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  1. LOL, so that's why they were all buying me drinks in the On Air bar after I left the men's room. 😄
  2. Wonder if anyone else has noticed this. The men's room near the main theater has a mirror in front of the urinal at stomach height. It spans both urinals. Look forward and you have no choice but to see your own junk and the junk of the dude next to you. WTH. 😄 Luckily I noticed this when no one else was using the urinal.
  3. I cruise next Sunday on Harmony. Tonight I was looking at my Set Sail pass and I was going to print them and the luggage tags. Then I decided to check the app. The app had only 3 or my reservations noted. It did have my Set Sail Pass. Then I went back to the website. The Set Sail Pass link now says "Check in paused" and won't let me do anything. Then there is the calendar. It has all my shows. But even though My Time Dining reservations were made, the List view still says "at your leisure". I have to click each individual day to see the times I scheduled. I just don't get all the inconsistencies. They really need to work on this stuff.
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