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  1. I'll be at work stomping out disease and saving lives, but I have set the DVR to record. The channel I usually watch starts coverage at 9am for a noon ceremony, then runs to 4:30. I won't be watching all of that! I got my first dose today. Hubby finally got scheduled--he and every other over-65 in Durham County all tried to call at 8:30 when the lines opened. He was frustrated with the system (that's being nice about what he said). I just don't understand why they didn't have an online sign up. I checked out Athleta's clearance at the mall today. Got two new sports br
  2. I don't think NC is doing much better. I get mine tomorrow. Hubby's age group just opened and he's trying to get one. You'd think with as much advance notice as there was that this would go smoother and faster. . .🙄
  3. Yes, and the charger. The only time I use a regular toothbrush is in the shower (yes, I'm one of those people) and on the rare occasion I forget mine--and that's usually some sort of emergency trip that I didn't have time to make a packing list.
  4. I don't think she'd cross the street to spit on that certain person if he were on fire! She told me the other day that she hasn't seen another employee or client face to face since March! That seems crazy to me since I am back at my physical work space since May. Then again, it's difficult to perform surgery through a Zoom meeting.
  5. I get my first dose of the vaccine Tuesday and my younger daughter gets hers Wednesday. Her company works with many of the local hospitals, so she was just deemed "essential". My 65-year old hubby is trying to make an appointment for his. My California daughter has no idea when she'll be eligible for hers. She's a healthy 38-year lawyer. We recently changed our June 2021 Alaska cruise to an October 2022 Western Europe/TA. Maybe things will be (somewhat) normal by then.
  6. I want a balcony at minimum. We splurged for a full suite 6/2021 for our 10th anniversary, but are cancelling that. Since I am still working and DH is retired, we only take one a year or so.
  7. I have a pair of black Salutation stash pocket tights. I love them. I went up a size because they were compression type, but they are very comfortable and my phone fits in the pocket. Plus, they fit before I lost weight in 2019, when I was at my lowest, and as I gained it all back in 2020. I don't find myself tugging on them like some of the other fits. Plus, the 7/8 length works for my short self.
  8. I just cut vinyl for my NYE shirt: "Happy New Year! Shhhhh! Don't scare it." Silver glitter and black. I haven't decided what color shirt yet. I'll wear it to work Thursday while I call patients.
  9. Auuugggghhhh! He's chewing with his mouth open! 🤣
  10. OMG! I finally got around to watching the first video and it made a world of difference! I now know what I was doing wrong and how to find SVG files. I've downloaded a couple already and am excited to play with them. Thank you so much for giving me this information. Off to craft!
  11. My California daughter/boyrfriend/grandson were coming for Christmas, but she got sick and her doctor advised her to stay home. They should be here now and we miss them. We will get together with our youngest daughter and granddaughter tomorrow. We're having super-traditional steak and fixings for dinner. I should go finish making gifts now. . . Anyone else track Santa on NORAD? It's one of my favortite things to do on Christmas Eve.
  12. I used to wear overalls when I traveled. The ex refused to go through security with me because they always set it off.
  13. I kid you not, I passed a woman in Target today with a fishnet mask. It wasn't decorative fishnet on top of a mask, it was fishnet. I could see her lips. ***** is wrong with people?!?
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