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  1. LOL, so that's why they were all buying me drinks in the On Air bar after I left the men's room. 😄
  2. Wonder if anyone else has noticed this. The men's room near the main theater has a mirror in front of the urinal at stomach height. It spans both urinals. Look forward and you have no choice but to see your own junk and the junk of the dude next to you. WTH. 😄 Luckily I noticed this when no one else was using the urinal.
  3. I cruise next Sunday on Harmony. Tonight I was looking at my Set Sail pass and I was going to print them and the luggage tags. Then I decided to check the app. The app had only 3 or my reservations noted. It did have my Set Sail Pass. Then I went back to the website. The Set Sail Pass link now says "Check in paused" and won't let me do anything. Then there is the calendar. It has all my shows. But even though My Time Dining reservations were made, the List view still says "at your leisure". I have to click each individual day to see the times I scheduled. I just don't get all the inconsistencies. They really need to work on this stuff.
  4. They had a BOGO sale a few weekends ago and we saved at least 2K on the Harmony cruise we had been looking at. But we are cruising in January. In any case, sometimes the sales are real savings so keep an eye out for them. We had already been searching before the sale so we know the price came down significantly.
  5. I loved the Marriot in San Juan. The water is very wavy where it is, if that's a concern. But it was a great hotel. Also the cab fares are regulated so you don't necessarily need Uber. They weren't that expensive from airport to pier and hotels in between.
  6. Interesting thread. To the OP, your first post was short on detail and confusing. Often posts like yours turn out to not be very accurate and that is why people questioned it. But after some research apparently the Yeshiva week cruise can be an issue. I got a bit nervous researching because I'm going on Harmony that exact week, no Sunday to Sunday with sea day on Saturday. All that lines up with the Yeshiva week cruise. But it's not necessarily the Anthem. I found that this year there is a deal for the Allure. A few of the posts I've seen mention leaving from NY or NJ. I'm sure that has more families as they don't need to fly to Florida (I'm guessing more schools have that week off in NY and NJ?). A good search will find a few Yeshiva week cruise deals. I don't think we are allowed to post links to other travel agent sites so I'll refrain.
  7. ROFL!!! We are an opinionated bunch. Not as bad an NY perhaps. 😄 I did find it hilarious that someone might have a wicked pissa. I'm thinking I should invent a drink called that. To the OP, loving this thread. Going on Harmony in January. Thank you!
  8. I think you must have heard wrong. LOL. Wicked Pissa, an adverb/adjective. The game was wicked pissa. Never heard anyone say "a rippah" either. But then I've been out of town for a few years living in the suburbs.
  9. When you say yes do you mean Labadee also requires 6 months? Online search I found that nothing is needed in Labadee to get on or off, other than ship card.
  10. Just recalled my last Carnival cruise with my 17 and 15 year old sons. I ordered a pitcher of some special drink in the comedy club (to save myself money as it was cheaper than 2 drinks). The waiter asked how many many glasses. My kids were clearly underage and I even sort of told him that by saying something about the kids. He just shrugged. I got 3 glasses no problem. I just let the kids taste it but I was surprised. He basically condoned giving the kids some booze.
  11. So Haiti says 6 months on their website. But does Labadee count if it's owned by Royal Caribbean? ETA: A quick search answered my question. Seems neither passport nor birth cert is needed on Labadee, no immigration or anything because it's segregated from the rest of Haiti.
  12. Just a guess, but if they are trying to pay with their card I would assume the system won't let the drink get charged to someone underage.
  13. Oh no, the beer is horrible. Hopefully better options onboard at other bars.
  14. The sad thing is that I am going to get dinged for this post and the OP is getting away with this ridiculous garbage. Admins really need to stop letting trolls get away with this stuff and stop getting upset when people like me call them out. THE OP IS A TROLL! DON'T FEED HIM
  15. Yeah, but isn't it weird that footnote 10 talks about seating for shows?
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