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  1. I "ran" my race this morning. It was miserable--the temp wasn't bad, but the humidity was near 100%. I finished! My time was a bit longer than my goal, but I've been training on a relatively flat surface and the so-called "hockey heart break" hill was brutal. I came in 808th of 1085, so not last, and 41st of 77 in my age/gender class. I have another on Saturday, but the temp is supposed to drop.
  2. I have to sneak things out of the house to get rid of them. Hubby wants to have a yard sale to make money since we can't write donations off our taxes anymore. I just. Want. It. Gone!
  3. Not sure yet. It's a milky looking drink, so I may start with sipping it straight like I do with limoncello. Of course, I do have 6-7 months to think about it.
  4. Just opened my latest batch of limoncello. It's so pretty. I didn't taste it yet (tequila with Mexican for dinner) but it smelled good. I also started a batch of liquore al mandarino. I was looking at one of the drink menus on Princess and it listed limoncello (of course) and liquore di mandarino, so I had to google it. It's clementine liquor. Basically like limoncello, but with clementines, grain alcohol (hubby got 151 Everclear), and maturation time. Limoncello is 80 days start to finish. Liquore al mandarino is six to seven *months*! 😮 It's in a dark corner of the pantry for now and will be ready for our birthdays in April. I'm sure there will be another batch of limoncello before then. 🍋
  5. I don't know what part of Central NC you're in, but my part was *humid*! I've been mall-walking and it was as humid inside as outside. 🥵 I can't wait for fall and lower humidity, even if we do have to get through a bit of rain first.
  6. If you're not vain, a strip of medical tape across the top sealing the mask to your face works. Old surgery trick. I spent many hours during mask mandates with tape on my mask at the rink. It works on my Athleta masks too. Also make sure the wire is as shaped to your nose/cheeks as you can get it.
  7. I *always* make and carry a hard copy backup--multiple copies in several different bags. Nope, not a bit paranoid when I travel. 🙄
  8. We went on our first cruise six weeks later, so nothing to compare it to. We were, however, on the Emerald for the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 (my 50th birthday). I remember standing in a bar trying to figure out what was going on and the sadness that overcame a lot of the passengers. It was difficult to get back to the real world with so much sorrow.
  9. Mine frizzes in the humidity and I let it. After all, I'm on vacation--so is my hair.
  10. They are "infusible". Instead of iron on vinyl, they sublimate into the fabric They're the first ones I tried.
  11. I hope this is fixed by next fall. I love having flowers in my cabin and it's one splurge my husband will do for me.
  12. I think 9/11 is the Kennedy assignation of my generation. I was only six months old when Kennedy was shot, but my Mom and husband can tell me exactly what they were doing when they heard (hubby is eight years older). Mom was a military wife and was washing dishes when she heard. She told me Dad went on alert status for a while. Hubby was in school when he heard about it. Both my daughters are old enough to remember 9/11. My oldest was in her second year of college and the youngest was in 8th grade. I was working in OR 15 scrubbing spines with Dr. M. MC was the ditzy nurse in the room and came in from her break "a plane hit the Trade Center in NY." She couldn't tell us anything else (she really was an airhead). I got to the lounge in time to see the first, then the second tower collapse. We had a coworker with a sister flying into NYC that day. She walked around in a daze until they sent her home (her sister was fine). I'm recording both episodes of 20/20 tonight. I don't know what other specials are on, but will probably watch what I can find tomorrow.
  13. My daughter posted about her. I don't think I can support her--her t-shirts are out of my price range and her platform is. . .warped. 😆
  14. Hubby keeps saying he's going to make sausage. I would kill for some chorizo like what we got in Tulum a couple of years ago.
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