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  1. Thanks for this information as I was concerned that the ships would cruise through the narrow passageway but would not enter waters where glaciers would be seen and heard. Appreciate the responses.
  2. I looked at the Celebrity Alaskan offerings for 2021 but noticed the ships do not visit Glacier Bay. Does the ship sail near any glaciers or would we need to take an excursion from a port like Juneau?
  3. We are cruising in May 2020 with a stop at Coco Cay. There are nine of us cruising (5 adults, 4 children) staying in three cabins. We rented two cabanas located within the Thrill Waterpark. My two questions are: 1. Can we request the cabana numbers we would like if those are available by calling RCCL? 2. Since we rented two cabanas, is it necessary to purchase seven entrance tickets to the waterpark or are we covered for all nine of us because we have the two cabanas? Thanks
  4. Appreciate the responses. I have not been on Celebrity in a number of years and am not familiar with shore side concierge.
  5. After thinking of the responses that I have received, I think that my mindset is still with Oceania where the specialty restaurants are free to everyone, thus the need to make reservations ahead of time in order to get a seat on the day and time that is desired. On the majority of the other cruise lines where an additional price is needed for specialty restaurants, it appears easier to get a reservation when onboard.
  6. You are right, it is the Navigator of the Seas. Majesty of the Seas.....major league brain fart there.
  7. We are booked in a PH Suite aboard Summit February 2020. When making reservations at the various specialty restaurants, we are being asked to pay the specified dollar amount. A PH perk is unlimited complimentary specialty dining. How do we make dining reservations without having a credit card charge? Hopefully I have explained the question well enough..........thanks
  8. Taking the weekend cruise on the Majesty of the Seas in a couple of weeks. Only a three night cruise to celebrate 60th birthdays for three of us
  9. We booked or purchased the unlimited dining package for the specialty restaurants. I cannot locate on the website where I can reserve restaurants before I board for the cruise. I called RCCL and was told that I have to make reservations when I am onboard or the cruise ship reserves restaurants and times for us. What happens if a reservation is made for a restaurant we do not wish to eat or at a time that is not what we wanted? Any suggestions or information on how the unlimited dining package works would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Too late.....laughing.....already booked PH on Summit in February 2020. You should have warned me sooner.....just kidding.....thanks
  11. When booked into one of the these two categories, you are provided with unlimited specialty dining. I have a couple of questions regarding this: 1. Do you pay the specialty dining charge when eating in a specialty dining restaurant when staying in a PH or RS? Or is it part of the cost of the cabin? 2. Are you able to order from the specialty dining rooms for room service? Thanks
  12. Oh okay, I will have the travel agent contact RCCL and ask about the non-alcoholic beers before I pop my bud's bubble .... lol
  13. Thanks for the answer. Member of our party was interested in seeing if the new Heineken 0.0 was on board and now we know Thanks again
  14. Hello Can someone tell me which non-alcoholic beers are available aboard RCCL? We are going to be on the Navigator of the Seas later this summer. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the videos as both provide answers to my two questions......appreciate it
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