for me. I'm lanky and cannot sit in a chair on a standard Royal balcony without my knees jammed up in my chest (although I've since discovered some balconies that are larger). But two people on a standard Royal balcony is a joke IMO.
  5. I recently purchased what I believe is a reasonable deal on an annual interruption, cancellation, blah blah blah plan. But there is a reason they call it disposable income. Buying a cruise is essentially throwing your money into the drink. Whether you choose to insure it is a personal choice, there is no right or wrong answer.
  6. Us too, the worlds finest mofongo!
  7. Once you receive your assignment does MSC allow changing to a different room in the same category?
  8. If your resources permit it, get creative. Book a relative or friend or maybe Mick Jagger as the second guest. Then when you show up at the terminal tell them the second guest has not arrived yet. Board the ship and enjoy your solitude!
  9. So Princess waited until $0 refund before pulling the plug? You (and assumedly many others) were in a tight spot. Cancel now and get half your dough back, or wait 2 days and get nothing. I would be surprised if Princess doesn't make this right... and IMO right would be a full refund, not a Future Cruise Credit (but if they want to float a bit of Future Cruise Credit along with a full refund that would be a nice gesture).
  10. Here is a link you may find useful, it shows the Emerald Deck obstructed view staterooms with pictures. I have booked these cabins and the actual deck diagrams are pretty accurate. The good views are from the staterooms between the life/tender boats. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/ov.php?ship=Grand-Princess&cabins=E209-E231
  11. Some folks really enjoy the planning and preparation and by doing so will save substantial $$$, likely at least half. However, some enjoy just going along for the ride without having to deal with the planning details. It depends on which camp you fall into. In your case, the extended family aspect may complicate a DIY land tour. I've done it both ways, and really enjoy planning and booking the individual vendors. 2 years ago I planned a trip for my mobility challenged father in law and me following a northbound HAL cruise. We got off in Seward, did a Kenai Fjords wildlife cruise, then had Gold Star service aboard the train to Anchorage. Day 2 I rented a car and we drove to a lodge just south of Denali. Day 3 we did the Tundra Wilderness Tour and drove to Talkeetna. Day 4 we did a flight seeing trip in the morning then drove down to Anchorage for an evening flight home.
  12. One word of caution, do not open the balcony door when the door to the hallway is open,or vice versa.
  13. It is likely a matter of finding a passenger to lead it... so if that person is you, there would be a Bible study.
  14. Of the brands you mention previously sailing, I think you'll find similarities to X, both demographically and onboard vibe. NCL, RCL and CCL are much more family/kid oriented with a more exuberant/"get this party started" vibe. Princess and X are much more chilled/serene with far fewer announcements and activities. Regarding production shows, I find Princess shows mostly weak/lacking compared to NCL and RCL. And the theater is smaller and fills up quick. I hope you report your comparison here. And BTW, it sounds like you got a smokin' deal... the other "shoulder season" would be pre-Christmas.
  15. I've stayed in them several times (Lido and Marina decks), and also have searched around this forum and can find no evidence of the balcony door ever being locked.
  16. I'm OK with Alfredos, but it is a thicker crust, heavy pie. I prefer the pool deck pizza which is more like the large NY style; thin crust you can bend in half.
  17. I don't know if you've researched Whittier, a very interesting history, but there is not much there, and you will have a long day. Phillips Cruises & Tours offers a variety of scenic cruises/tours; I did the one called 26 Glacier Cruise, and it was spectacular! Here is a link to a video I made in 2016 with some highlights (begins at 4min 10sec). https://youtu.be/oVHYEflFDc4 Here is a link to Phillips Cruises & Tours. https://www.phillipscruises.com/ Also, have you checked the HAL 14 day, RT from Vancouver? It actually calls at Anchorage and goes to Homer (my favorite place on earth),Valdez and Misty Fjords.
  18. Oh, and I prefer a NB as each the day the scenery gets more spectacular and if you go in May, June or July, the length of daylight increases each day until it no longer gets dark.
  19. I've done the Sapphire RT out of Seattle and Coral on a NB. I've also done a SB on the NCL Sun and a NB on HAL Westerdam. I only slightly prefer the Sapphire over the Coral, but not really sure why. It may be that it brings back such fond memories of shocking my wife when our two kids knocked on our stateroom door just prior to the muster drill in Seattle! (the most stressful thing I've ever attempted; see YouTube video in signature). We also did a Mexican Riviera on her earlier that same year . I'm glad to hear it is coming back! On the Coral we had the last balcony, directly adjacent to one of the rear viewing decks and the location could not be beat as we could move to the rear of the ship and then to the other side by just turning right when we went out our door. XBGUY is spot on: "The best cruise I ever had to Alaska was wonderful." "The worst cruise I ever had to Alaska was wonderful." In Alaska it's much less about the ship and much more about what lies beyond!
  20. Disney now owns the southern tip of Eleuthera and there are long stretches of gorgeous sandy beaches. They are calling it Lighthouse Point. From the markets outside Princess Cay it's a 3 mile walk down some bumpy roads, but well worth the effort and when I was there last year it was deserted. Google Maps show the way. https://lighthousepointbahamas.com/ I've got some pics somewhere, will try to post them if/when I find them. Not sure I've ever been to a nicer beach!
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